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1. "Identity" Clarification
2. Message and Remarks from Bolivia
part one

1. "Identity" Clarification
Recently we had an altercation with some "Identity" people. Most of the
"action" took place off this list though I posted
some of the claims and our reactions to them. At least two people were
offended because I appeared to have included them amongst the
"Identity" people I was replying to. Not all the letters I had received
from adherents to this mental deviation were offensive
but some were and the whole subject is distasteful and negative in intent.
Anyway, I intend to close the matter or at least wind it down.
Below is an extract providing some background to the whole incident.

>>I received more than 30 letters on the subject and so did others. Some of
>>the letters were quite insulting in content and style.
>>Other members of the Brit-Am also received similar letters. A few people
>>whose e-mail address had been posted in "Brit-Am Now" postings received
>>lengthy missives from these fanatics who seemed committed at whatever the
>>cost to pushing their point of view.
>>At first I tried reasoning with some of them and replied to their claims
>>but they either ignored what I had said
>>or kept coming back with new "evidence" much of which was not in its place.
>>The anti-Jewish "Identity" claim is FALSE. It is NOT true but even if
>>theoretically it was, they push this point as if
>>it was the absolute truth of which they have no doubt. They appear
>>committed to this falsehood as if it
>>was a Biblical truth which it is not and NO GOOD CAN COME FROM IT. This a
>>lie that they insist on promoting
>>even though it only PREVENTS the real truth of Israelite ancestry amongst
>>western peoples from being more widely accepted.
>>They do not seem to care. Maybe that is what they really want? You have
>>Quislings in every people.
>>I can only conclude that there must be a deeper, perhaps ancestral, urge
>>to this need of theirs to disqualify Judah and also harm all Israel.
>>They need to repent and correct your ways.
>>Nobody is perfect. We all have our own peculiar imperfections to face up
>>to and strive to overcome.

They also kept coming back at me with claims from the Talmud. This was
despite our frequently repeated
statement that such matters are not in the domain of Brit-Am and we are not
the address for them.
When I (despite myself) asked for sources for what they were saying about
Judaism and the Talmud etc they quoted nazi beasts
and perverted animal-types even though all the said claims have been
answered long ago on (amongst other places)
the web site
In future offensive claims may well not be answered and those who post them
may be deleted from our list of subscribers.  This may sound undemocratic
but it is
necessary and experience indicates that in this matter we have the support of
ninety per cent or more of all Brit-Am subscribers.
Incidentally, I myself have twice been threatened with deletion from "academic"
discussion lists when I tried to push the Brit-Am point of view too strongly.

2. Message and Remarks from Bolivia
From: Thomas Gray
Subject: Interesting

Dear Yair,

[I got into this subject more deeply through my experience as a history
teacher in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  I am a Christian, whose father was very
interested in the people of Israel, so I have had this in my background, but
this last year has been an acceleration of realizations.  I am a mechanical
engineer and mathematics teacher by professions, but was asked to teach
history because an English speaking school was short.  I walked into one of
the classes and a girl asked, "Are you a Jew?"  "Not that I know of," I
said.  Then I saw that there were little blurbs about Jews from time to time
in the history book.  I noticed a strong correlation between a nations
treatment of Jews and that nation's success.  It is astounding and I would
recommend that you include that in your investigations.  The "Golden Ages",
the expansions of power, the development of science and technology of the
past 1500 years all coincide with a welcome of Jews, and the downfalls are
related to an expulsion of Jews.

Next, I saw that the "Vikings" had founded every main civilization of
Europe.  The Celts, the Gauls and the Slavs, etc., had been living in clans,
from hand to mouth, basically, until the Scandinavians moved in and set up
the trading and organization, supplying their own king in the process.  That
sparked my interest to see who these people were.  I am very familiar with
the concept of the blessing of God coming through chosen and gifted
individuals and people, specifically the Jews, and immediately started to
wonder about a connection of the Scandinavians with Israel.  Then I saw in
Genesis how that both Jacob and Ephraim were to be fathers of a multitude of
nations, not just Israel.

That is the mindset I was in when I did a little searching on the web and
found your site.  So, I was already convinced of the basic concept through
my own musings and study, that there are Israelites unawares running around,
carrying blessings for those who will accept them.  Aware that, by the same
token, perhaps not all who think that they are Jews are really descendents
of Israel, I nevertheless have concluded that a whole lot of Jews must be,
by observing the aforementioned blessing that comes to those who accept the

[I believe that I deviate a bit from your focus.  I believe that blessing of
one group of Israelites to another is not the end of the matter.  I don't
accept that all of those Celts and Gauls are Israelites themselves.  I
believe that the idea is that the Israelites merged with the other people
groups and led the way to blessing for those non-Israelites who accepted
them.  Your point on Gomer and Cymru is getting to my idea.  I have learned
from the Bible that the true tribal identity comes through the father, so
that there are no mixed tribes in God's sight.  It is also, therefore, not
possible to identify a tribal identity by physical resemblance.  I believe
that the identity (in the absence of geneological records) comes in the
fruit..  I agree that a goal is for Joseph and Judah to reunite, but that
the ultimate goal is the blessing of all
tribes of the earth.  And, of course, as a Christian, I have a different
perspective on the messiah question.

I also was struck by a very important point that you made.  The Forces of
Darkness are actively engaged in besmirching precious truths, so as to cause
many to be repulsed by them.  I myself was alienated from this idea of lost
tribes by the distortions made..., until I started evaluating the idea on
its own merits.
  I have come up
with an inexpensive solar water heater.  Israel probably could benefit quite
a bit from it.  I am stuck without funds to develop it into a mass produced
item, so I and one friend are just getting the benefit on our own energy
bills.  Do you have any connections there with someone who would be
interested?  Let me know.]
Sincerely, Thomas Gray.

part one

The goddess of night in Scandinavian mythology was Natt. She had a son
named Dag (which means day). But her father was Noerr, or Nore as it is
spelt sometimes. Noerr comes from Hebrew
NeR (Nun-Resh= light, candle). If so then the genealogy


is equivalent to



             According to Old Norse mythology the first human beings were
Askr and Embla. Concerning the name Embla I quote from "Northern
Antiquities" by Mallet:
"Grimm says the word Embla, emla, Ancient German "emila", signifies a busy
woman, from amr, ambr, aml, ambl, assiduos labour..."
In Hebrew there is a similar word AMaL (Ayin-Mem-Lamed) which means labour
and toil!
The inserting of a B in the middle undoubtedly is the same phenomenon that
for example has happened to the English word dumb (dumber in Old Swedish).
This word is derived from the Hebrew "dom" meaning silent.

It is also worth noting that in some dialects "Askr" (the first man)
appears close to a form of the Hebrew Ancestral Patriarch ISAAC which is
the name whence the word "Scyth" derives.
"AM" in Hebrew means mother. Thus we have the first father possibly named
after one of the first Hebrew ancestors and specifically the one with whom
the Northern Israelites are equated in the Bible and the first woman
(mother of all mankind) being called "MOTHER"!!
             Two giants in Old Norse mythology were Ymir and Mimir, or Ymer
and Mimer as we call them in Sweden.
             The legends say that of Ymir's body the earth was formed. His
blood became oceans and so forth. The name of Ymir is said to mean
approximately "sound" or "confused noise", and it is believed to be related
to the Norwegian word YMT meaning speech, talk, rumor, hint or intimation.
Ymir therefore is also related to the Hebrew word EMeR which means saying,
word, utterance etc.
             In Rabbinical Commentaries much emphasis is put on the fact
that God created the world ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE through speech, through
His AMAR, His speaking.  This compares with the Scandinavians saying that
the world was created through the body of Ymir which sounds similar to the
Hebrew "AMAR" and whose very name means "sound" which carries the same
significance (concerning the Almighty) as "speaking."
             Mimir, also known as Mim, was considered to be the wisest of
the gods of the tribe of Aesir. Apart from that he was also believed to be
a water spirit. (Consult for example Encyclopedia Britannica vol. 8, p.
146, 1995 edition.) The name of Mimir is believed to mean the purling,
murmuring or rippling one. According to one story Mimir resided by a well
that was known as the well of Mimir or Mim. This makes me consider the
possibility that the name of Mimir may have come from the Hebrew word MaIM
since this word means water in Hebrew.

             In Old Scandinavian mythology the giantess Hel was ruler in
the realm of the dead. Hel is the source of the word HELL and I believe
that it corresponds to SHEOL in Hebrew meaning the place of the dead. I've
seen many cases where an 'SH' becomes 'H' thus "Sheol" becomes "Hell" and
the Hebrew "Sh" is converted to "H".
             Hel (say the Scandinavians) had been cast down to Nifelheim
(the kingdom of coldness) by Odin, and there she ruled over nine worlds.
The people who had died and thus come to Nifelheim were primarily those who
had died because of old age or sickness. The Vikings preferred to die in
battle. Both those in Nifelheim as well as those who died in battle could
die what was called "the second death". Those who died the second death
came to Nifelhel, which was situated below Hel, and further to seven other
unknown underground worlds. I hereby suggest that the word Nifel which
occurs in Nifelheim and Nifelhel may mean falling and be the same word as
the Hebrew word NaFaL which means to fall, because these were kingdoms in
"hell" into which persons "fell" at death.
             In Hebrew the word "Niphel" came to denote giant but the
"Niphelim" or giants also became linked in Jewish mythology with ghosts and
world of the dead. A connected word is "Niphal" which means an aborted fetus.
             In Scandinavian myths, Nifelheim is a cold place. The ship of
death was however owned by Muspell, a cosmic fire-giant in the world of
fire that was known as Muspellsheim. Muspell or "muspille" as it was known
in Old High German generally represents the powers of doom and
end-of-the-world in Germanic myth. Muspell therefore maybe is related to
the Hebrew word for judgement "MiSHPaT".
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