"Brit-Am Now"- 401

May 20, 2004
1. Culling the list and Curiosities
2. Reactions to Hebrew book "Achim Acharim".
3. Errors  in  Jerusalem News-287
4. Brit-Am Need for Funds
5. JEREMIAH and Brit-Am Studies

1. Culling the list and Curiosities
We are cutting defunct addresses from the list.
Some servers refuse to deliver our mail since they consider it  SPAM.
We do not send out SPAM. We send mail to those who either request it
expressly or express an interest in hearing more about our message.

I am getting messages from servers that say that such and such a letter
addressed to so and so could not be delivered since there is no such address.
The problem is that in several cases we did not send anything to the address mentioned.
Can anyone explain this for me?

2. Reactions to Hebrew book "Achim Acharim".
Question: What has been the reaction of Israelis to the Brit-Am Hebrew
language publication "Achim Acharim" so far?
Answer:  We are still feeling our way as to marketing since it is a new
scene for us.
Quite a few people have read the book. It has a few faults that now
become evident but nothing serious. On the whole reaction has been positive.
The book is considered interesting and important.
The book has been described (by at least two different people) as
"Chamud" meaning likeable, pleasant, nice. I am not sure what to make of this
The following critical remarks and suggestions have been made:
The information is important and interesting. The emphasis has to be on
information concerning identity -as indeed in the book it is but not to the
exclusion of all else as perhaps it should be.
In a future edition suggestions as to what to do concerning
the Lost Ten tribes (bringing them back, etc) should be deleted or left
to the sources to speak for themselves.
The book should be directed to all classes of Israeli Jewish society as
it concerns everybody.
Consequently remarks that overduly reflect the ideological convictions
of  the author should be deleted or at least toned down.
Describe the situation concerning the present day identity of the Lost
Ten Tribes but try not to suggest solutions as to what actions should follow from this knowledge.

3. Errors  in  Jerusalem News-287
From: Henrik V Blunck
Subject: Re: Jerusalem News-287 --- errors in newsletter published
today! ;-)
Hello Yair,

On Wednesday, May 19, 2004 you wrote at 7:35:03 PM:

YD> The Video Was Uploaded From London, Not Iraq
YD> After several hours of research, JackBlood.com has learned the web
YD> for the 'Islamic Websites' that posted the Nick Berg decapitation
video. The
YD> website addresses are http://www.al-asnar.net and
http://www.al-asnar.biz .
YD> Both websites have apparently been disabled by 'authorities.' The
YD> of the web server is reportedly in Malaysia. However, the addresses
of the
YD> publishers for these sites are located in London, England and
YD> Denmark.

Nurnberg is in Germany! :-)

YD> The complete mailing address is the following:
YD> http://www.al-ansar.biz
YD> Omar AbuOmar
YD> New Dream St. 33
YD> Nurnberg, Denmark, 42114
YD> Phone: +965.15441211
YD> Email: alansar_alansar@hotmail.com

+ 965 is the calling code for Kuwait... :-)

Sincere regards,

4. Brit-Am Need for Funds
Brit-Am needs money to function, maintain,  and go forward.
Please send what is possible and what you understand is necessary.
Offerings may be made by sending us a local check or by Pay Pal
and they are needed.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

5. JEREMIAH and Brit-Am Studies

The Lost Tribes Had Their Membership Suspended
             Jeremiah spoke of the northern tribes who were exiled
because of their sins (3:6-7 cf. 2-Kings chapters 17 and 18). The exiled tribes
had been divorced by God (3:8). Legislatively, their membership in Israel
as a collectively obliged body was suspended. Temporarily they were no
longer legally obligated by the Mosaic Code (cf. Hosea 1:9, Yebamot 17). This
will change in the future.

The Jews of Judah Will Help Bring them back
             In the latter Times Jews from Judah shall go unto the Ten
Tribes in the "North Country" and urge them to return to the land of
(3:18). They will return from the North Country and from the coasts of
the earth (31:8). God says, <<I AM A FATHER TO ISRAEL, AND EPHRAIM IS MY
FIRSTBORN>> (31:9). God will gather in the scattered ones of Israel
(31:10). Rachel (the mother of Joseph) will no longer have to weep over
the exile of her children for they will return (31:15-16). Ephraim (31:18)
is called a "bullock" or young bull. In Hebrew "bullock" is "aegel".
Historically this very same name, "Aegel", pronounced in the same way,
was an alternative form for the ethnic term "Angle" from which we have the
name "England" In commentating on this verse (Jeremiah 31:18) Rashi states
that the Hebrew word "Aegel" (Young Bull) was a name applied to Ephraim.
This was also another name applied to the English. The English now nickname
themselves "John Bull".    Jeremiah (31:21) refers to dolmens The
dolmens and other related stone monuments form a connecting link between
Israel, Britain, West France, and Scandinavia.
             In the future descendants of King David and of the Levites
will be exceedingly numerous (33:22). The seed of Jacob will return and
the seed of David will rule over them (33:26). The Children of Israel and
the Children of Judah in the Last Days will seek the LORD their God (50:4).
Israel is the Battle-ax of God (51:20) which HE uses to punish the
non-Israelite nations.

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