Brit-Am Now 412

"Brit-Am Now"-412
1. Question on Conspiracy Theories
3. The Prophet MICAH
4. Question on Ancient History
5. Question on the future
6. Individual Family Identity
7. Pool of Siloam  uncovered
1. Question on Conspiracy Theories
Dear Yair, there is a lot of books and information on web sites that say that the Federal Reserve System creates money out of nothing, lends it to the American Government, then makes the Government tax the people to pay back the money with interest.
They all say this Federal reserve sytem  is owned by Jewish Banking families{Privately} and is not owned by the Government.
They all say that these private banks have enslaved the world in a debt system that totally enslaves us in debt.
is this true ?
My economic expertize is limited at unencouraging attempts to keep myself and Brit-Am
going from one month to the other.
The USA is a great nation that manages to keep ahead of the world through miracles
and being needed by all the others as a frame of reference. This is a sign of Divine Favor.
If it really was due to Jewish manipulations then you would have to be exceedingly grateful.
But it is not. Just hope and pray that it does not end.
All those web sites you spoke about are run by psychologically disturbed cases
that should be kept at arm's length for health reasons.
If you want the truth: Read the Bible, read history, science, read Brit-Am material,
especially Brit-Am material.
A Brit-Am DNA (BADNA) Forum has been set up.
It is still in its beginning stages.
There is actually quite a lot of evidence from DNA studies that in one way or another corroborates
Brit-Am findings. These findings need to be co-related with each other and placed in the correct context.
Hopefully BADNA will do that.
If you wish to receive additional details contact us.
3. The Prophet MICAH
The Ball-Headed Eagle: Symbol of the USA!
            Micah prophesies mainly about the Lost Ten Tribes both before and after their exile. Micah says they will be like a ball-headed eagle (1:16). This is a symbol of the USA.
The Israelite-Scythians Described
            Micah chapter five describes how the Israelites had been exiled by the Assyrians who destroyed their palaces. The Israelites at first will be used as shepherds or protectors of Assyria and then they will become the chief rulers (5:5). They will then destroy Assyria (5:6). This happened when the Israelite-Scythians from being soldiers in the Assyrian armies, graduated to control the Assyrian Empire and in the end destroyed Assyria.
A World Power; Messiah Son of Joseph
            The remnant of Jacob will be amongst the non-Israelite nations as a lion (5:7) amongst the flocks of sheep from none can deliver (5:8). All the enemies of Israel will be cut off. In other words the descendants of Israel will become the major world power. Micah chapter five after the manner of prophecy on the one hand describes historical events that happened. On the other hand, it also is pertinent for the Last Days. The Malbim understands Micah as referring to the Last Days:
<<At the time of the end the Ten Tribes will first be aroused. Over them will be the Messiah son of Joseph. They shall work mightily. The Tribe of Judah will be scattered amongst the nations, weak and a minority. They will be attached to the Ten Tribes and subservient to them under the rule of the Messiah son of Joseph. After that however the Messiah son of David will arise with the strength of the Almighty. Then they will all receive upon themselves the yoke of the Kingdom of the House of David.>>
The Land of Greater Israel
            Micah says that when the Israelites return they shall inherit Bashan and Gilead as in former times (7:14). These areas were east of the Jordan and included present day Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria, as well as parts of Turkey and Iraq. The Promises to Jacob and Abraham will be fulfilled (7:20).
4. Question on Ancient History
Re: The Tribes, ch.10 Gad
 Seems right, But one question: The Guti is among the people that destroys
Agade and the Akkad dynasty, and that is too early for the ten tribes?
Elin Berglund in Cimberland; North Jutland in Denmark
This question can be answered according to two alternatives:
(1) The Conventional History
(2) Revisionist History
I personally prefer the Revisionist solution but our policy is to  present the Brit-Am case
as much as possible in a way that is consistent with what is conventionally accepted in the
Academic world.
(1) Conventional History:
[Sumer was in the south of Mesopotamia in the region that later was associated with Babylom; Akkad was in the north and was later linked with Assyria. Akkadian was the language of Assyria.]
Akkadian Period, 2340-2159 B.C.
History and society
Akkadians of Northern Mesopotamia dominate Southern Mesopotamia (Sumer) for a time
Sargon is the first king of the Agade dynasty: Akkadian doctrine requires loyalty to him, not to one's city-state
name Sharrum-kin, 'true/legitimate king' (which probably means he was really a usurper, protesting too much!); later this pronounced Sharken; preserved in bible as Sargon
king-list says he ruled 56 years, and that his father was a date-grower and cup-bearer to previous (local) Akkad king
Naram-Sin is Sargon's grandson, rules 37 years--high point of dynasty
defines himself as a god, rather than as the agent of the gods
uses title "king of the four quarters, king of the universe"
rules a wide area; claims to have destroyed Ebla
Neo-Sumerian Period, 2159-2000 B.C.
History and society
the Guti, a mountain people from the Northeast, drive out Akkadians and rule for about 60 years
Lagash (capital city is Girsu)--state of Lagash alone survives peacefully under ruler Gudea
Third Dynasty of Ur (2113-2004) founded by Sumerians who drive out Guti
most notable ruler was Ur-Nammu ('warrior of [goddess] Nammu')
texts preserved include law code of Nippur, with with specific penalties for specific offenses
punishment usually in form of compensation (in kind or money): establishes fines for bodily injury, etc.
well over 30,000 tablets, including state inscriptions, private sector, temple
Third Dynasty of Ur overthrown by Elamites from Iran
(1) Brit-Am Conventional Aswer:
The Guti were recorded in the 2000s BCE and later disappeared for more than a 1000 years.
From the time of Tiglathpileser-111 (740-732) onwards there was a revival of Assyrian power.
This period is often referred to as "Neo-Assyrian". The practice was to return to what had once existed
in the time of Sargon-1. Archaic terms were revived and everything was modelled on what it was believed
had existed in the time of Sargon-1. Many of the inscriptions (such as the Code of Hammurabi)
that we rely upon to tell us what life was like in Ancient Mesopotamia are actually copies made in
Neo-Assyrian times of the originals. There was a revival of ancient terminology
and the term "Guti" was applied to a people who dwelt in an area close to where the Ancient Guti had been.
They did not necessarily have any connection with the original Guti.
These new "Guti" were often linked with the Scythians and were considered part of the Scythian forces.
We identify these Guti as Israelites and indications are that they were dominated by the Tribe of Gad
whose name could also be rendered as "Gut" or "Goth". They were part of the Exiled Israelites who had been
transported to that area. Later they moved further to the North and eventually westward.
(2) Brit-Am Alternative Revisionist Answer
The scenario above concerning the Akkadian Period, 2340-2159 B.C. and
Neo-Sumerian Period, 2159-2000 B.C. never took place. Or it is only partially correct.
It was written down in Neo-Assyrian times (after 730 BCE) to describe events that took
mainly place in Neo-Assyrian times BUT it was dressed up as "Ancient History"
for reasons we cannot be certain about but probably connected with Assyrian religious
5. Question on the future
   I have been reading some of your research and find it quite interesting.  I do have a couple of questions and I know you are probably buisy so I am thanking you in advance for taking the time to respond.
   If one reads various chapters in Ezekiel (mainly the 11th & 37th chapters) it appears that your research definately has some solid biblical backing. If the 10 tribes of the lost house of Israel are infact going to re-emerge (as is aparently defined in these chapters) do you support their eventual return back to the land of Israel in accordance with the 47th & 48th chapters of Ezekiel? This seems to cleary point to a division of the tribes and their tribal 'allotments' in the land?
  Second, why has there been no effort made to catalog the tribes (as they emerge) and reorganize them back into their tribal familes?
  And Third, many of the areas where you have shown that these tribes are concentrated (I/E: America & Britan, etc..) are prodominatly 'Christian' populations. What does this mean? what implications would this have on their possible return back to the land.  A a Jew living in the land this is very interesting to me and I do not have an answer? I would really like to hear your take on it.  Thanks.  Keep up the hard work.
                      Israel b
The Bible says the Lost Ten Tribes will return to the Land of Israel.
They may physically return at an early stage.
The Land of Israel includes Lebanon and Syria and other areas.
The Lost Ten Tribes will return to these regions.
 They shall inherit Bashan and Gilead  (Micah 7:14) along with Lebanon and Gilead (Zechariah 10:10).
They may go to the said places
BEFORE ALSO RETURNING to what we consider the present Land of Israel to be.
Jeremiah (31:21) indicates that at some stage they will return to the cities of Samaria.
They are in effect commanded to study their origin and seek to return.
These people are mainly Christians and their Christian faith serves as a catalyst
to arouse them about their Israelite origins. It was prophesied that this would be the case
as we explain in our book "Ephraim" and in our Hebrew book "Achim Acharim".
Ezekiel (11:18) indicates that the Tribes will first return and then the religious questions will be resolved.
The question of religion will be resolved in the Messianic Period.
Our task at present is to concentrate on informing the peoples in question that they are descended from Israel.
6. Individual Family Identity
Subject: Shalom Yair
Please help me out,
 I have been searching for my "roots."  The deep seated love I have in my heart for Israel and the Jewish people, leads me to believe that maybe there is the possibility of me being part of the ten lost tribes.
I do not know how to find out though....
I really need to know.  I live here in the United States, but I feel like Israel is my home.  Although I have never been there.
Please, please, help me!  I have to find out!!!!!
and may G-d bless you in all your work,
L Shalom,
At present, We cannot help individual people based on family names. We are slowly reaching the stage
where we may be able to give some directions in certain cases but at present we cannot.
Even so, this is not really what Brit-Am is about.
I myself believe strongly that I am of Israelite descent probably of Judah.
BUT I have no absolute proof.
What if I was wrong?
It does not necessarily matter!
We believe in the Bible. The Bible speaks of Israel and Judah and of their separate tasks.
The Almighty created the peoples of Israel for HIS own purpose.
Our task is to clarify this purpose and spread the knowledge.
It would be nice if we too were all participants by inherited right as we probably are.
But even if we are not we still have to do our bit since that is what we must do.
It is not so much a case of: If you are a member of the family you belong.
If you are not a family member you are an outsider. This is not so.
The Almighty is above us all and He has HIS own considerations.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy
7. Pool of Siloam  uncovered
Jerusalem Post
Etgar LefkovitsJun. 9, 2004
A pool that served as a main water reservoir for Jerusalem residents 2,000 years ago has been uncovered, the Antiquities Authority announced Wednesday.
The Pool of Siloam was uncovered last week by chance at the southern end of the City of David in what today is Silwan while the city was carrying out infrastructure work for a new sewage pipe.
Archeologist Eli Shukrun said that two millennia ago, Jewish residents would use the pool to gather water for their homes, as a meeting place, and also possibly as a mikve.
After lying untouched for 2,000 years, archeologists first uncovered one step, and then several more leading down to the pool, whose water came from the nearby Gihon spring.