"Brit-Am Now" - 4

"Brit-Am Now"-4
1. Jan: Support for Israel
2. Kyna: Deeds to the land
3. Arlean Kelley: American Midwest Supports Israel

Dear Mr. Davidiy and All Israel;

My support for Israel has not wained in the light of "Jenin" nor the Church
of the Nativity. (By the way I am interested in the meaning of the name "Jenin").
I can tell you that I did begin to wonder what happened and how could I
respond to others in the midst of this newest media Slander. That's what it
is slander. Our Torah portion tells us what happens when slander breaks out,
it must be inspected and quarantined, that slander in the person spreads to
the whole; and eventully you must tear down the bricks of the house and
replace them with clean ones. I would think that the unclean bricks must
have needed to be destroyed; were not told. I watch PM Sharon do just that
even as we read the Torah portion.
We also had Haftora that talked of a Metzora, Arafat, and 4 metorim, the four
that were brought to his camp. We were shown what is to happen to those who
indulge in sexual perversion; and received the breaking news of the Catholics
Scandal. They through out G-d's Holy word long ago. They also have unclean
bricks that must be removed.
The total picture of Jenin from the air was good. The area of battle is very
small compared to all of Jenin. No massacre there.
But more than anything; my mother taught me that "a good name is worth more
than gold". I simply must rely on Israel's historical integrity and in a
Holy G-d who I know is envolved and Has always made correction to His people;
as shown by the Holy Hebrew Scriptures, History and my own experience. I'm
so thankful we have a loving Creator who does bring correction and not out of
harm but out of goodness.
The other folks reputation over history is horrid, and their god must be out
to lunch as it is not making any corrections to its people though they error
against their own word.
I'm going to explore coming to Israel through SAR-El this week. I hope to
stay for a long time.
I love you all because I love the G-d of Abraham Issac and Jacob. The Torah
is the way to live; it is perfect in mercy and justice. The immorality in
American since 9/11 is rising in rapid rates; like a flood. The rod that
fell to our land has been ignored.
I hope to have a write-up describing our Israel Independance Day Celebration
in Denver. It was such a wonderful day; and an encouragement to all to keep
up the battle; and what is the battle? To not be silent until Jerusalem
becomes a praise in the earth.
Am Israel ChaiMs. Jan

Yair: The reader's commentary on the sale of Anathoth, as recorded in
Jeremiah, got me as well when you first posted it. We have deeds to Hevron,
Jerusalem, Anathoth . . . witnessed by God himself. Regarding the Bible
Belt commentary: it is true. The East coast is the first with class, the
West coast on all things faddish and the Bible Belt is always the leader in
religious things. The Bible Belt is the area with people rising up studying
and pressing for a return to Torah; studying Judaism. The effects of the
Bible Belt was demonstrated yesterday when Californian Jewish Democrats
lined up to register as Republicans because of Bush's stand for Israel.
Started here in the BB and is causing a Democratic party crisis. Kyna

From: Arlean Kelley
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now" -3
Dear Yair,
I just read Steven Collins letter today in Brit-Am Now, which both quotes
and states as follows, Wiesel wrote this about American support of Israel: "The Bible communities
of the Midwest in America love Israel so much it is a true blessing." I live in the American
Midwest, and Wiesel speaks the truth. Christian churches of many
denominations "love Israel" and rally to her support in a crisis. If all
out war broke out, I have little doubt that Christians of many
denominations would line up all over the American Midwest to donate both
blood and bullets if Israelis requested them to do so.
Yair, I live in the true west--Montana. I can affirm the same to be the
case in our area as Wiesel and Collins report of the midwest. I think there
is a some political self-serving around, but as far as I can see of the
followers of Yahshua, at what we call the "grass-roots," things are exactly
the same in Montana. We love and support Israel! That doesn't really say it
adequately. Our concern for Israel runs deep. We are proud of our President
in his continued support of Israel--and we support him in it. Israel has
friends in America!
Arlean Kelley

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