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1. Orjan Svensson: Hebrew Place-Names in Southeast Sweden  (Blekinge)
2. Archaeological Digs at Megiddo
3. Assyrians in Scandinavia? Amber
4. Brit-Am Illustrative Notes on the British Empire
5. Query concerning the Pertinence of US Biblical Place-Names: Identical
Twin Studies
6. Is Brit-Am Racist?
7. Looking for Overseas Distributors
8. Repentance
Mark Twain, Colonel Meintzerhagen,
9. Ninth of Av

1. Orjan Svensson: Hebrew Place-Names in Southeast Sweden  (Blekinge)
From: Orjan Svensson <orjan.svensson@mbox300.swipnet.se>
Subject: Blekinge place-names
Here are some place-names of interest in and around Blekinge:

Samsaholmarna - "isles of Samson/Simson"
Isakskl pp - "rock of Isaac" (a rock in the sea)
Abrahams ng - "field of Abraham" (a village)
Jakobstorp - "cottage of Jacob" (a village)
Onansbygd - "dwelling of Onan" (a village)
Abrahamshult - "wood of Abraham" (a village in Sm land, just north of Blekinge)
Angelskog - "forest of Angles" (a village)
Saxemara - "muddy place of Saxons" (a village)
Dansj n - "lake of Dan"
Danmarksfj rden - "fjord of Denmark"
Danskefly - "area (?) of Danes" (a village)
Isaksm la - "area of Isaac" (a village)

Then there is the village of Ysane located next to the
village of Gammalstorp. The meaning of Ysane in Swedish
is unknown, but since it is located next to Gammalstorp
which means "old cottage", a likely meaning in my opinion
is "old", since Ysane is similar to YaSHaN, which means
"old" in Hebrew. Several other old place-names in Blekinge
also certainly are of a Semitic origin.


2. Archaeological Digs at Megiddo

3. Assyrians in Scandinavia? Amber
An Assyrian 'obelisk', currently located at the
British Museum,  carries the following inscription:

'The Assyrian ruler Ashur-nasir-apal sent his people to the Land of Amber,
the seas wash amber ashore like copper...' (early 883 BC)

Source: Romualdas Budrys, 'Review of the Literature on Amber'  in: 'Acta
Academiae Artium Vilnensis / 22 / 2001, pp. 261-272)

Brit-Am Significance:
In "Lost Israelite Identity", "The Tribes", and elsewhere we spoke of a
Middle East presence in Ancient Scandinavia.
We also spoke of the Assyrians having been there as well as in Britain and
perhaps having taken some of the Israelite
Exiles to those places directly.
We did not however emphasis this point since we did not need it.
According to our understanding Most of the Israelite Exiles  reached
Britain, Scandinavia, and associated regions
either overland from Scythia or by sea after sojourning in Spain and Gaul.
Those Israelites who were already there (and we have assumed that there
were such)
must have been but a portion of the total.
We never put much stress on the possibility of Israelites being taken
directly to Scandinavia
since we do not need it and it is too far removed from conventionally
accepted historical possibilities
in the academic world. Our policy is to tell the truth as we see it while
striving not to overduly stray
from what can be found in presently accepted reference works.

Nevertheless, "the land of Amber" must have meant the Baltic Sea Coast or
Scandinavia or both
and the inscription in question does mention the Assyrians visiting that
Additional evidence that we have adduced shows that Assyrians indeed were
in that region.

4. Brit-Am Illustrative Notes on the British Empire
Take a look at:

5. Query concerning the Pertinence of US Biblical Place-Names: Identical
Twin Studies
A few newcomers to the list have expressed surprise at the US Biblical
Names feature
and have expressed doubts concerning its validity.
By way of explanation:
Quite a few people like the Names feature. A Jewish friend remarked
recently: "I did not know that Tennessee had so many Biblical names. The
names a people give to their settlements says something about their values
and characteristics". On this point alone a study of the Biblical names
would be justified. This study and the Tribal associations we make through
it does not prove anything in itself but could come to add a bit
of  confirmatory spice to conclusions we have already reached.
By analogy:
Studies have been done of identical twins. Identical twins in theory have
100 per cent of their genetic inheritance in common whereas twins that are
not identical only have about 50% and are the same as other siblings.
Comparative examinations were done of identical twins and non-identical
twins that had been separated at birth. It was found that identical twins
often were similar to each other in numerous ways even when they had been
separated at birth. This similarity is attributed to hereditary.  The
similarities in themselves however would not have meant very much if the
subjects were not related. Only because we know that the people studied are
identical twins do the similarities become significant. In the same way
only when we are aware that many people of Israelite descent settled in the
USA and have (or had) a determinative influence in that land do the
Biblical names and the tribal association of those names become significant.

Concerning identical twins numerous studies exist and you have probably
already heard of some of them. A quick search on the web came up with the
following two examples. I thought the second example particularly
interesting due to its dealing with the choice of names, as if this too
says something about ancestry?:

(1. <<Studies that trace the traits and experiences of identical twins who
were separated at birth have often revealed amazing -- even uncanny --
similarities. Many separated twins go into the same line of work, have
identical interests, get married near the same time (sometimes to spouses
who look similar or have the same first names), or die within hours of each
other from related causes. Some scientists think such similarities
demonstrate "the extraordinary degree to which our destinies may be written
by our genes.">>. ~ Alice Duncan, All Movie Guide

(2. www.epcomm.com%2Ffmbr%2Feditoral%2Fmystlink.htm
<<The study of identical twins separated shortly after birth and reared
apart are the only human studies where the genetic component is constant
while environmental components are variable. As expected, physical
characteristics such as height, weight, and menstrual symptoms are found to
be greatly alike among such twins. However there were surprises. In many
cases these twins laughed alike, described symptoms in the same way, smoked
a similar number of cigaretes, chose similar creative pursuits, and
sometimes even married the same number of times. In addition, there was an
inexplicable trail of similar names sometimes associated with such twins.
For example, there were two adopted infants both named Jim by their
adoptive parents. When they were reunited at age 39 they found their lives
were marked by a trail of similar names. Both had dogs named Toy. Both
married and divorced women named Linda and had second marriages with women
named Betty. They named their sons James Allan and James Alan,
respectively. Another pair of long separated twins, Bridget and Dorothy,
named their sons Richard Andrew and Andrew Richard, respectively, and their
daughters Catherine Louise and Karen Louise. In the case of Berta and
Herta, the twins had the same nickname of "Pussy" yet the nicknames were in
different languages since the twins lived on different continents and had
not met since the age of four. Are all these "genetic" factors?>> William
C. Gough, "The Mysterious Link", February 1992

6. Is Brit-Am Racist?
Answer: No. I mean it and if necessary will discuss the issue at greater
length at a later date.

7. Looking for Overseas Distributors
We need people to distribute our publications.
Generous terms are offered. We prefer that our distributors
make a reasonable profit since (human nature being what it is) this
ensures motivation. Nevertheless those interested should believe
in Brit-Am and genuinely wish for its success.

8. Repentance
Recently someone who in the past had written articles that were inaccurate
and possibly offensive
to both Brit-Am and to the Jewish people wrote us an apology and a
retraction of what he had written.
[In this case I do not think that much harm, if any, had actually been done
but offence could justifiably have been taken.]
We replied that as far as we personally are concerned the matter is
considered as if it never
happened and concerning the Jewish people he could atone by in future
taking a more positive attitude.
It should be pointed out that great Gentile friend of the Jewish people
such as Mark Twain
and Colonel Meintzerhagen had started out with somewhat antagonistic
attitude towards the Jews
but later changed their minds.
Light is more powerful than darkness.
If you have ever done anything wrong in anyway the best way to make atonement
is to take positive action.

9.  Ninth of Av Fast and Brit-Am
Tomorrow night begins the Ninth of Av Fast in which we mourn over the
Destruction of the
2nd Temple.
It is a Brit-Am understanding that Joseph will eventually assist Judah in
rebuilding the Temple.
Due to a combination of reasons It may be that for the next few days we
will not be corresponding
or putting out postings.
Recently we put out a special appeal for funds. The response so far was not
exactly overwhelming
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