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June 30, 2004
1. Situation
2. Answering Letters
3. e-mail problems
4. Question on Forced Converts of Jewish Descent
5. Question on Khazars and Jews

1. Situation
Recently I complained about people dropping out of the list.
This may have created the wrong impression. If anybody wants to leave
they are requested to do so/ All that has to be done is to send us a message
with "unsubscribe" in the subject line.
Apart from that we actually have a very loyal and stable subscriber base.
I was going through our Brit-Am Truth magazine subscriber list preparing
a posting of the latest issue.  I noticed that most people who once
subscribed to us
stayed with us and renewed their subscriptions when the time came.
This was despite many irregularities of production and posting on our part.
Also compared to other lists we have a very good record
for maintaining subscriber interest.
Your participation is appreciated.
The quality of our subscribers as "people" is also exceptionally good.
We are aware of this. \

2. Answering Letters
On the whole the letter answering situation is reasonable.
It happens that letters do not get answered, sometimes they get lost,
and sometimes the questions are too difficult or to far off our centers of
and knowledge.

Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 10:53:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: "B.J. Jones" <jonesbj_cdo6886@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: Judges 16 part
To: Yair Davidiy <britam@netvision.net.il>

I once knew a little girl of 6 named Bianca who wrote this passage of
Scripture in her mother's Mother's Day card.  The mother, Deb, read it and
gasped.  After reflecting on why her daughter would write such a thing, she
remembered recently in church, the minister had talked about "Delilah the
harlot and how beautiful she was".  Basically, in writing this passage in
Deb's Mother's Day card, 6-year-old Bianca was letting her mother know she
thought she was beautiful.  Thanks for reminding me.  I'm getting a good
laugh out of it again.
B.J. Jones

3. e-mail problems
Our  alternate e-mail address yair@britam.org
is temporarily not working at the moment. Please address all mail to:

4. Question on Forced Converts of Jewish Descent

>Dear Yair,
>Thank you very much for your efforts in finding who are the Lost Tribes and
>where they were scattered.  However, I may have missed it, but never did I
>see anything about the Jews who fled Spain and Portugal during the
>I have recently found out that both my parents have direct names that came
>from that incident - My surname B was formally B from Spain.
>All I know is that the only B to come to Canada during that time
>his name like: B.

>  The climax of
>this whole thing is that they have found that Sephardic people had a "mark" on
>their bodies called a Semitic Stain.  All my family and our children,
>and cousins have this mark.  You may want to click on Semitic Stain
>(Google) and
>you will find it there.
>The WebSites that I visited about French Canadian names who originated from
>Spain are listed there; I am making my personal research of those listed
>names, and ironically, they do have that Semitic Stain spoken of.
>Have you ever heard of this, and if so, although we have been lied to with
>the Catholic Church, what is our status in terms of being Jewish and making
>Respectfully yours,
>Jackie  -

Many Jews of Spain were forcefully converted to Catholicism or converted
under undue duress
and not allowed to go back to Judaism. In Portugal the children of the Jews
were taken from them
and forcefully baptized.
Descendants of these people and those like them are classified by us as
"Captive Jews".
In general the status of  "Captive Jews" is the same as that of the Lost
Ten Tribes.
In the future they will return but for now they are considered to be
legally "Gentiles".
They would not usually be allowed to enter Israel under the Law of return
even if they could
indisputably prove their ancestry.
Even so they have an obligation to clarify their origins and do what they can.
The Destiny of  "Captive Jews" according to Scripture and the Commentaries
is bound up
with that of the Lost Ten Tribes. I know this may not sound like much help
but it is a beginning.

5. Question on Khazars and Jews
>Dear yair, I agree totally with the historical documentation in regards to
>the ten tribes of Israel. My prpblem is that most of the people who call
>themselves jews are ashekenasic, they descend from the kazars, a turko
>asiatic group. The kazars were a nation of people who converted over to
>judaism by decree of their ruler bulkin(I don't remember the correct
>spelling!) . Since they are turko asiatic, they are more than likely
>descending from gomer the son or grand son  of japeth, so that being said,
>most jewish indivduals who are aschekenasic are not semitic, and since the
>largest group of jews are aschekenasic, then the claim of being heirs to
>moses and abraham is false and misleading. One more point, the talmud
>along with kabbalah are originally part and parcel of the babylonian
>mystery religious system I.e. gnosis. If I am mistaken , please show me, I
>do not intend to be against what you have been saying, I just would like
>some clarification for my benefit. Yours J

Concerning the Khazars there are articles on our web-site
and we are also preparing a book
on the subject.
The Khazars were mainly Israelites from the Lost Ten Tribes.
European Jews are called "Ashkenazi(m)" since many of their forefathers
and early spiritual leaders sojourned in Germany which in later Hebrew
was named Ashkenaz.
For a similar reason Eastern Jews are often referred to as "Sepharidi(m)"
which means
Spanish since Jews who were exiled from Spain went Eastward and often
became the
determinant element in the communities they settled in.
The Talmud and Kabbalah are not part of the any mystery religion though
here and there
similarities may occur. It is not our job however to explain or defend
aspects of the Jewish religion.
If you are interested in replies to criticisms against the Talmud see:

Joseph needs Judah to affirm his identity.
The ultimate source and justification is the Bible and the Bible only.
Other studies help us rationalize and understand Biblical passages
BUT they are subservient in importance to the Bible and Biblical study.
They are "helpers" that must be respected but kept in their place.
What the Bible says is the truth.
Joseph needs Judah to understand the Bible and to affirm what the Bible says
especially in regards to saying who Joseph is.
Attacks on Judah are attacks on the Bible, and attacks on the Almighty,
and are against Joseph.
   "He that toucheth you, toucheth the apple of his eye" (Zechariah 2; 8)
i.e. anyoine who attacks Judah is considerecasa if they attacked the eye of
God Himself.
It is very important that you understand these matters.
The Lost Ten Tribes NEED Judah.
Any doubt on this matter or any anti-Jewish sentiments places
recognition of the Lost Ten Tribes in jeopardy.
The Lost Ten Tribes LOST their identity. Judah did not not.
Judah must go unto the Lost Ten Tribes and bring them back.
(Jeremiah 31) BUT Judah will not and CANNOT  do so
if those to whom Judah addresses himself try and use this message against
This is how God wanted things to be.
Menasseh ben Israel explained the above verse (n his book "Conciliator") as:
i.e. Judah shall always be recognizable as an Israelite Tribe.
The Messiah will enable individuals from the Lost Ten Tribes to know what
Tribe they belong to.>>

Before the Messianic comes and as part of the process leading up to it and
preparing the way for it
people from Judah will go out to the Lost Ten Tribes and lead them back.
"In those days the house of Judah shall go unto the house of Israel and
they shall come together out of the land of the north unto the land that I
have given for an inheritance unto your fathers" (Jeremiah 3;18).
The verse above should be read  as:
ISRAEL".  People from Judah and Benjamin (i.e. legal Jews, see Yalkut
Shimeoni) shall go unto the Lost Ten Tribes.  Jews from Judah will go unto
the Lost Tribes to bring them back. It could be said that the Jewish
members of Brit-Am Israel are doing this to some degree.

Joseph needs Judah but Judah must be enabled to do his task ands not pushed
People who claim they believe in the Israelite origin of their ancestors
yet harbor anti-Jewish
feelings and even use "Identity" material as an excuse to justify
anti-Jewish statements
are in effect TRAITORS to Israel.
They must repent of their sin and mend their way just like we all have to
repent of those offences
we have committed and of wrong beliefs we have held.
The knowledge that we are promoting, Brit-Am knowledge, is part of the
Messianic process. It is a preparing
of the way. It is very important in our generation. If you have been
blessed and enabled to feel the basic truth
behind Brit-Am beliefs then you should help Brit-Am as much as you can. At
the very least you should divest
yourself of any negative feelings and behavior that are liable to interfere
with the Brit-Am message.

Spreading the Brit-Am message is our task.
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