"Brit-Am Now"- 465
October 15, 2004
1. Question on the Biblical Identity of Germany
2. Question on the Biblical Identity of Judah
3. Bob Davis: The Rose Symbol
4. Question on the rose
5. Mike Duttera: Another  Symbol Suggestion
6. Claudette Mellin: Thank you from South Africa
7. David Ben-Ariel: Re South Africa
8. Gary Selikow: South Africa in Worse Situation
9. Tracy Osborne: One Stick

1. Question on Biblical Identity of Germany
>Mr. Davidiy, I have a question about Brit-Am belief:
>You often speak of Edom when referring to Germany. The most common
>contention I've heard concerning Edom is that they settled in Turkey. Some
>of the stuff I've heard about Germany is that it was settled by Assyrians
>and Hittites (and I suppose Medians, if one is to believe that the
>Sauromatae encompassed Asshur and the Medes).
>What exactly does Brit-Am contend concerning Germany; and Assyria if
>Brit-Am believes they settled elsewhere?
>Nathan Proud

We have answered questions like these several times before.
We wrote on this issue in "Ephraim" and elsewhere.
First of all Israelites were once in Germany but mostly moved out
many of them at a late date going to North America en masse in the 1800s.
Assyrians may have settled in parts of Germany as many believe.
Germany includes elements defined in Biblical terms as descended from
Magog, Gomer, Togarmah, Ashkenaz, and Canaan, and possibly others.
In addition many from Esau-Edom also settled in Germany and became a
determining element
in the national character.
On top of all this there were also Jews of Judah  in Germany some of whom
assimilated in  the general population.

2. Question on the Biblical Identity of Judah
Question: How do we know that the Jews of today are descended from Judah or
at the least are Biblically described as Judah?
The Jews in the present State of Israel have fulfilled all of the
conditions below concerning Judah in the Lays (Four Points supplied by
Stephen Collins):
(1. Zephaniah chapter two predicted the Judah would inherit the coastal
regions of "Palestine" including Ashdod, Ekron, Ashkelon, and all the
coastland when they return from their captivity.
(2. Zechariah chapter 14 supplements Zephaniah and explains how the Jews of
Judah will dwell in Jerusalem and fight in defence of Jerusalem during this
same period. "Judah" would be a militarily victorious nation in the Middle
(3.  Genesis 49 also predicted that Judah in the Last Days will be like an
old lion (an old nation) and a young lion (a reborn entity) fighting nation
in the End Times that casts terror on those around her.
(4.  Genesis 49 also shows how the reborn State of Israel set up by Judah
will be agriculturally prosperous.

In addition:
Brit-Am has shown how:
(5. The Jews were persecuted by the Gentiles as it had been prophesied
Judah would be:
Zechariah 1:15, Zechariah 8:13, Isaiah ch.53, Isaiah 42:10, Psalm 44: 22
(6. The Jews kept the Law as it had been prophesied that Judah would:
Psalms 60: 9, 108:90  Genesis 49:10, Zechariah 8:23
(7. The Jews keep the four fasts of mourning over the Destruction of the
Second Temple as prophesied by Zechariah 8:19
THE FAST OF THE FIFTH,  -  9th of Av
AND THE FAST OF THE SEVENTH, - 3rd of Tishrei (Gedaliah)
AND THE FAST OF THE TENTH,  - 10th  Tebeth (Tevet).
(8. Isaiah predicted that the descendants of Judah would be known as Israel
ARE COME FORTH OUT OF THE WATERS OF JUDAH [Isaiah 48:1]. Micah 4:8 predicts
that in the end times the beginning of the return
(9. "THE FIRST DOMINION" in the final return of Israel shall be  "TO THE
DAUGHTER OF JERUSALEM" meaning descendants of Judah.
(10. Judah would be recognized as Judah or Israel whereas the Lost Ten
Tribes would not be so recognized until the end times:
"SHILOH COME" usually explained to mean the Messiah who will rule in the
Rend Times.
Menasseh ben Israel explained the above as indicating that
Judah shall always be recognizable as an Israelite Tribe.
The Messiah will enable individuals from the Lost Ten Tribes to know what
Tribe they belong to. Until then they will not know or at least not be
certain. Also until then Judah will keep the Law.
(11. Throughout the Bible and especially in the Prophetic works there are
references to Judah that cannot and could not be fulfilled by anybody but
the present day Jews. It was prophesied that Judah would suffer for being
Jewish, keep the law, eventually be rewarded and recognized by his brother
tribes and the world, and never depart from his basic truth. It was
prophesied that the Ten Tribes would lose their identity and the opposite
was said about Judah, i.e. it was not prophesied that Judah would be lost.
(12. Isaiah 49:21 describes Judah as being initially loath to accept the
Lost Tribes and as having suffered alone and been persecuted and exiled
from place to place alone. This description fits the Jews of today and
no-one else

The above points may be more easily remembered under the headings:
Law, Persecution, Fast Days, Self-Recognition
Last Days: Points 1,2,3,4, 8, 9
Persecution: Point 5
Fast Days: Point 7
Retain Self-Recognition: Points 10, 11, 12

3. Bob Davis: The Rose Symbol
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-464

Hi Yair

"Brit-Am Now"-464
Comment on 5. Brit-Am Symbol.

The year 2003 marked the fifth centenary of the marriage of James IV of
Scotland and Margaret Tudor of England, who was the elder sister of King
Henry VIII.  This event led to the English throne being  inherited by the
Scottish royal house of Stewart exactly one hundred years later when James
VI  of Scotland was crowned James I of England.  James I is mainly famous
for authorising the translation of the Bible into English.  The symbol of
James and Margaret was the Tudor rose entwined with the thorny Scottish
Thistle.    "`As the rose among the thorns, so is my love among the maidens'
(Song of Solomon 2:2):

Bob Davis

4. Question on the rose
Joan Griffith wrote:

>I just realized, you said 12 petals. Why not 13, for Ephraim & Manasseh?
>Just wondering. Does the 12 petals make it different from the Zohar rose??
>In the spider-web of facts, many a truth is strangled

Answer: The Zohar rose has 13 petals. A 12 petalled rose would be different
from the Zohar rose but also rpresentative
of all 12 branches of Israel. It would also be easier to design and copy.
On the other hand 13 appears to be important for Manasseh and is important
in UDS symbolism, e.g. on the Great seal (look at a dollar bill)
the eagle carries 13 arrows, 13 petalled olive branch, 13 bars, 13 original

5. Mike Duttera: Another  Symbol Suggestion
From: mike.duttera@juno.com
Subject: Brit-Am Symbol. Menorah Preferred?

Hi Yair,
Just my 2 cents, but I think the symbol should be something both houses
recognize as common to both as an important symbol. I don't think the
Menorah is a bad symbol in and of itself but to me as a possible
Mannassite it conotes Judah and in particular it brings to mind the
Maccabbees and that struggle and not really the Lost Tribes. To me it's a
national symbol important to Judah in particular. What would I suggest?
Perhaps an outline of the tablets with the ten commandments on them done
up in red white and blue, although that doesn't bring to mind Lost Tribes
by itself. It does show a symbol importannt to both houses though.
Eureka!  How about this- TWO symbols "facing" each other- a Red, white
and blue Bull outline facing a Lion outline?
I kinda like that in that it conotes mutual recognition of the two houses
which is the whole purpose of BritAm is it not?
Just some ideas I came up with.
Your Friend,

6. Claudette Mellin: Thank you from South Africa

Hello Mr. Davidy,

Thank you for your recent discussions on South Africa. You have shown once
again that you are fair in your assessment and treatment of people.

I recently read a book by Elie Wiesel in which he refers to the Jews as a
persecuted, assassinated, but immortal people. I would like to extend that
to all Israelites and particularly to the Boers of South Africa who are
going through a particularly hard time right now. Yes, we have been and
will be made to pay dearly for our sins.  There is no flouting the laws of
God without consequences. Yet, we, and all Israelites, are an immortal
people. We may go through hell and high water but there will be no end to
us. Our enemies might as well know that about us right now. God has
promised it and the histories of all our Israelite nations prove it. That
is our belief and the hope that has always sustained us. Keep believing!
Claudette Mellin

7. David Ben-Ariel: Re South Africa
From: David Ben-Ariel <davidbenariel@famvid.com>
Subject: Michener's South Africa
Shalom Joan,

It was James Michener's book on South Africa, The Covenant, that made me
want to visit it. I was blessed to spend a glorious 7 weeks in South Africa
during their Summer - our Winter - Dec. 91 - Jan. '92, 3 weeks with colored
friends in Athlone, Cape Town - (I met Celeste at Kibbutz Sdot Yam), meet up
with another friend who was my kibbutz German roommate's girlfriend at
Reshafim - a white girl of English descent, and I travelled/hitchihiked from
Jo'Burg to Cape Town, climbed Table Mountain, visited Rhodes Memorial, up
the Garden Route (bunji-jumping off the Old River Ghouritz Bridge near Mosel
Bay), seeing East London, Knysna, Wilderness, Durban, Bridal Vail Fall,
Berlin Falls, Lisbon Falls, Mac Mac Falls (even going up to see Victoria
Falls in Zimbabwe), Swaziland, Zulu-land, Pretoria, Kruger National Park,
God's Window, the Three Rondavels, etc.

The scenery was just AWESOME and inspired praise to our Great Creator God
the entire time! I also wanted to show solidarity with our besieged
Israelite brethren, and made a pilgrimage to the Voortrekker Memorial
glorifying God for victory over our enemies.

May God bless South Africa to return to Him and be restored to life and

David Ben-Ariel

8. Gary Selikow: South Africa in Worse Situation
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-464

As regards South Africa , we must bare in mind that the present Black
government in South Africa , is a Communist regime , that suppresses all
political opposition , and is violently anti-Israel and anti-Western.
The SA regime is the MOST anti-Israel government on earth , outside the
Moslem-Arab world.
They have attacked Pakistan and Egypt because they see them as puppets of
the USA
They are very close to the regimes of Cuba , Red China , North Korea , Iran
(SA is supplying Iran with uranium for it's nuclear weapons programme) ,
Syria , Libya , Zimbabwe , and every other dictatorship on the planet.
SA Deputy President Zuma described the attack on the World Trade Centre 9-11
as a 'blow against Imperialism.
The old government in Sa is bad , but it was mild compared to the fanatical
ANC/SA Communist Party regime that currently rules.

Gary Selikow

9. Tracy Osborne: One Stick
From: Tracy Osborne <TPOsborne@bellsouth.net>
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-463
item 5. Brit-Am Symbol. Menorah Preferred?

Thank you for your kind and thorough answer. Your thoughts on this will
be part of my meditation and prayer before Our Father this day. May He
guide us all as we continue in the process of becoming One Stick in His

Shepherd, Tracy Osborne