"Brit-Am Now"-450
1. Carmelita Lee: Ireland and Tradition
2. Betty Matteson Rhodes: New Names on Brit-Am Genealogy
3. Walt Baucum: Ancient America and Israel
4. Clarification on use of the word "Identity".
5. Bob Davis: Christians in UK

1. Carmelita Lee: Ireland and Tradition
Dear Yair,
  . . . in response to the below letter, I was taking a class
in Irish mythology and (I couldn't find my notes so I can't give you a
direct quote) but . . . the upshot was that in Ireland they tend to believe
in myths and fairies because myth comes from oft repeated fact and legends
that have been passed down . . .

Other interesting things we learned:  A lot of the Jews who fled Spain came
to Ireland in the late 1400s and early 1500s, and their descendants' names
were:  O'Dowd, Dowdall, Doudle (and variations); Levan, Lewan, Lewis; Tobin,
Cowan and variations, Fitzgerald and variations, de Valera, and many others.

I often work in the Dublin Castle to do conferences and such, and they put
me in a sound booth at the top of the building, I would say about 30 metres
high, and so I'm even with all the flags and heraldry hanging from the
ceiling.  The flags are fascinating, representing the various feudal
kingdoms and so on, and depicted on them, almost all of them, lions in the
various positions, standing, crouching, argent, all that stuff, unicorns,
stags, the symbols for water flowing, ships.

For all the anti-American/anti-Israel and anti-semitism here (and it's
beginning to be more evident as the war drags on in Iraq) there is still
that connection, and still the faithful, though few in numbers, who stand up
for what is right.

I will note for you that the government refused to renew our daughters' work
permits, and we hear that they are not giving out work permits to Israeli
friends of ours, nor are they renewing others....

Best regards, Carmelita

2. Betty Matteson Rhodes: New Names on Brit-Am Genealogy
I have 6 more surnames added to the list of lost tribe names, and they are:
Heggan/Hogan: http://britam.org/genealogy/heggan.html
Gold/Gould: http://britam.org/genealogy/gould.html
Welles/Wells: http://britam.org/genealogy/wells.html
Stevenson/Stephenson: http://britam.org/genealogy/stevenson.html
Snyder: http://britam.org/genealogy/snyder.html
Madison: http://britam.org/genealogy/madison.html

3. Walt Baucum: Ancient America and Israel
for  ordering details contact

The History and Future of Israelite America
Book by Walt Baucum, 2003

             Walt's book (378 pages) brings out two important points.  One,
it is a synthesis of research by many authors identifying our
English-speaking peoples as ancient Israelites, who became, or mixed with,
ancient Grecians, Libyans, Sea Peoples, Carthaginians, Cimmerians,
Scythians, Celts, Phoenicians, and Norsemen.  Two, it traces these ancient
explorers and colonizers across the Atlantic to North America for the past
3,000 years, showing not only our national identity as Israelites but also
our ownership of this land by right of exploitation, settlement, and
Covenant Promise.  These two points are further explained by the following.
             1. North America was an important trading and settlement
center of Phoenicians, Libyan nautical enterprises, Israelite seamen during
the Golden Age of Kings David and Solomon, the Egyptian "Libyan" Dynasty
from 950 to 750 BCE, the Cyrenian Greeks (Danite Spartans), Celts of
Europe, and Carthaginians of North Africa.  All of these are shown to have
been Israelites or Israelite-mixed and dominated.
             2. Tennessee and Kentucky were sites of Jewish settlements by
displaced Jews seeking a new homeland after the Maccabees Revolt, with
another influx of refugees after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 CE, and still
another after the final Jewish Revolt against Rome.  Creek Indians in
Alabama copied and practiced Jewish customs, including burnt offerings,
purification rites, Passover feasts, and chants of "Yah-wah, Yah-wah" in
their worship.  They also had an "Ark of the Covenant."
             3. A large number of "Israelite" Greek roots are found in the
vocabulary of many Algonquian Amerindians; included is a list of 207 words
in Greek or Ptolemaic Greek identical or almost identical to words with the
same meaning in Algonquian, Abenaki, and Micmac.
             4. Brian Stubbs traced roots of the Uto-Aztecan languages
[Shoshone-Bannock-Paiute in Idaho and Oregon; Comanche in Texas; Hopi,
Pima, Yaqui in Arizona and New Mexico; many southern California Indians;
Nahuatl-Aztec in Mexico] to the Hebrew of Northwest Semitic [land of
Israelite tribes of Dan, Zebulon, Asher].
             5. Dr. Barry Fell described the Pima Indians as descendants of
a Celtiberian tribe that had been converted to the use of the Punic
language by [Israelite-mixed­WB] Phoenician colonists in Spain, and whose
more adventurous members migrated to the "Lands Beyond the Sunset" under
Phoenician leadership.  The Zuni tongue is largely derived from North
African dialects, the linkage being very marked with Coptic, Middle
Egyptian, and Nubian of the Nile Valley.
             6. Artifacts, written languages, and coins of Libyans, Greeks,
Phoenicians, Iberians, and Norsemen have been found all over North,
Central, and South America, and these ancient peoples are primarily
Israelite peoples.  The Libyan language has been found on Mimbres pottery
and rocks in the American Southwest, on the Rio Grande cliffs in Texas, and
on rocks and pottery in Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Quebec, Idaho, New Mexico,
Mexico, the Ohio Valley (Adena), Florida, Utah, Massachusetts, and Peru.  A
huge Libyan kingdom existed in Iowa [orig. spelling Iowah, from YHWH] prior
to 800 BCE.  Our Northeast is full of European Celtic relics and Ogam
             7. The Western artist George Catlin lived among the Mandan
Indians for two years, painting them [many were red headed and freckled
faced], writing that they spoke Welsh [derived directly from Hebrew] until
age 12, after which they were allowed to learn an "Indian" language.
             8.  A Catholic See was established in America as early as 1112
when Pope Paschal II appointed Erik Gnupsson the first Bishop of Greenland
and Vinland [America] in that year.  The oldest church in America is in
Newport, Rhode Island, built by Norse Vikings in the 1300s and today called
"Governor Arnold's Mill," named for the first governor who made use of the
tower as a flour mill.

Briefly, our English-speaking peoples can be traced directly to one of the
Israelite tribes; these tribes can be traced back to Shem and the Sumerian
Civilization; our white forebears have been coming to America for thousands
of years; America is our land by right of exploitation, settlement, and
Covenant Promise; the first Asians crossing the Bering land bridge did not
stop in North America but continued to South and Central America.
Even more briefly, the author would like for his readers to know that the
true history of our nation goes back over 3,000 [not 500] years, that this
is as much our land by right of settlement as it is Asians' land, and that
Columbus was the last person to discover America.

4. Clarification on use of the word "Identity".
In our notice
" Brit-Am Reply to Ohr Sameach"
we mentioned "Identity" beliefs, the legend of Jeremiah and Tea Tephi
coming to Ireland.
Jim Denning who subscribes to our list,  is pro-Jewish, takes a strong
interest in  Irish Mythology,
and believes that  Jeremiah did come to Ireland. Jim is known for taking
that position.
Jim  takes exception as being classified as an "Identity" believer since
this word has been tainted by unsavory  types.
We understand this and feel the same way.
We therefore need to clarify that
by "Identity" in this case we intended all those who think along the
same lines as ourselves (Brit-Am) regarding
the Israelite ancestry of peoples in the west.

Jim Denning
i am not identity i am not anti jew at all
Jim Denning
the lost tribes include mannasah and ephriam. when did the afghans or
ethiopeans control the gates of their enemies and out number the sands of
the seas
keltoi did and are that numerous
yours in the prophecy to david  that his sceptre will not want a king
answer never
Jim Denning

"Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations. Ask your
father, and he will show you; your elders, and they will tell you." --
Deuteronomy 32:7 (NKJV)

5. Bob Davis: Christians in UK
From: Bob Davis <bdavis@paxkom.net>
Subject: RE: Jerusalem News-306
Hi Yair

Regarding people converting to the Muslim faith in the UK. In the 2002
national census  70% ticked the box to say that they were Christians.


Robert B Davis

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