"Brit-Am Now"- 449
1. Bob Davis: British Planes in WW2
2. JB: Natives and Israelites
3. Brit-Am Genealogy
4. Francis Hynds: Scots and Ulster
5. Pity book not written

1. Bob Davis: British Planes in WW2
Hi Yair

On the subject of WW2 fighter planes.  The two British fighter planes were
the Hurricane (mighty rushing wind) and the Spitfire (hot tempered person-
mighty anger?).  Together these planes prevented the invasion on Britain.
Many said they were like a wall of fire. Zechariah 2:4  "Run, tell that
young man, 'Jerusalem will be a city without walls because of the great
number of men and livestock in it. 5 And I myself will be a wall of fire
around it,' declares the LORD, 'and I will be its glory within.'  British
Fighter support was a key to the invasion in Normandy.  It calls to mind the
mighty rushing wind that parted the red sea and opened the way to the
promised land.  When the war ended a remnant of the European Jews returned
to Israel.  The British army was already there, having swept the apposing
German army out the whole of the promised land.  This has now happened twice
in living memory as it was British led army that swept the Ottoman Turks
(from the land of the Hittites) out of the whole of the promised Land in
WW1.  To my reckoning that makes five times in the last 1,000 years that
British armies have re-clamed the whole or parts of the Promised Land if you
count the three Crusades led by the Kings of England of Norman decent.  In
fact, their Crusading flag, a red cross on a white background, is now the
centrepiece of the British flag.

My Dad would want me to mention the Navy.  The combined Navy of the UK and
US if both world wars was a mighty and decisive force. Psalm 29:3The voice
of the LORD is over the waters; the God of glory thunders, the LORD thunders
over the mighty waters.

Finally, it was Hitler's use of key resources to build weapons of terror
such as the Stuka dive bomber, the V1 and V2 rocket propelled bombs designed
for random killing of British civilian,  and the use of railways to
transport Jews instead of army supplies that was his undoing.  If he had
listened to his generals he would have put these resources into building
better fighter planes and supporting his troops.

If you speak to the old folk in Britain they will tell you that in both WW1
and WW2 the King (who was both a descendant of the Norman kings and anointed
by our priests to serve under G-d, called the whole nation to prayer, and
the nation answered!

Bob Davis\

2. JB: Natives and Israelites
From: J B
Subject: South American Indian's are coming?

Native American's from Mexico and South America are coming to North America
because life is better and more just in North America. When we read Yair's
extensive study of Genesis we see the Blessings bestowed on Israel by Jacob
can only match North America which was settled by Western European's. Why
do American Indians from Central and South America want to move to North
America if they received the blessing from Jacob. Because if they are the
people who received the Blessing from Jacob why would they want to move to
another country built by different people. Immigrants from all over the
world want to move to North America, why? They want to move to North
America because they want to be surrounded by our blessing from Hashem. And
the Blessings from Hashem came to North America by boat when Western
European settlers landed on the shores of North America and conquered this
vast land and built it into what it is today. You can feel a certain spirit
of prosperity and optimism in North America which you do not feel in other
parts of the world. By this plain and simple common sense factor of looking
into the blessing from Jacob we should really rule out the possibility of
Natives in bulk being Israelite. It is a distraction and another
opportunity to allow other influences to hijack Biblical Truths.

3. Brit-Am Genealogy
An article by betty Rhodes on
'Danish Elephant and the English Lion'
may be sen at
Also new names have been added to the Brit-Am genealogy section.
Check to see if your name is listed.

4. Francis Hynds: Scots and Ulster
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-448

An extremely interesting concept/biblical observation was recently noted by
one of your humble contacts concerning  the issue of 'Scot-ish' =
Hebrew-man.  It is generally considered that the term 'Scot' means man who
departed north-east Ireland (Ulster)  around the 4th century CE because of
the expansionism of the Gaelic people driving them out, hence - Scot-land,
land of the 'Scots' - people who departed Ulster, at that time.  What is
fascinating that it is believed by many that the prophet Jeremiah landed in
Ulster with Jacob's pillar stone, and other items, not to mention princess
Zarah to maintain what many observe as The Almighty's Will.  Later when
Ulster and Scotland were one nation - 'Dal Riada' , it does display these
peoples had common ancestry.  This link still exists to this day, but it is
sadly displayed, Ulster and Scotland - non Roman Catholic, and, Ulster and
Scotland and the rest of the island of Ireland as Roman Catholic.  This
schism between the same peoples is satanically deliberate!  This pattern of
division is continually displayed in modern politics through  loyalties and
perceptions.  The 'Hebrew-man isles' are and have been continually divided
by this.  Fascinating observations of this are found in Ulster were the
Royal Black Preceptory wear black sashes in their display as a mourning for
- Israel, (the lost Tribes!).  Presbyterianism as a religious practice
leans its doctrine on the Old Covenant, and Protestantism in general sticks
closely knowingly or not to old Hebrew practices.  By contrast, Roman
Catholism denies  it all.    Basically the islands are divided by 'modern'
religious practices that are either anti-Roman or pro-Roman.
Whatever the Almighty decides on these differences, because of the great
choice that HE give us all, we are doomed until it is sorted by
truth!   Thankfully your site may bring this truth to millions blinded by

Bless you all.

5. Pity book not written
From: Max Rambow
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-448
2. WW1 and Psalm 18
Isn't it too bad PeterM's mother didn't right a book. The many times God
has intervened on our behaves makes fascinating reading.  Max