"Brit-Am Now"- 444

August 31, 2004
1. Recommended Book
2. Ruth Thomas: Re Psalms 17
  3. Steve Collins: American Indians and early contacts with Israelites

1. Recommended Book
"God, Man, and History", by Eliezer Berkovits (1959, 2004).
Shalem Press, Israel.
A well written work which from a Biblical and Biblically-Orientated
Philosophical Perspective examines such questions as the relationship of God to man,
creation, good and evil, etc, and in general why things are as they are.
It is worth reading.

2. Ruth Thomas: Re Psalms 17
From: RJ thomas
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-443
Dear Yair,
Thank you for the beautiful Psalm. It is such a beautiful thought that
someday we will meet the Almighty face to face, but even more it is a
reality, and the Psalm is more than an ancient saying, it is our reality. It
is the living Word. All that we do on earth matters, to our children and
grandchildren, our brethren, our neighbors. We must follow what God has put
in hearts to do; so that we may bring forth His will and His kingdon on
earth. He puts kings or rulers on the thrones of the earth. He is in total
control. I do believe that prayer changes things; that He puts in our hearts
what to pray. He wants us to love Him as David loved Him, with our hearts.
Obeying out of a heart of love not blindly following rules, regulations, and
obligations. Saul, when speaking to David, called the Almighty "David's
God". Saul did not know God the way David did. Saul only knew Him as a God
of judgement, a God of rules and regulations. David sought out the heart of
God. And found a God of mercy, of grace, and of love; available for all
those who love Him and seek Him with a pure heart. The Almighty has promised
to protect Israel, and whoever comes against Israel will be destroyed and I
think that this includes the land of Israel as well as God's people. If we
stay close to God as David did in prayer, psalms, and His Word, He will lead
us and guide us on how to pray, what to pray and what to do. It reminds me
of a song; "Our God is an awesome God, He rules in power and might, our God
is an awesome God, He reigns in Heaven and earth our God is an awesome God."
Isn't it so wonderful, such a privilege to be called, chosen, and loved by
such an Almighty.
And yes, it will be even more than wonderful, the moment when we see Him in
all his majesty and glory, face to face!
Oh, to have the mind and heart of God. To be like David, to see into God's
heart and find pure love, forgiveness, mercy, and grace. I suppose that when
we read the Psalms, we are seeing The Almighty through David's eyes. An
Almighty calling His people, to repent, to return to Him and to look into
His heart and find what David found.
Please send more Psalms our way!
God bless you!

3. Steve Collins: American Indians and early contacts with Israelites

From: Steve Collins <scollins@ll.net>
Shalom Yair,
  Brit-am postings have included several comments and questions on the
subject of American Indians recently.  The main problem in finding linkages
between ancient Israelites and American Indian tribes is that such contacts
occurred so long ago and on the other side of an extended "Dark Age" when
most contacts were lost between the Old and New Worlds. While there is hard
evidence that these contacts did occur, some of the evidence is more
general. This topic is far too large to discuss in one email, but I will
attempt to give a brief overview of the evidence on this subject.

To begin with, there is now no doubt that extensive contacts occurred
between the Old and New Worlds prior to the Dark Ages. Much of these
contacts and colonizations of the New World were by the
Israelite/Phoenician Empire and its largest successor colony: Kirjath
Hadeschath (or "Carthage" as the Romans called them). The late-Dr. Barry
Fell, a Harvard Professor Emeritus, wrote a trilogy of books (Bronze Age
America, Saga America, and America BC) which extensively documented many
artifacts and inscriptions of these Old World civilizations in the
Americas, but he never placed the evidence in a biblical context. Dr. Fell
was roundly criticized by the "politically-correct" establishment for
daring to print the truth about America's past. However, the evidence is so
overwhelming that one of the most famous American archaeologists, the
late-Dr. Cyrus Gordon, wrote in his book, Before Columbus, that "The
Atlantic was crossed long before the Vikings, by different people during
different centuries" (p. 187).

A number of linguistic studies of American Indian languages confirm early
common roots with ancient Hebrew speakers.  In the 1998 volume of The
Epigraphic Society Occasional Papers (ESOP), an article ("A Curious Element
in Uto-Aztecan") by an author named Brian D. Stubbs provides evidence that
the Indian family of languages called Uto-Aztecan has demonstrable
similarities with the "very archaic" patterns of Hebrew and the Northwest
Semitic family of languages (see p. 112). His article provides many
examples of similarities between ancient Hebrew and the languages of Indian
tribes from Central Mexico to the Southwest and Rocky Mountain tribes
(Hopi, Utes, Paiutes, Shoshones, etc.) His conclusion that the similarities
date to very ancient forms of Hebrew is supported by physical evidence. In
New Mexico, the Ten Commandments are written in ancient paleo-Hebrew on a
large stone which I have seen with my own eyes and there are other very
ancient paleo-Hebrew inscriptions in the region as well. One member of the
New Mexico Epigraphic Society took me to see some of these inscriptions,
one of which he translated as: "tribe of Asher."  Photographs of some of
these inscriptions appear in my recent book, The Origins and Empire of
Ancient Israel.  It is my view that these inscriptions date to the time of
King Solomon's Golden Age when he sent fleets to other continents and one
particular fleet only returned every third year (I Kings 10:22).  It was
expensive to build and provision a fleet of ships capable of trans-oceanic
voyages and the only time that the Israelites had both the wealth to
maintain such fleets and have sailors and settlers who adhered to the Ten
Commandments while in North America would have been in the time of King
Solomon. That era would have used the paleo-Hebrew characters found in the
American Southwest.

Another study of Indian languages by Dr. E. Morgan Kelley of the College of
William and Mary was published in the 1990 volume of ESOP (see pp. 83-91).
It was entitled "North American Indian Tribal Names" and it identified
related language groups among the Indian tribes based on language
morphemes. One of the language groups was based on the morpheme "Dan," the
name of one the tribes of Israel.

Another artifact with the Ten Commandments on it was unearthed in a burial
mound in the Ohio River valley in 1860. It was on a small, portable stone
and its letters were in the square Hebrew characters, confirming that it
dated to a more recent century than the Ten Commandments stone in New
Mexico. Photos and descriptions of this artifact also are in my above-named book.

Additionally, a Hebrew inscription called the Bat Creek stone was found in
the American Southeast in the region of the Cherokee near the
Tennessee/North Carolina border. It's authenticity has been documented by
both Dr. Fell and Dr. Gordon. Dr. Gordon's book, Before Columbus, includes
a scathing denunciation of those who attempt to deny the authenticity of
this artifact, which he dates to the 2nd century A.D. Dr. Gordon also
documented Hebrew-language coins from the Bar Kochba period being found in
Kentucky (p. 75 of same book), and Dr. Fell documented Hebrew-language
coins being found in Kentucky, Missouri and Arkansas (p. 168 of Saga America).

A letter from a Georgian of Cherokee ancestry in the 1986 ESOP commented on
a Cherokee legend that a race of pygmies once inhabited the Southern
Appalachians. This Cherokee myth was laughed at by "establishment" types
until pygmy skeletons were found in the region! Evidence presented in
chapter 3 of Barry Fell's book, Bronze Age America, confirms that such a
race did exist and their skulls are photographed for that book as evidence.
Also noteworthy is that the Cherokee word for this pygmy race has the same
root word as the languages of Old World languages, indicating either a
Cherokee origin in the Old World or contact with Old World groups. The same
chapter of Dr. Fell's book documents skeletons of both Mongoloid and
Europoid settlers in Ancient America, indicating that the very ancient
inhabitants of North America were multi-racial.

The evidence indicates that many Old World and Oriental groups explored and
settled ancient America. Ties between these groups and their founding
nations in the Old World and Asia were largely lost during the Dark Ages.
Intermarriage and tribal rivalries and mergers surely contributed to the
situation found by European explorers in the modern age: a North American
continent inhabited by a diverse group of Indian tribes and nations which
had different languages, appearances and cultures. Part of this multiracial
reality was caused by the Carthaginian colonizations in the Americas,
attested to by Aristotle and other Greek writers. Much physical evidence of
the Carthaginian presence in ancient America is presented in my books as
well as Dr. Fell's books. The Carthaginians were a multi-racial society
with an army recruited from many racial/ethnic groups. Their presence in
large numbers in the ancient New World led to the Meso-American awareness
of the races of mankind as glyphs and statutes showing Indian, Negro and
Caucasian faces have all been found and documented.

There is much more evidence that could be presented on this subject, but I
hope this email contains enough to pique the curiosity of Britam readers.
Much more evidence on this subject is presented in my books about Israelite
history. The newest one will be released later this year. All of my newest
books may be previewed/ordered by credit cards at:
<http://www.bibleblessings.net>www.bibleblessings.net. It is also possible
to read a variety of my articles on ancient Israelite history at
<http://www.israelite.info>www.israelite.info, and these articles may be
read and downloaded for free. My first book, The "Lost" Ten Tribes of
Israel...Found! is available from me for $25 at: Steven Collins, PO Box
88735, Sioux Falls, SD 57109-1005 (I cannot take credit cards for that book
but personal checks or money orders are accepted).

Steven Collins

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