Brit-Am Now"- 442

August 26, 2004
1. Joan Griffith: Comment on Judges
2.  Gary David Atkinson: Amerindians
3. Query on Heyerdahl's book
4. Cherokee Blood: Steven Collins may have an answer
5. Netherlands and Islam
6. Question on Ephrati concerning David and Ephraim
7. Need for Funds

1. Joan Griffith: Comment on Judges
Subject: RE: Judges 18-2
 From the Bible we could get the idea that all of Israel was religious and
oriented toward the one true G-d. However, a cover photo on Biblical
Archaeology Review a few years ago made plain that these were in the
minority: flat-topped table-like altars from various archeological digs in
a storage area that was a virtual dump for altars. These small garden
tables were said to be for a meal offering, and  I suppose it amounts to a
bird feeder, or perhaps also was used to offer cakes to the Queen of
Heaven. The number of altars is astonishing if you think "all Israel"
worshipped G-d and not Baal.
The farther backward you can look the farther forward you are likely to
see. -Sir Winston Churchill

2.  Gary David Atkinson: Amerindians
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-441
Your take on the American Indian is interesting. i can understand your
position on the aborigines but the Indian is very different.  the north
American Indian although they died by the thousands to the white man disease
the Latino [which are indians] population is in the millions from
southwestern united states to the tip of south America and the Latino
population is the largest minority population in the usa and if messiah
tarries at the rate they are coming to the usa they will be the dominant
people here also as they dominant the rest of the America's. although i will
say many are laced with Spanish blood.

shalom gary

3. Query on Heyerdahl's book
Dear Yair -- I understand that at the time Thor Heyerdahl died a couple
years ago he had just published a book about the source of the Viking people
being in Azerbaijan (title in Norwegian is something like The Hunt for
Odin ) apparently in it he had referances to the Caucasoid mummies found in
China in the Tarim basin (some of whom I suspect were Israelite). Does
anyone out there have information as to when/if this book will be published
in English?

4. Cherokee Blood: Steven Collins may have an answer
In response to Marti Williams who is part Cherokee, and wonders about the
origin of the Amerindians - I, too, have some Cherokee blood, and found
Steve Collins first book, The Origins and Empire of Ancient Israel very
informative and interesting.  This book may be obtained through Bible
Blessings on the internet, and may answer some of those questions.
Loretta Lenardson

5. Netherlands and Islam
From: lenori
Subject: Democracy
Democracy is a result of a long process which has taken form within bible
believing countries.

If you read the end of the book of Judges you see that people did what was
right in their own eyes, and they adapted what they saw from nations around.

A man gave his wife away (to a mob) and went to sleep. The next day he
found her dead.

Today in Muslem countries women are still murdered by their own families if
they are suspected to have had connections with another man.

Fortunately, this does not happen any longer, or?  It happens in the
Netherlands among immigrants from Muslem countries.

Meanwhile Western societies do know progress which in part will go on,
concerning knowledge about a 'woman's real place' ..

ps a link concerning tribal identities;

>6. Question on Ephrati concerning David and Ephraim

>Shalom Yair,
>  Which of the tribes is King David descended from? I think generally it
> is believed he is a descendent from Jacobs's son Judah.
>But in Samuel I, 17, 12 it is particular mentioned he is son of "That
>Ephratite of Bet-lehem-judah, whose name was Jesse". Does this not imply
>he is a descendent of Josef's son Ephraim?
>In this connection I find it interesting, that Ephraim is the first to get
>Israel's blessing (Genesis, 48, 13 - 22) above Josef and his brothers -
>and above (right hand) his older brother Manasseh. Does this not mean the
>descendent of Ephraim has a particular first-born blessing from Israel?
>Erling Haagensen
>  Gudhjem
>  We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.
>Winston Churchill

The name "Ephrathite" means BOTH a noble-type person and someone from the
Tribe of Ephraim.
It could also conceivably mean someone from the region of Ephrat in Judah.
David was from the tribe of Judah but he was from a noble family in Beth-lehem
that was near Ephrat so on both counts he could conceivably have been
considered an "Ephrati".
According to Midrashim and Commentaries we have quoted in our book "Joseph"
the entire tribe of Ephraim was considered to have noble aristocratic
qualities and the
aristocratic principle is still a dominant element in English social thinking.
Joseph in effect did receive the birthright and Ephraim the primary blessing
BUT a Rabbinical Commentator ("Bnei Issachar") whom we have quoted in  the past
has something very pertinent to say on the subject:
See the following extract from soon-to-be-published third edition of
"The Tribes":
<<When Jacob blessed the two sons of Joseph (Genesis 48) he set Ephraim
before Manasseh and said that EPHRAIM would become a multitude of nations.
Of Manasseh he said, "He also shall become a people, and he also shall be
great" (Genesis 48:19-20). From these verses it could be understood that
Ephraim would be several nations such as the United KINGDOM, Australia,
Canada, New Zealand, and South Africa) whereas Manasseh would be one,
albeit a great one. The expression applied to Manasseh "HE ALSO SHALL
BECOME A PEOPLE and he also shall be great" could imply that Manasseh would
become a people and be great ("also") AFTER Ephraim had already established
himself. Manasseh was placed to the right of Jacob and Ephraim to the left.
Jacob crossed his hands placing left hand on the head of Manasseh and the
right hand on that of Ephraim. A Rabbinical Commentator, Tzvi Elimelech
SHAPIRA of Dinov 1784-1840 known after his book as the "Bnei Yissachar")
points out that Manasseh remained to the right of Jacob since he
represented his essence. [Hence we have the nickname "Yank" meaning Jacob
for Americans] whereas Ephraim represented the essence of Joseph. Manasseh,
says this commentary, received the blessing with the left and slower hand
to indicate that his coming to greatness would be chronologically later. As
shown above the very name "America" is derived from a permutation of the
name "Machir" who was the first-born son of Manasseh.
<<In Hebrew the name "Ephraim" connotes an aristocratic-type of social
organization such as exists in Britain. On the other hand "Manasseh" may be
taken to mean responsible delegated representation such as that expounded
in the Constitution of the USA and to which many Americans credit almost
religious significance. Jacob prophesied that Ephraim would be greater than
Manasseh (Genesis 48:19). The Commentary of the "NATZIV" Berlin ("Ha Emek
Davar" on Genesis 48:14) analyzed the subject of Ephraim and Manasseh and
after noting that in their camping orders Manasseh always preceded Ephraim
and in tribal listings is always counted first (in the Pentateuch) he
concluded that the relative greatness of Ephraim was primarily spiritual
and that in the Natural order of Things Manasseh would have precedence.
This description to some extent is applicable to the relative situations of
Britain and the USA

7. Need for Funds

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