"Brit-Am Now"- 409

June 4, 2004

1. Brit-Am Radio Interview Now Available
2. Manasseh a "Republic"?
3. Dafydd Cotter: Points of Interest
4. Homely Wisdom
5. Brit-Am and the Prophet HOSEA
6.  Clarifications: Conspiracy Theories
(a) Misleading Quotation
I(b) Not Only Jews Intended:
(c) "Catholic Bashing"
(d) Mutual Enemies of Judah and Joseph
7. The Truth: A Common Instinctive Heritage

1. Brit-Am Radio Interview Now Available
The interview by Tamar Yonah on behalf of Israel National Radio (Arutz-7)
with Brit-Am representatives Rabbi Avraham Feld
and Yair Davidiy  is available from:
not. According to reports Most computers access the interview without any
Mine does not.
<<Dear Yair,
I was unable to access the radio interview by clicking on the link in your
email message, but I was able to access the interview by going to your
website and clicking on the link there.
It is a fine interview, and I appreciate your making it available.
Best regards, Stephen>>
<<Shalom Yair,
Yesterday I couldn't play the Interview link, today I can play it and
download it even, just fine!  Excellent to hear it!!  Baruch HaShem [Bless
the Name of the Almighty]!

2. Manasseh a "Republic"?
From: David Hill <jesterbr549@yahoo.com>
Subject: A Defining Moment
Shalom Yair,
 > >I regret to inform you that America is not a
 > >Democracy, but a Republic.
"What is the difference?"
The defining characteristic of a Republic is "Rule by
Law" which, in this case, would be our Constitution as
you pointed out in that article.  "Rule by People" or
representatives would be the defining characteristic
of a Democracy.

Answer: If my understanding is correct
<<a Republic is "Rule by
Law" which, in this case, would be our Constitution>>
  means that the principles of the Republic are somehow more elevated
than the simple "democratic" wish of the majority.
The Constitution appears to be built on the principle of  "Responsible
Representation in which those represented may be obligated while those who
obligate them
are chosen by them and answerable to them".
This does not detract from the USA having the attributes of Manasseh, on
the contrary. It elevates
this fact. The name  Manasseh in Hebrew actually means:
"Responsible Representation in which those represented may be obligated
while those who obligate them
are chosen by them and answerable to them".
We have explained this several times in our works (especially "Ephraim")
and on the Brit-Am website.

3. Dafydd Cotter: Points of Interest:
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-407 - >5. Not Satisfied with Brit-Am?

(1. were you aware that Arthur Phillip, first Governor of NSW [Australia],
captain of the
First Fleet, was of the Tribe of Judah?. He was of a German Jewish family.

(2. You often mention the dispersion of Israel through North & Western
Europe, and from there to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. I
would like to also mention the people of European descent who were in Sri
Lanka (Ceylon), and who are now in Australia, Canada, UK, and the USA. My
lovely wife was born there, and her genealogy is fascinating. Amongst the
"burghers" of Ceylon I've found people whose ancestors came from Holland,
Germany, Sweden, France (Royalists and Huguenots), Switzerland, Hungary,
England, Scotland, and of course that Irish grandmother who lives in all
family trees. Fortunately, the Ceylonese were keen record keepers, so I have
managed to trace her maternal and paternal lines back to the mid 1600's, to
a Lutheran Pastor in Braunswig (Brunswick) in Germany, and a Dutch gentleman
by the name of Jacob who sent his sons to South Africa and Ceylon to make
their fortunes. God has sent Israel everywhere, and they took justice,
codified law, and worship of Him everywhere.

(3. The Irish did not view all Vikings as "one and the same". It may be of
interest that the Vikings fell into two categories in the Gaelic language,
the Irish knew them as the "red hairs" from Norway, and the Danish were
described as dark haired and smooth skinned. If it's of interest, I can
forward further info.

(4. Was "blitzkrieg" an invention of Judah? Did you know that General Monash,
[head of Australian forces in France in WW1] about whom I knew very little
until recently, was also of a German Jewish
family, and his successes on the Western Front in WWI was due to his
development of a "rolling war" strategy. Prior to his development of a
coordinated thrust against the opposing army (involving infantry, artillery,
air power and armour), invading troops would capture the opposing side's
trenches and then be beaten into submission by the opponent's artillery.
Monash's success earned the praises of Lloyd George, and he was about to
promote Monash to the supreme allied commander's role when truce was
declared. Monash wasn't popular amongst the allied supreme command, not
because he was a Jew, but because he was a reserve officer prior to the war
(I suppose that being, not only a Jew, but an Australian Jew, also counted
against him in the popularity stakes). I shall forward to you my copy of his
biography, I hope you find it of interest.

I'll close on the same note I started this note, please do not be
discouraged, there are many people out there who do appreciate your work and
treasure it highly.

May God continue to guide you, may He bring you strength and protection
against your enemies, may he deliver you safely to the Kingdom of His
Messiah. May peace reign in Jerusalem.

Your friend, Dafydd Cotter

4. Homely Wisdom
Based on a saying by the Rabbi of Lubavitch:
A bird flies. The very essence of being a bird is flying.
The wings of a bird enable it to fly.
A bird that does not know what its wings are for considers them an impediment.
It sometimes happens that what we consider to be burdens are meant to be
our wings but we are not aware of it.

See Jerusalem News-291
Brit-Am traces descendants of  the Lost Tribes of Israel (alongside many
from Judah) to the WEST.
Brit-Am has provided evidence that cannot be controverted by those who
believe in the Bible or in historical
sources. Brit-Am is continuing its research in these fields AS WELL as
providing evidence from other (but
related) directions.
Brit-Am remains the only organization that brings all the sources together
and has a workable answer.
Brit-Am is also the only organization that presents these truths in a
format acceptable to both Orthodox
Jews and Gentiles.
Brit-Am is the ONLY group of its type in the world and probably will remain
that way for the near future.
Those who are aware of these truths, appreciate their importance and think
that something should be done
in this regard may find a solution through working with
Brit-Am.  Justifiable alternatives do not seem to be present.
It is not enough if the individual "Gentile" has received a spiritual or
instinctive emotional insight that he/she
are descended from Israel. The knowledge must be made clear and confirmed
in a general sense
at the Biblical and academic levels
and be made public to the degree that is possible.
Sufficient knowledge does exist to obtain due consideration in the eyes of
a select few.
This "few" must be reached and the level of knowledge improved (in quantity
and means of presentation)
in order to reach others.

5. Brit-Am and the Prophet HOSEA

The Israelites and the Cimmerians Combine
             Hosea was told to take to wife a loose woman named Gomer
(1:2-3). He had three children by this woman who represented three parts of
the northern Ten Lost Tribes. The name Gomer was also the name given to the
Cimmerians. From the Cimmerians emerged the Celts, Scythians and Goths and
peoples who settled in Northern Europe. Gomer was also the name of a son of
Japhet: "And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz, and Riphah, and Togarmah"
(Genesis 10:3). Places associated by the Rabbis with Gomer of Japhet are
also those to which the Lost Ten Tribes were recorded as having been
exiled. The exiles of Israel and the descendants of Gomer combined or
confederated. The Welsh call themselves "Gomeru". In Welsh tradition, they
(i.e. Cimmerians) were led by Hu from Drephrobane opposite Byzantium across
the sea to Defene in Wales. The name Defene is sometimes rendered as
"Daphne" and there was a port named Daphne opposite Byzantium. Jerome
quoted a Jewish tradition that the Lost Ten Tribes crossed the Bosporus
near Byzantium (now Istanbul in the European section of Turkey) into Europe
and continued northward. Daphne of Antiochea was one of the places to which
the Ten Tribes were taken into exile.

Exile and Reconciliation
             The three sons of Gomer (i.e. Cimmerians) in Hosea represent
three sections of the exiled 10 tribes and do not represent Judah who is
separately spoken of (1:7). At first the Ten Tribes will be rejected and
exiled but later God will return and accept them.
             The Ten Tribes in the End Times willre-unite with Judah
(1:11). In their place of exile, as well as being extremely numerous, they
shall enjoy great bounty: "CORN, AND WINE, AND OIL, AND MULTIPLIED HER

             They will have worshiped the "Baal" (2:8, 2:13, 2:16) like the
Celts in Britain and Gaul once did. Redemption will come through
righteousness, judgment, loving-kindness, and mercies (2:19). In the Last
Days they shall Return to God and seek the Kingdom of David (3:5). In their
place of exile Ephraim will have given birth to strange children (5:7).
Some say this indicates intermarriage with other peoples. The Exiles will
return from the west (11:10).
             Ephraim is a merchant, and deceitful (12:7-8). Ephraim will be
rich (12:8). Ephraim will return to the God of Israel and know that there
is no other savior but God (13:4).

6. Clarifications: Conspiracy Theories
(a) Misleading Quotation IN "Brit-Am Now"-408
no. 4. Vatican Source of Conspiracy Theories
we said:
<<For an exposure of these theories  see
"The Popes Against the Jews" by David E. Kerzer (2001) shows how most
modern Conspiracy
Theories were fabricated by or encouraged from elements close to the
Vatican from the 1800s onwards.

The quoted web site
"The Popes Against the Jews" by David E. Kerzer
ARE TWO DIFFERENT SOURCES that in our eyes treat on the same subject.

We had unconsciously presented the references in a manner that made it look
as if the web site was discussing David Kerzer. This is not so and at least one
subscriber was mislead.

On the same subject:
(b) Not Only Jews Intended: Our quoting ("Brit-Am Now"-408 no. 4)  the book
"The Popes Against the Jews" by David E. Kerzer  made it look as if we were
referring to Conspiracy Theories against the Jews. This is no longer true
and was not always so
from the very beginning.
Many Conspiracy Theories are obversely or implicitly anti-semitic but the
main emphasis of most of them
is against the English-speaking peoples and Anglo-Saxon civilization.
Advocates of such theories are spreading lies and serving as the pawns of
other forces.
Certain Great Men in the past were misled by these concoctions and when
they realized they were had been misled
they abandoned them.
Maimonides pointed out that in order to get to the truth we must be
prepared to make mistake mistakes along the way.

(c) "Catholic Bashing": The Vatican may be an historical power often
adverse to Anglo-Saxon civilization
and inclined against the Jews. Nevertheless it is not historically correct
to say that the Catholics were always
more anti-semitic than the others since such was often not the case.
Neither is it today.
Also in Britain some of the greatest patriots were Catholics.
A very interesting work, "Foley. The Spy Who Saved 10,000 Jews" by Michael
Smith, UK, 1999,
tells the story of a great Englishman who was also a Roman Catholic and a
friend of the Jewish people.

(d) Mutual Enemies of Judah and Joseph: The great early Zionist leader, Max
Nordau, once defined a people as a group with a common enemy.
It is interesting to note that the enemies of the Jewish people are also
usually instinctively antagonistic towards
the Anglo-Saxons.
The Czar of Russia was quoted as saying that, "The English are Jews",
and  a compliment.
was not intended.

7. The Truth: A Common Instinctive Heritage
There was never a "conspiracy" between the Jews and the "Anglo-Saxons"
(more often Scottish, Irish, and Welshmen
but "Anglo-Saxon" is the term used) in the sense that people sit down to
formulate a plan and then work to fulfill it.
One side represents Judah and the other Joseph.
There does exist an inner instinct amongst both peoples to fulfill a Divine
purpose on this earth. In this sense they did (and do) possess a common  interest
that was realized by a chosen few amongst them.

Avraham Yeshayahu Karelitz The "Hazon Ish" (1878-1953) was a very great
Rabbi (The "Hazon Ish") in Israel in the early days of the State. He was
the leader of Ultra-Orthodox Jewry at that time and in the eyes of many is
considered the equivalent of a
"saint". He seldom read newspapers but requested his assistants to bring to
his attention any news item concerning
Winston Churchill whom he greatly admired. Churchill was worth the time.