"Brit-Am Now" - 42: re “Menasseh”?

"Brit-Am Now"-42
1. Mistaken Heading
2. Need to Consider Other Opinions
3. Who is Ephraim?

Date:  Sun Jun 23, 2002  1:47 am

Some of you received the following heading in the subject heading sent you.
Re: =?iso-8859-1?Q?"Brit-Am_Now"-41:_r e_"Menasseh"=3F?=
The reason apparently was our inadvertent use of the Hebrew language mode
at the time.

Recently we sent out messages containing opinions that we do not agree with
but we considered worth considering.
Some people welcome this approach but others did not. Still others wrongly
assumed that the said opinions were our own.
If you want to get to the truth you have to hear other people. You have to
take into consideration the possibility that our own views must be modified
and if necessary changed.
This is especially pertinent when the people in question are on the same
side of the fence as we are but just differ on some of the details.

Who is Ephraim?
We have dwelt with this subject in our works "Ephraim", "Joseph", our
Biblical commentaries and in several articles on this forum.
The USA, Britain, and the daughters of Britain are dominated by Joseph
although other elements are also present.
In a sense it may also by that many (even most?) of the descendants of the
Lost Ten Tribes have now assembled in those nations.
Britain is Ephraim because:
1. "England" means the land of the Angle and Angle is an alternative form
for Aegel (young bull) which was a nick-name of Menasseh.
"John Bull" is a nickname for England.
2. Someone from Ephraim is called an "Ephrati" which name denotes the
aristocratic principle and Britain is still an aristocracy.
3. Britain fulfilled the blessings given to Ephraim to a greater degree
than the USA did.

The USA is Menasseh because:
1. The USA was settled initially by people from Menasseh areas.
2. America is named after the Hebrew "HaMachiri" which originally literally
"The People of Machir". Machir was the first born son of Menasseh and
dominated the eastern half of Menasseh beyond the Jordan.
3. The name "Menasseh" embodies the principle of "representative delegated
responsibility" that is the raison d'etre of the USA.
The name "Machir" in Hebrew denotes "capitalism".
4. Menasseh was the 13th tribe who would come later.

We could go on at length but the above points are sufficient.
Together with the above the possibility also exists that very very many
people in the USA are physically descended from Ephraim. Ephraim may well
dominate whole areas in the USA but the overall national cast of character
is determined by Menasseh.

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