"Brit-Am Now"-460
1. Question on Britain, Jew-haters, the Jews, and Israel
2. The Picts of Scotland Misrepresented
3. Due Credit Given  by UCG
4. Live Brit-Am TV Interview an Outstanding Success
5. Problem with common ancestor
6. Brit-Am Gathering and lecture
7. Blessings

1. Question on Britain, Jew-haters, the Jews, and Israel
>Shalom Yair
>In describing the British as allies of Israel are you not forgetting the
>cruel role of the British in suppressing the Jews in their own homeland,
>including sending Jewish men, women and children back to Hitler's ovens.
>He recounts the savagery displayed by the British occupation forces to
>captured Jewish prisoners.
>We also  know how the British armed the Arabs and collaborated with the
>Arab forces to try and ensure the total destruction of the Jewish people
>in the Land of Israel (i.e. a second holocaust)
>What about the responsibility of the British for sending so many Jews to
>be incinerated in Hitler's ovens and for the way in which they helped the
>Arabs to kill many Jews in Eretz Yisrael.
>The anti-Semitism which motivated these diabolical actions and policies,
>is made clear by the crude anti-Semitic statements made by Neville
>Chamberlain and Anthony Eden, among others.
>About 500 000 Jews actually attempted to enter "Palestine" after the Shoah
>had begun in 1942, but were brutally turned back by the British even after
>news of the death camps and gas chambers had filtered back to the British.
>This information makes it particularly sickening to see much of the
>British establishment, including the British media (epitomized by the hate
>speech of the likes of Robert Fisk, and the BBC), politicians , academics
>like Tom Paulin and others, leading the international campaign to vilify
>and harm Israel.
>They are showing the same callousness in regard to Jewish men, women and
>children being murdered today, as they did during the British Mandate.
>Can these really be the actions of those you claim helped the Jews to
>re-establish the Jewish commonwealth in Eretz Yisrael???
>Gary Selikow

Your letter indicates that maybe you really are interested in an answer and
so I will answer it.
This is however always difficult for me. Some people write against the
British etc and do not want to hear otherwise.
Others ask me questions about the Talmud or the truth of the Holocaust or
what not in a tone
indicating that their mind is already made up and whatever I say will not
change it.
I feel debased when I talk to them but as if I have not fulfilled my
responsibility when I do not.
It is difficult to know where to draw the balance.
In general we dealt with this whole subject in our work "The Tribes".
The relevant chapter may still be seen at:
Read it along with the footnotes and then continue from here:

In general:
I do not know what source you are relying upon but it is one-sided.

The Germans and some of the central and East Europeans were responsible for
the Holocaust.
The British and Americans and their allies fought against the Germans and
against the Holocaust.
Some people have agendas and reasons of their own for blurring this fact.
There were anti-Semites amongst the Allies but on the whole they were not
the determining element.
Some of those who were anti-Jewish in sentiment often were pro-Jewish in
The whole subject deserves intensive study in its own right.
We are interested in the truth and the truth can only serve our purposes in
the long run.
We have quoted works that present the Allies in a very positive picture in
this matter (as well as those that take a the opposite view)
The Allies see themselves now and saw themselves then according to the
positive accounts that do indeed appear to be the more accurate ones..
No-one was turned back to Hitler's ovens.
Thew St. Louis was a ship of Jewish refugees from Germany that in 1938 was
barred entrance to Cuba though the passengers had valid visas
and then tried to enter the USA.
Passengers on the St. Louis were turned back from the USA but received
refuge in  Britain and countries of Western Europe
and some of them were killed by the Germans when the Germans conquered
those lands.
It was an indirect outcome  which was bad enough but does not have to be
made worse than it was.
The Struma (1942) was an exception and the British were only partly to
blame: See what we have written in the footnotes.
The Allies saved the Jews and such was their intention. It was not the only
reason they fought but it was one of them.

Jewish Zionists
Similarly there is the role of the Jewish Zionists in what was then
Palestine. This has been distorted first by Ben Hecht
("Perfidy") and later even more so by one or two nucases.
In short in Hungary the local Zionist leader was also the head of the
community. He knew what the Germans were doing to
the Jews but concealed this knowledge from the Jewish masses many of whom
could perhaps have escaped. He also caused
Jewish paratroopers (sent by the British and Zionists to organize
resistance amongst the Jews) to turn themselves over to the authorities
who tortured and killed them. Later he came to Israel and after losing a
trial for libel was assassinated.  This was someone who was mistaken in his
and maybe an evildoer and on the whole an exception.
A few sick people  try to make it out to have been a conspiracy by the
Zionists to help the Germans kill Jews.
This is a lie. A lot of people are however taken in by this filth. "There
are lies, damn lies, and there is conspiracy".
Criminals exists everywhere. The historian must distinguish between the
exceptional and the consistent.

Many non-Israelite Gentiles want to kill Jews only because they are Jewish.
The Nazis also wanted to kill Jews and proceeded to do so. Many (maybe
most) Jews at the time
refused to believe it was happening. Some still have difficulty to
comprehend it. The idea has been spread
as if the Nazis could have been bribed or somehow persuaded to let the Jews
This shows a lack of understanding: Once the leash had been let lose there
was no turning back.
Everything else including the war effort took second place to the Nazi need
to kill as many Jews as possible.
It did not matter if they were blond, black, stupid, intelligent, nice or
nasty. If someone was Jewish they had to
be eliminated. The Nazis led the Jews to be believe that they were going to
work camps and then that they had to
take a shower when in fact they were to be gassed. Likewise here and there
they made noises that for money
they might change their attitude. They did not intend anything of the
sought. To believe otherwise is to deny
the facts.

Britain and Palestine
Most of the British in Britain were in favor of a Jewish State.
In  Palestine some British were on the side of the Arabs and some on that
of the Jews.
The assistance of those who were on the side of the Jews or acted (for
whatever reason) as if they were was the most effective.
You said:
<<About 500 000 Jews actually attempted to enter "Palestine" after the
Shoah had begun in 1942, but were brutally turned back by the British even
after news of the death camps and gas chambers had filtered back to the
British. >>
Rubbish. Bring a source. Those who were turned back during World War 11
were taken to Cyprus or elsewhere and after the War allowed to enter.
At the end of the War there were about 500,000 displaced Jews in German
camps under Allied supervision many of whom were prevented (until 1948)
from migrating to
Palestine. This policy was admittedly callous and unjustified but the Jews
were at that stage on the whole no longer in physical danger.
It is true that the BBC is anti-Jewish (for some shocking examples of BBC
prejudice and misrepresentation see
) a
nd British politicians make stupid anti-Israeli statements as does
everybody else.
Even so not everything is as it seems.
A recent pro-Palestinian book actually complains that the majority of BBC
listeners actually develop a favorable view of Israel.

See the extract from "The Tribes" on our web site indicated above.
At least nine out of the ten very few friends that the Jews have belong to
peoples identified
by Brit-Am as part of the Lost Ten Tribes. This was true in the past and is
true now.
The only potential allies for the Jews are to be found amongst those peoples.

Apart from that there was always tension between Ephraim and Judah and
perhaps always will be.

The bottom line is that the Bible is the basis of Brit-Am beliefs.
It is as much the problem of people like yourself as it is ours to explain
apparent inconsistencies from the Biblical truth.
People hate the British, Americans, and Jews and tell lies about them.
Bible believers have an obligation to acknowledge the truth.

2. The Picts of Scotland Misrepresented
  Picts wrongly painted as a race of barbarians
The Herald
[] http://www.theherald.co.uk/news/24272-print.shtml
STEPHEN STEWART September 20 2004
THE Picts, who have been depicted as archetypal barbarians for centuries,
were actually a highly sophisticated people with an intimate knowledge of
the Bible and Roman classical literature, according to new research.
Since they were first described by the Romans, the ancient inhabitants of
Scotland have been depicted as illiterate, uncivilised, scantily-clad,
promiscuous heathens.
However, work by world-renowned art historians has revealed the mysterious
people, who occupied north-eastern Scotland between the sixth and ninth
centuries, were far more culturally developed than was previously thought
and are highly likely to have developed the decorative manuscript art of
the time.
George Henderson, emeritus professor of medieval art at Cambridge
University, and his wife Isabel Henderson, one of the world's leading
authorities on the Picts, have discovered the tattooed tribes were not
bloodthirsty butchers, but instead members of a cultured society capable of
sustaining large-scale art programmes.
Their findings are detailed in The Art of the Picts, Sculpture and
Metalwork in Early Medieval Scotland, which is something of a magnum opus
on Pictish art.
Professor Henderson, who co-wrote the book with his wife, said: "We
analysed the metalwork and sculpture which has been found in the north-east
of Scotland from Orkney to Angus, dating from AD 600 to AD 850.
"The sculpture, in both incised and high relief, shows a flowing style of
"It is the same style as the Book of Kells, produced in Iona."
He said: "The Picts were very original and right on the cutting edge of
creativity in the period. They are leading the arts in Britain. Their art
is so sophisticated and distinguished.
"They are not derivative at all. It was thought that the Picts were copying
the art from elsewhere but that is clearly nonsense.
"The sculpture and metalwork displays an authoritative handling and leaves
little doubt that the Picts were the originators of the manuscript art of
the period, such as the Book of Lindisfarne."
The Picts, a pre-Celtic people, were called Pictii, or Painted, and were
known to the Scots as Cruithni.
They had a ferocious reputation and according to legend, Rome's Ninth
Legion was never heard of again after facing them in battle.
Gildas, a sixth-century monk, painted a particularly unflattering picture
of the Picts, describing them as "loathsome hordes, dark swarms of worms
that emerge from the narrow crevices of their holes when the sun is high,
preferring to cover their villainous faces with hair rather than their
private parts and surrounding areas with clothes".
While scholars over the past 50 years have regarded Gildas as a somewhat
biased commentator, most have not tended to see Picts as outstandingly
civilised either and his characterisation has clung to them to the present day.
The misrepresentation of the Picts, who from the sixth century onwards came
under pressure from Dalriadan Scots in the west and Vikings in the east, is
a result of the fact that the only real traces of their society were stone
cross slabs and some silverwork, all engraved with symbols, according to
Professor Henderson.
"The literary record has been simply swept away," he said.
"Bede's history of Britain talks about them. He was obviously fully aware
of them but the Picts themselves have been unable to leave any records.
"Over the centuries, Scotland has had a bad time with warfare and violence
and the Reformation did a lot of harm (to any vestiges of the Picts)."
He added: "A look at their imagery show that they were extremely adept in
handling Christian imagery.
"They were very sophisticated in outlook and made interesting comparisons
between the Old and New Testaments in their work. They were a highly
literate people and a lot of literary evidence can be gleaned from their
The Art of the Picts, ac-claimed for throwing new light on some of the more
in-tractable problems associated with the Picts, is illustrated with more
than three hundred photographs, newly commissioned maps and line drawings.

Meet the tribe

[] The oldest reference to the Picts was by the Roman Eumenius in AD 297.

[] An early and enduring myth claims Cruithne, son of Cinge, was the father
of the Picts, reigning for 100 years.

[] Between the fifth and seventh centuries. most Picts converted to

[] In AD 843, Kenneth MacAlpin of Dalriada invaded Pictland or Alba, later
becoming king.

[] The Picts survived until the early tenth ce

3. Due Creditb Given  by UCG
From: Joshua Morales
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-458, Section #5

Hello, Yair:

This is just a clarification and correction to your original section #5 on
Brit-Am Now - 458.  In it (see your copy below), you said, "In the past
they acknowledged the works of Yair Davidiy as a source of information.
This time they seem not to have done so...".  This is incorrect.  Actually,
if you read further into their website, you'll see credit given to you, as
well as a good reference to your works.  Here's a portion that I copied and
pasted from their website:

"Israeli Talmudic scholar Yair Davidy, in his book The Tribes: The
Israelite Origins of Western Peoples, presents convincing evidence that the
displaced Israelites retained their subtribal clan names during and after
their captivity.

"Proofs adduced," he writes, "are derived from Biblical, Talmudic,
Historical, Archaeological, and Linguistic sources as well as Folklore,
Mythology, National Symbols, and National Characteristics" (1993, p. xiv).
As a resident of Jerusalem, Mr. Davidy had access to the historical and
biblical sources on the shelves of Jerusalem's National Library.

Tribal and subtribal names, he points out, are a key to tracing the
Israelites' wanderings. In his introduction he summarizes his conclusion:
"'The Tribes' produces evidence that most of the ancient Israelites
assimilated to foreign cultures and forgot their origins. In the course of
time they reached the British Isles and north-west Europe whence related
nations (such as the U.S.A.) were founded" (ibid.).

For thorough coverage of this aspect of Israel's migratory history we refer
you directly to his books The Tribes: The Israelite Origins of Western
Peoples (1993) and Lost Israelite Identity (1996)."

If you would like to see where I got this portion directly, see their
website link:  http://www.ucgstp.org/lit/booklets/usbbp/chapter_204.html

I hope this message cheers you up a bit, since you are admired by plenty of
groups for your wonderful research.  Keep up the good work of building
bridges between families; especially between Judah and Joseph.

Shalom, and blessings to you and to your organization,

Joshua J. Morales

5. Problem with common ancestor
From: J B
The study does not include war and various other way's of mass death in
populations. This would put our common ancestor back further in time to
Noah. The Bible is always right! It is so awesome we can base and know the
entire truth and all the hidden secrets of mankind threw the Bible.

7. Blessings
I all ways enjoy all of your messages. They are so informative.
I could never find any thing like this any where else.
Blessings to you and I pray for your safety.
Doris Knight
Tulsa, Ok, USA

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