"Brit-Am Now"- 423

1. "Identity" Enemies of Brit-Am
2. Why Brit-Am is needed
3. Why the Brit-Am Message Should be Spread

1. "Identity" Enemies of Brit-Am
Recently we were "diverted" due to the need to reply to a number of people
who kept pestering us with claims
concerning the true identity of Judah and the Khazars etc. I do not think
this was a concerted planned effort
just one of those things where a group of people of like thinking decided
all at once to push their point.
There were four or five of these people subscribed to our list and they
kept coming back
with argument and counter-argument. They gave the impression of being
fanatically devoted to
their basically anti-Jewish point of view and wished to push it at the
expense of all other considerations.
We should learn from these people. Even though they were a minority they
managed to keep
their message coming through and were deeply committed to it.
If the forces of evil are so  committed we should commit ourselves even
more so.
Some of those sending in the anti-Jewish messages seemed intelligent nice
people but mistaken and others
were basically just plain bad. It does not matter. Every bad cause has
"good" people who keep it running just as
every good cause has its bad apples. The bottom line is the ultimate aim.
Anyway certain measures were taken and things are now quieter.
In principle we do not mind being disagreed with. We prefer things to be in
the open
and opposition on occasion has spurred us to work harder in areas that
needed it.
We also like to know who our audience is and how they react to our message.
Compliments and favorable remarks about Brit-Am are greeted willingly but
criticisms can also be helpful.
At the same time there is a limit to what we are prepared to tolerate in
these matters.
Make no mistake, the Brit-Am message cannot progress if anti-Jewish
messages are not rebuked
by Brit-Am and those involved with us.
The existence of anti-Jewish inclinations amongst some  "Identity"
people  is one of the primary causes why our message is not initially
received by many Jews and informed Gentiles.
Anti-Jewish "Identity" people are on the other side, they are not allies of
ours, but rather enemies and have to
be treated as such.


2. Why Brit-Am is needed to Spread the Brit-Am Message
Judah will not accept this message unless it is presented by Brit-Am or
something similar to it
in content.
Mainstream Gentile society will not accept this message unless Judah also
accepts it
or at the least until an organization such as Brit-Am presents it.
The message must be presented with Biblical proofs that can stand up to
criticism such as those
proofs that Brit-Am adheres to.
The message must also be backed by historical and related evidence that at
the least
presents a plausible probable scenario complementing the Biblical and
related sources.
Brit-Am works to fulfill these needs and as far as the factual information
is concerned
provides a viable foundation that can be built upon and perfected.
These are some of  the reasons why Brit-Am is needed.

3. Why the Brit-Am Message Should be Spread
a.  The Brit-Am Message involves the truth and the truth needs to be known.
b. The destinies of  Judah and Joseph are interwoven with each other
and in different ways each needs the other.   Like it or not the future of
each is contingent on the other.
A knowledge and awareness of common origin would help each side relate to
the other
with a deeper appreciation.  Our job is not to erase differences  but
rather to reveal the ancestral unity
that exists despite the differences for the sake of both sides.
c. It is the will of the Almighty that Judah and Joseph work together and
ultimately reunite with each other.
It is both a subject of Prophecy and an injunction that this take place.
Those who have already something of the necessary awareness have been given it
that they may do what they can to prepare the way for the future re-union.
By helping Brit-Am you will be doing something of importance in the right

Spreading the Brit-Am message is our task.
We do this full time and God willing will continue to do so
as long as necessary.
Your purchases and offerings enable us to work for our peoples.
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