"Brit-Am Now"- 457
1. Clarification of Brit-Am Identity
2. Surname "David" and Hebrew Ancestry
3. City Seal of Montgomery, AL
4. Joan Griffith: Black America
5. Are We All Israelites? Other Claims.
6. Jeremy  Burningham: I ask you Israel who is Joseph?
7. Letter from Rabbi Ullman and Reply by Yair Davidiy

1. Clarification of Brit-Am Identity
Brit-Am is true. To my mind we have proved it irrefutably.
We can (and will) do more research and find additional evidence
and refine the presentation of that which we already have.
We have to reach as many people as possible concentrating on those
who are most amenable. The truth of our belief will eventually come through.
We need your help to spread this message.
We should be aware that obstacles exist and some people have preconceived
that must be overcome or circumvented.
We should also realize that even on a list like the present one about 5%
are very anti-semitic
and another  ca. 10 to 15% have anti-Jewish opinions and attitudes.
This estimate may seem a high  percentage but it is not
especially when compared to other forums including Jewish ones.
At all events Most anti-semites people do not really believe in Brit-Am and
are expendable.
They are enemies of the truth.
In pushing to promote this truth we are fighting on the fronts of Joseph
and Judah
and also on the front behind us, from within us, who symbolize our own evil
The solution is to keep going ahead, as we can, where we can.

2. Surname "David" and Hebrew Ancestry

>I have an ancestors named Philippe David and she came from France.  I read
>that the Surname David is Hebrew.  Does this mean all people that descend
>this surname are Hebrew?
>Thank you for your time.

No. Surnames are given for all kinds of reasons. Taken together with other
however the surname could in some circumstances be an indication of Israelite

3. City Seal of Montgomery, AL
From: "Keith, Brent"
Subject: City Seal of Montgomery, AL

Dear Yair,

I have thoroughly enjoyed your e-mail updates.  I thought what is
interesting is that City of Montgomery (where I work), Alabama's Great Seal
is the Star of David.  As you may know the southern US is home to many with
British, Scottish, and Irish ancestry.  Perhaps this is a confirmation in
agreement with much of the information your web site posts.  I have enclosed
a copy of the city seal.  The Lord's Peace.

4. Joan Griffith: Black America
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-456
Regarding America:
A lot of  "black" people are not 100% black. They have intermarried with
white or mixed white or other races since they were imported as slaves.
This holds for other peoples, as well. For example, many of the "Indian"
Spanish speakers have mixed with the white Spanish  conquerors. The tribes
in the United States maintain their Indian names, such as Cherokee, Paiute,
etc., but their last names are often something like "Smith" or "Jones." The
point is, even though their skin may be dark, they are genetically part
Israelite. As you say, it is a mixed  multitude.
In fact, someone made a joke of how Israel has gone exploring around the
world, possibly leaving children behind: "In thee shall all nations be


5. Are We All Israelites? Other Claims.
>From: F
>Dear Rabbi Davidiy:
>1. What is your opinion on other views of the lost tribes?
>PBS had an interesting show demonstrating a linke
>between some Japanese, Chinese, Indians, and
>Africans with lost tribes. The website moshiach.org
>or.com also supports these theories. Could not some
>of each tribe have gone eastward to those nations as
>well as west into Europe?

  We have replied to some of these ideas in the past.
See the
Brit-Am Reply to Ohr Sameach.
We are not ABSOLUTE AUTHORITIES on this subject
BUT we are correct in our field of emphasis.
The majority of the Lost Ten Tribes are amongst western peoples
especially those of Britain, British offshoots, and North America,
and including Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland,
and other offshoots elsewhere in Europe.
We do not say that all the people in these nations are of Israelite origin.
In some areas it may be a minority. Demographic changes also take place.
The ancestral constitution of peoples can change.
What we are saying is that a predominant element amongst the said nations
(and in at least some cases a majority of the population) descend from Israel
and that the Lost Ten Tribes as recognizable bodies fulfilling the Divine
Purpose are to be found amongst them.
This cannot be said concerning other groups.

Some people have begun saying that we should be open minded and accept all
This is acceptable to a  degree but not at the expense of honesty.

This is analogous to the earth being round or flat. At one stage it was
debated. Either side could have been right
(in theory) before the matter was proved. After it was proved there was no
going back. The world was round all
along. Those who realize that the Lost Ten Tribes are predominantly in the
West and only in the West find their expression
have proofs that cannot be refuted. There are no two ways about it.
We used seven major criteria to determine who and where the Lost Ten Tribes
Seven criteria derived from Scripture and used in determining which nations
belong to the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel are discussed:
1. Blessings: Economic and Physical Blessings as promised to Israel in
2. Indications of Scripture: Biblical Evidence predicting whereto the Lost
Ten Tribes would go, what type of religion and government they would have,
3. Groundwork: Historical, Archaeological, and Related Proofs showing paths
of migration.
4. Judah: This entails proven feelings of kinship and sympathy with the
Jews and a Relative Lack of Anti-Semitism when compared with others.
5. Originality: Innovation and Intellect: A minimal degree of national
Intellectual Wisdom and Honesty.
6. Bravery: Proven Military Prowess in the past at least and at present in
7. Empathy: The Doing of Social Justice.

Out of these criteria the last three are pertinent BUT they are admittedly
and may be contested. The first four are the major ones and they are only
in the peoples we speak of.

ps. You addressed me as "Rabbi Davidiy". I am not a Rabbi. A Rabbi has to
learn for a number of years in a recognized
Place of Higher Learning and pass several stringent examinations and
fulfill other
requirements. This was not my field.

  6.  Jeremy  Burningham: I ask you Israel who is Joseph?

           If we really consider that there are only 4 main religions that
powerfully shape and influence the world we live which are Christianity,
Islam, Hindu and Buddhism. If we understand that Biblical prophesy about
our present time encompasses large events not small insignificant events we
really should look at the verses that proves Israel in bulk would be
following Christianity like Ezekiel 8:14 etc etc. (Tammuz a Babylonian
mystery god man RESURRECTED in the spring)

         Rabbi's and people of Judah who search for the Lost Tribes in
Asian nations and other various non Christian nations truly are barking up
the wrong tree. Judah and the Rabbi's who seek the Tribes where they will
not be found need to be challenged on these points. They need to be asked
what does scripture say would be the religion of choice among Lost Tribes
during the end times. They need to be asked if these so called Asian
Israelites really lived and live in the Blessing from Jacob to Joseph. Also
these Rabbi's need to be asked do people who have no influence and have
create no history or accomplishment in the world deserve the label of "Lost
Israelites" and the earth shaping prophesy's of Gods great Prophets of Israel.

            Why would Hashem's great prophets from 2500 years ago and
further be predicting that small groups of people throughout Asia who have
no world influence or impacted on worldly events be worth mentioning in
Biblical predictions. What is even more interesting is the fact that many
of these small groups of Asian Israelis have now returned to Israel. Is
there any significant change in Israel by the arrival of these small
groups. Has Hashem's spirit come any closer to earth since they have moved
to Israel. In fact Israel has been hit by waves of terrorism and now is
building a wall which will trap the inhabitants of Israel while the outside
Arab world grows in population and will lay siege to Israel and block
Israel in. Will Ethiopia save you Israel. Will small pockets of Asians save
you Israel. Will wild men from Afghanistan save you Israel. Are these
really your lost brothers!

          As I have said before the Bible is for all mankind and its
predictions from its Prophets are of large scale and of massive events that
will effect a world with a population 6.2 billion people. When God through
His prophet Moses took the people of Israel out of Egypt did not the whole
world know of this event. Do we not even still talk about the Exodus today
among all the nations on earth. Was this not an event that all of
Mesopotamia the cradle of civilization heard of God and His power. And
through Gods workings with Israel the heathen came to know and love Hashem.
God shows his glory to mankind through His people Israel. The next Exodus
will be huge because millions upon millions of Israelis will come home and
the whole world will take notice and every knee will bend to the name of
Hashem MASTER OF LEGIONS. Who in the world cares or has even noticed 500
people from India moving to Israel. What change has this brought to
mankind! Is this an Exodus of legendary or historic merit that shows
Hashem's power?

            We need to shed light on this subject and challenge the Rabbis
who search for the tribes in remote jungles and look for small pockets of
people who bring nothing to Israel upon there arrival and are in need of
government assistance. Compare these small pockets of Asians and there
destitute situation in which they arrive in Israel to English and French
Canadians and lets see who is really blessed by Hashem.

         Why here in Canada do we have the most clean and fresh water in
the world. Why do we have economic stability and agricultural plenty. Why
do the poor from all over the world want to come to a country that was
built by English and French colonialists. Why do we as a nation excel while
many nations struggle or collapse like Russia. Why do we have one of the
highest standards of living in the world. Why is Canada the largest country
in the world and has an incredible wealth of natural resources. Why are we
a nation of laws not lawlessness. Why do we love peace. Why have Canadians
fought in two World Wars and helped bring justice in the world. Why does
Canada send $20 million to Haiti and soldiers to help a nation wiped out by
hurricanes. Ask the Rabbi's who  think that Ephraim and Manasseh are in
Northern Afghanistan what would this world be like today if it wasn't for
the nations who's descendants came from the UK. Can these Rabbi's not see
that if it wasn't for the people and the nations born from the UK that
today I guarantee that Israel as a nation would not exist in fact you would
be hard pressed to find a Jew anywhere in the world. The children of the UK
shed our blood and fought the evil of Germany and crushed it under our feet
to bring the world freedom. However some Rabbi's feel which approaches on
sin and complete lack of scriptural or common sense and historic
understanding that ignorant muslims in Northern Afghanistan that have
contributed nothing to this world but an out dated tribal society that's
only real power is its ability to brutalize and control its women and kill
each other are in fact the Lost Tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh the sons of
the great Patriarch Joseph. Would Jews who are a very accomplished people
and a society based on laws like to be compared with people who come from
nothing and have given the world nothing. Judah, are muslims from
Afghanistan your brothers? These Rabbi's actually compare these depraved
ignorant people to Joseph who was the handsome Viceroy and virtual leader
of Egypt the most powerful nation on earth at the time. This is an insult
to Hashem and all of Israel. I wonder what would happen to an orthodox Jew
if he was to walk among these muslim people for ten minutes. Do these
Rabbi's honestly think that the Israeli government will allow thousands
of  Northern Afghan muslims to move to Israel. Do Israelis honestly want to
allow Rabbi's like Eliyahu Avichail to speak for them and allow people
within your borders who could threaten your security and tap your tax dollars.

          Israel look to the nations born out of the UK and read Genesis
48:8 to 48:22 and the blessing from Jacob to Joseph 49:22. Look at us in
North America the UK, Australia and New Zealand who can compare to our
Lands, our rich history, our population, our accomplishments, our valor in
war and our beauty. The Bibles prophesy's are of huge events and today the
world is living in the accomplishments and the fullness of Joseph and his
blessings. The people from the little Islands of the UK have shaped and
controlled the destiny of this world for the better of all mankind for the
last 500 years. To say we are not a people of destiny or that we have not
been blessed by the hand of Hashem makes no sense.  Joseph bombed the
Taliban out of Afghanistan and that nation would be nothing but a lawless
pile of dung if American, Canadian and British troops did not send security
forces which now are rebuilding and caring for the people of Afghanistan.
However, I guess Rabbi's like Eliyahu Avichail and directors like Simcha
Jacobovici in a sense are right because Joseph is in Afghanistan and in
Iraq with the arrival of American, and British troops who are in control
and are the viceroy of Afghanistan and Iraq. Joseph is at the doorstep of
Israel and with his presents in Afghanistan and Iraq he is right now the
most powerful force that is exercising his will in the Middle East.

I ask you Israel who is Joseph?

7. Letter from Rabbi Ullman and Reply by Yair Davidiy
"Dr. Atlas Laster" <bsodyesharim@msn.com> wrote:

>Shalom Yair,
>Below is communication to and from Rabbi Ullman that was forwarded to you
>some time ago.  I have introduced you two to each other via e-mail, and
>any further communication has to be initiated by one of you two.  Please
>advise if you would like me to assist in any other manner, and I'll gladly
>and promptly do what is possible on my part.
>>From: JB Ullman <jb_ullman@yahoo.com>
>>To: ohr@ohr.edu, bsodyesharim@msn.com
>>Subject: Re: (Fwd) Lost Ten Tribes
>>Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 13:06:39 -0700 (PDT)
>>Dear Dr. Laster,
>>Thankyou for your response. I was aware of the general theory that the
>>tribes were connected to Europe in general, and specifically to England
>>(British, according to Oliver Cromwell, being related to the Hebrew Brit
>>Ish, the covanant with man.) I had also heard of Yair Davidiy, but hadn't
>>seen his work. Thanks to you, I have looked over some of the material on
>>the site you mentioned.
>>Without having checked his sources and ideas with great depth, my initial
>>opinion is that as far as the sources are concerned, they are all valid,
>>authentic, and impressively gleaned from all areas of traditional,
>>reliable Jewish texts. However, aside from Ovadia 1:20, few seem to offer
>>explicit, tangible proof to the idea that the tribes exist en masse in
>>Europe or similair nations. While individuals may have made their way in
>>that direction after many centuries, the sources don't seem to say that
>>the tribes are there in the same way they make explicit mention of
>>locations to the east. Much of what he writes in this regard, while
>>interesting, seems more conjecture than documentation. Clearly, ideas
>>such as the bald eagle, lack of anti-semitism, military or economic
>>might, and the like cannot be accepted as proof that these nations are
>>remnants of the tribes.
>>Therefore, with due respect to Mr. Davidiy, and admitting that I only had
>>a superficial reading of the material, I would say as follows: although
>>he demonstrates an impressive array of valid sources on the topic of the
>>Lost tribes, his postulation that they are located primarily among the
>>European peoples is more loose speculation and conjecture based on the
>>ideas of the sources than what the sources actually say.
>>Y. Ullman
>>Ohr Somayach <ohr@ohr.edu> wrote:
>>------- Forwarded message follows -------
>>From: "Dr. Atlas Laster"
>>To: ask@ohr.edu
>>Subject: Lost Ten Tribes
>>Date sent: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 12:22:46 -0500
>>Your two responses to an inquiry about the location of the Lost Ten Tribes
>>have been read with much interest. In your opinion, the likely location of
>>the Lost Tribes is in locations of Asia. Another opinion of the locations
>>of the Lost Tribes has been disseminated by Brit-Am (www.britam.org),
>>organization in Jerusalem founded by an Observant Jew, Yair Davidiy.
>>He has
>>published several books, and his listserv has wide readership in Europe
>>in the United States, the locations where his research has shown that
>>descendants of the Lost Tribes are now living en masse--including also
>>Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, for example. Are you aware of Brit-
>>and what is your opinion of Mr. Davidiy's research? Could it be that both
>>of you are correct?
>>Shanah tovah.
>>Atlas Laster
>>------- End of forwarded message -------
>>At Ohr Somayach/Tanenbaum College in Jerusalem, students
>>explore their heritage under the guidance of today's
>>top Jewish educators. For information, please write to
>>info@ohr.edu and visit our website http://www.ohr.edu

Reply from Yair Davidiy on behalf of Brit-Am:
Rabbi Ullman and Atlas Shalom,
Apparently I somehow did not see your message when you first sent it.
I am replying to you, Atlas,  and to Rabbi Uhlman. I will make the reply
public since
the nature of this correspondence belongs to the public domain
and both of you make your views on these matters public.

First a parable: A man owned a business and sent one of his employees to meet
a person. He described the person to be met as tall, big, red-haired,
named John Smith, and standing on a particular street corner .
The employee returned after a day and said the person could not be found.
He elaborated:
"There are many tall, big men in the world. Many people have red hair. John
Smith is a common name.
A lot of people stand on street corners. The criteria were too general and
could have fitted anyone".
His employer was justifiably irritated. The directions were to find
somebody who fit all of the criteria
not just one of them. If the directions had have been followed no
misunderstanding would have occurred.

So too, our criteria when taken individually in isolation from the other
points may seem rather too
general and indefinite. The strength of what we say is largely dependent on
the compound effect.
Rabbi Ullman said:
<<Clearly, ideas such as the bald eagle, lack of anti-semitism, military or
economic might, and the like cannot be accepted as proof that these nations
are remnants of the tribes.>>
In our Biblical Proofs List on the website we have 121 proofs listed:
The list is actually incomplete but even as it stands out of these 121
Biblical Proofs I doubt if one could  take
ANY TWO out of the first 114 points and find them applicable to any other
group other than the ones Brit-Am identifies.
This to my mind is proof. And we do not rely just on any two points but ALL
114 taken together
in addition to Rabbinical and Secular-Historical sources.
Commentaries on the Book of Obadiah support Brit-Am.
Our interpretation of Biblical passages as referring to the Lost Ten Tribes
is supported
by all the early sources, as found in the Talmud, Midrash, Zohar, etc.
Later works that speak of the Last Days and of the role of the Messiah son
of Joseph (leader of the Lost Tribes)
and what he represents also conform with Brit-Am beliefs concerning the
identity of Lost Israel today.
SECULAR SOURCES in the fields of history, archaeology, linguistics, etc,
provide an academically acceptable framework
that is realistic.

Spreading the Brit-Am message is our task.
We do this full time and God willing will continue to do so
as long as necessary.
Your purchases and offerings enable us to work for our peoples.
If possible please send us an offering along with an order for our
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