"Brit-Am Now"- 399

May 13, 2004
1. Biblical Organization repeated by ancient Anglo-Saxons
2. Rabbinical Sources from Somewhere Else
3. Question on DNA

1. Biblical Organization repeated by ancient Anglo-Saxons
The following point has been mentioned by us (and others) before bit since
I found the subject brought up on another list I thought
it worthwhile repeating:
 >     According to Black's Law Dictionary Saxon organization of each
 > county in England  comprised an indefinite number of hundreds, each
 > hundred containing ten tithings, or groups of ten families of
 > freeholders, or frankpledges.  The hundred was governed by a high
 > constable and had its own court with corporation responsibility of the
 > whole for crimes or defauls of individual members. This organization into
 > England is attributed to Alfred, but it is thought that this collective
 > liability and division into Hundreds was probably known to the ancient
 > Germans who had this same system under Frankish kings (Clothaire),
 > evidenced also in Denmark.



2. Rabbinical Sources from Somewhere Else

The following extracts are taken from an article that was sent me. The
article contains religious opinions that some of you would agree with but
others would not. I have tried to limit the sources quoted to information
that is pertinent to Brit-Am and of interest to our leadership
but I hope not to offend anybody. We have no interest in getting involved
in internal discussions of other peoples religion.

The most significant point in my opinion are the the rabbinical sources
quoted concerning the Lost Ten Tribes.

From: John and Gloria
Hebrew Roots/Messianic Israel Movement

The Hebrew Roots  or
Messianic Israel Movement < A fulfillment of the rabbis' prophetic predictions
By Ya¹acov Natan (Lawrence) Ben Alas
A grassroots, spiritual movement is sweeping through the Christian church
around the world. It is a new phenomenon.

This movement is not well-defined. To label it would be to  mischaracterize
it. .. This movement is referred to as the ³Hebrew Roots Movement² or the
³Messianic Israel Movement² or simply the ³Messianic Movement.²... the
Messianic Israel Movement involves Christians leaving organized
Christianity and returning to a more Jewish expression of the Christian
faith. This movement is not monolithic, well-organized, nor is it being
orchestrated by any denomination, group of Christian leaders or any cabal
of individuals. It is strictly grass roots and is the result of a
spontaneous spiritual combustion in the hearts and minds of Christians who
read their Bibles...

Many of us find ourselves studying the writings of the ancients Bible
prophets and Jewish sages and rabbis to gain enlightenment and wisdom to
aid us in understanding the present and future. Solomon, the wisest Jew of
all time stated in Ecclesiates that there is nothing new under the sun and
that what has been in the past will be again. Likewise, the wise Jewish
sages and rabbis of the past several millennia have been able to look into
the future and based on the past cycles of events as recorded in the
Scriptures predict (or prophesy?) what would happen again in the latter
days. Here are some quotes from some of these wise and learned Jews:

?Rabbi Menachem Schneerson states that,
The future King Messiah (Messiah Ben David) will not only redeem the Jews
from exile, but will restore the observance of the Torah-commandments to
its complete state, which will only be possible when the Israelites are
living in the Land of Israel. At this same time, ³there will be an
ingathering of the dispersed remnant of Israel. This will make it possible
for the Davidic dynasty to be reinstated and for the observance of the
Torah and its mitsvot to be restored in its totality² (I Await His Coming
Every Day, p. 35, [see also p. 38 quoting Rambam (Moses Ben Maimon
[Maimonides]), 1135-1204] (emphasis added).

?Rabbi Jacob Immanuel Schochet states,
The Jewish rabbis recognize that the ingathering of the exiles, including
the 10 tribes of the Northern Kingdom, will also return, be reunited with
Judah and that the whole house of Israel will serve YHWH together (Ezek.
20:32-37, 40-42) (Mashiach ­ the Principles of Mashiach and the Messianic
Era In Jewish Law and Tradition, pp. 20-22, by Jacob Immanual Schochet
quoting from Talmud Sanhedrin 110b; Bamidbar Rabba 16:25; etc.) (emphasis

?Artscroll Stone Editon Chumash and Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch (preeminent
Orthodox 19th Century Torah commentator):
In regards to Deuteronomy 32:26 which says, ³I said, I would scatter them
into the corners...² Artscroll Stone Edition Chumash comments, ³This refers
to the exile of the Ten Tribes, who were scattered to an unknown place
where they have never been heard from again. On the phrase of the same
verse, ³I would make the remembrance of them to cease from among men...²
the same Chumash states, ³This is a reference to the exile of Judah and
Benjamin, the Davidic kingdom from which today¹s known Jews are
descended.²  It goes on to say that though nations would seek to
destroy  Israel entirely YHWH would never allow Israel to become extinct or
disappear. Israel¹s perpetual existence is a constant reminder of YHWH¹s
plan and eventually Israel will thrive and fulfill YHWH¹s intention for it²
(pp. 1105-1106).
Rabbi Hirsch in his commentary on the Pentateuch on the same verse
translates the phrase, ³I would scatter them into the corners...² as, ³I
would relegate them into a corner..² and then says that the Hebrew here
refers to the ³extreme end of a surface, the side or corner...² He, too,
relates this fate to the Ten Tribes who would be scattered ³to some distant
corner of the world, where, left entirely to themselves, they could mature
towards serious reflection and ultimate return to Me [YHWH]...² (The
Pentateuch < Deuternomy, by Samson Raphael Hirsch, Judaica Press, p. 650)
(emphasis added).

?Artscroll Bereishis, Vol. 1(b) states in its commentary on Genesis 48:19
regarding the House of Ephraim (the Northern Kingdom of Israel of the
northern ten tribes of Israel):
³R[abbi] Munk explains: Owhile it is true that the dispersion [of the
descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh] was caused by the unfaithfulness and
sinfulness of Ephraim¹s descendants (Hos. 7:8ff), Jacob¹s blessing was not
in vain for ³they will return to God² and will have their share in the
world to come ([Talmud] Sanhedrin 110b).¹ And R. Eliezer adds: OEven the
darkness in which the Ten Tribes were lost will one day become as radiant
as the day¹ (according to the version of Avos d¹Rabbi Nosson 36). And in
the perspective of history, did not these exiled children of the Patriarchs
enlighten the nations among whom they were scattered? They did so by
teaching their conquerors the fundamental ideas of the knowledge and love
of God, ideals they had never forsaken. Hence they too have a messianic
vocation and their Messiah the Maschiach ben Yosef, Messiah son of Joseph
(Succah 52a), also called Messiah son of Ephraim (Targum Yonasan on Exodus
40:11), will play an essential role in humanity¹s redemption, for he will
be the precursor of the Maschiach ben David, Messiah Son of David. It is
therefore not surprising to find that the prophet Jeremiah (3:12) speaks
affectionately of Ephraim. In this light, Jacob¹s words, his offspring will
fill the nations nation,¹  assume the significance of blessing² (Artscroll
Bereishis, Mesorah Publications, pp. 2121-2122) (emphasis added).

The above (underlined) statements of the rabbis are believable and truthful
since they are entirely consistent with numerous prophetic pronouncements
made by the prophets of the Bible concerning the return or regathering of
the exiled or ³lost² Ten Tribes of Israel (see Hos. 8:8; Am. 9:9; Deut.
28:64; Hos. 3:5; 5:3; 7:7; 8:8; Ezek. 34:11,13, 16; 36:24; Isa. 56:8).
These same prophecies speak of the Northern Kingdom of Israel (House of
Ephraim) being reunited with the Southern Kingdom of Israel (House of
Judah) into one nation with Messiah Son of David as the king over both.
This glorious and long-awaited event will occur at the coming of Messiah
Son of David at the end of our current age just prior to the Messianic Age
or Millennium (see Ezek. 37:15-28).

3. Question on DNA
>Hi Yair,
>Much is heard recently about genetic tests to prove the Jewishness of the
>Ashkenazim. Many of these claim that the tests show that the lost 10
>tribes theory of British-Israel is rubbish as the "Jews" in the tests
>differe greatly from the Europeans and have more in common with each
>other, Turks and Arabs. What's going on here? Shouldn't there be some sort
>of genetic evidences also for British-Israelism?

DNA raises a great many problems. It is obvious that there is much to it
and that potentially it is a very  valuable tool. It is also
obvious to me that a lot is lacking in DNA studies. I am still learning the
subject. Newspaper and media -oriented reports
are often unreliable and sometimes results are exaggerated for political
and other reasons.
The following points may be made but please do not ask me questions on this
matter for the time being:
DNA may in some cases reflect a common geographic origin rather than a
physical one.
Timelines of DNA when compared to known facts can be 10, 20, or 100 times
too high.
Differences between African villages of people who look the same and
otherwise appear to have the same
origin are fantastically high when compared with DNA differences elsewhere.
Even so, DNA studies justify much of our Brit-Am historical explanations regarding
paths of migration,
e.g. 1.Mediterranean, Spain, British Isles, Scandinavia.
2. From east Asia to Scandinavia, to British Isles.
3. Germany to Britain.
4. Some Features of Jewish  DNA only repeated amongst Brit-Am designated peoples.
5. Numerous points in DNA studies can be best explained in the light of
Brit-Am beliefs., others cannot.