"Brit-Am Now"- 424

1. Scots-Irish
2. Adversity a Springboard
3. Recognition
4. Question on Coat of Arms
5. Necessity for Mutual Recognition
6. Curiosities: Blond Hair Found all Over!
7. Explanation and Clarification

1. Scots-Irish
Interesting Article on the Scots-Irish:
Raymond Campbell Paterson
The Scots-Irish: The Thirteenth Tribe
The author of the article is well-informed and may well be a
"fellow-traveler"  of ours.
He ends the article by saying:
<<They were indeed God's frontiersmen, the real historical embodiment of
the lost tribe of Israel. >>

2. Adversity a Springboard
From: Joan Griffith
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-423: Why the Need?
Thanks for the very positive #1 in this newsletter. It is so easy to become
depressed about things, but you show that you use adversity as a
springboard for better efforts. It's good to be reminded of this.
Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important
thing is not to stop questioning. - Albert Einstein

3. Recognition
From: Athol Bloomer
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-423: Why the Need?
Dear Yair,
Well done! I think everything you said was spot on. These people have an
anti-Jewish agenda and they should not be tolerated except for those who
may have been unwittingly led astray and who are open to listen your
message. You are right, if one wishes the identity of the 10 tribes found
among the European peoples to be accepted it must be accepted and come from
Judah first. The Jewish people... are the valid continuation of the
Israelite community. They must be the ones to recognize the descendants of
the Lost Tribes their brethren. The recognition that the Christian peoples
of Europe represent at least spiritual Ephraim by some groups is also a
step in the right direction in my opinion. At this stage however Ephraim
(as the representative of the 10 tribes) is in the condition of being
classified as Gentiles for the purposes of Halakah as they have been
separated from knowledge of their Israelite origins for a long period of time.
Cheers Athol Bloomer

4. Question on Coat of Arms

>This is from my Pickering lineage from York, England.  Would this mean
>from Judah?  There are known to be a fair spattering of lawyers in this
>line, including Harvard Law degreed.   Also US Senator and House of Rep.
>in colonial times in USA. C.

The coat of arms is attractive and well-done. The lion has a depicted
ferocity that leaps out at one.
It could be an indication that you are from Judah but you would need  other
factors to be more certain.
Dan could also be associated with a lion and the name "Dan" means judge.
On the other hand blue and white and in some contexts also yellow are
traditional colors of Judah
and these colors appear on the C of A depicted.

5. Necessity for Mutual Recognition
From: Ted&Faye Dornan
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-423; Why the Need?
Shalom Yair:

Thank you for continuing the message announcing the necessity of Yehudah
and Ephraim to recognize each other and not be at odds with each other.
Perhaps those who are in opposition to the message are necessary goads to
stir us to action.

In the meantime, please encourage yourself in knowing that many of those
who hear your message are praying for your success, or rather the success
of the work that HaShem is doing through you, to His honor and glory,
because in the end He shall be honored and glorified, and "every knee shall
bend to Him".


Ted Dornan

6. Curiosities: Blond Hair Found all Over!
Interesting Picture

Interesting Site (you do not have to agree with sany of it but some of the
are inforamtive):

<<Blonde hair is found among Black Melanesians, Black Tribals of India,
Australian Aborigines and Blacks in parts of Africa. In fact both blondish
and red hair is found among some African Blacks.

<<Australian Aborigines (Koori and other tribes) have naturally blonde hair.
Some Black tribals of India also have naturally blonde hair and Negroid
Black skin, Negroid faces, bone and skull structure and Negroid genetic

7. Explanation and Clarification
In "Brit-Am Now"-423
item  2. Why Brit-Am is needed
we said:
2. Why Brit-Am is needed to Spread the Brit-Am Message
<<Judah will not accept this message unless it is presented by Brit-Am or
something similar to it in content.
Mainstream Gentile society will not accept this message unless Judah also
accepts it or at the least until an organization such as Brit-Am presents it.>>
This was based on our understanding of Biblical passages reinforced by
in the field of attempting to spread this message.  It is not a value
We do not know why things are that way nor are we justifying it.
It just appears to be the face of reality that is best accommodated and not
fought against.
A real life  anecdote may be in order here:
Some years ago a young inexperienced but enthusiastic Brit-Am emissary
met up with a leading "Identity" leader in Europe. This "Identity" leader
was an elderly gentleman,
a scholar and a well-known personality. He may at once stage have been
critical of Judah.
At all events he had decades of experience behind him and he was apparently
even skeptical about
meeting our man all together. The Brit-Am representative suggested
co-operation between
Brit-Am and the European organization. The "Identity" leader asked what can
Brit-Am do for them?
Our representative that we can speak in the name of Judah or at least a
valid section of Judah.
The answer was that nothing of that nature was needed and the meeting more
or less ended on that note.
The next day the "leader" was discussing his beliefs with a lady.
She said to him: That you think along those lines does not mean very much
but if someone from
Judah would come along and say the same thing it would be different.
 From then on he began to work with us and until the forces of
natural  aging took command
much good was achieved together.

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