"Brit-Am Now"- 470

October 31, 2004
1. The Suggested Brit-Am Advertisement-Message (Corrected)
2. Question on Help for Russian Jews
3. Unanswered Letters, etc.
4. Jackie Young: Why were the Families of Benjamin Destroyed?
5. A "Cowboy" Speaks to Israelis about Manasseh in America

1. The Suggested Brit-Am Advertisement-Message (Corrected)
The Suggested Brit-Am Advertisement-Message as amended in light of
suggestions by
Nancy Miller. The end portions says why it is important for Judah to
realize these truths.

Biblical and Rabbinical sources confirm All of the following:
According to the Bible ten out of the twelve tribes of Israel split away
(1-Kings 12:19), formed their own kingdom of  "Israel" (1-Kings 12:20) and
were exiled by the Assyrians (2-Kings 17:18). These Lost Ten Tribes forgot
their identity (Hosea 1:9 7:8 Isaiah 49:21) . In the future they will
re-unite with the Jews (Ezekiel 37, Isaiah 11:13 Jeremiah 3:18) but until
then they have a role of their own to fulfill. They were destined to be
situated at the  continental extremities of the earth such as North
America, the British Isles, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Australia, New
Zealand, and South Africa (Deuteronomy 33:13 Isaiah 24:16  26:15 41:8-9
49:6), to be the richest (Genesis 27:28  49:25 Deuteronomy 33:13-16 Hosea
2:8), and most powerful nations on earth (Numbers 24:8-7 Micah 5:7-9) and
to control major international strategic bases (Genesis 22:16-17 24:60).
All of these points together with hundreds of others taken as a
complementary whole show that the descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes can
only be found as recognizable entities amongst Western Nations, especially
the English-speaking ones. Your destiny and that of your people may depend
upon this information. You need to know. The correctness of our
interpretation of the relevant verses is confirmed by traditional Jewish
Rabbinical sources and by the findings of up-to-date HISTORICAL AND
The complete return of Judah from Exile depends on the return of the Lost
Ten Tribes (Ezekiel 16:52-53). In current affairs we daily see that the
destiny of Judah (e.g. the State of Israel) is bound up with that of
Joseph, -meaning especially, the USA, and Britain. Both sides have to
realize that they have a need for each other and an obligation to help the
other. We can provide you with proof that the "Anglo" nations are descended
from Israel. They are the lost brothers of the Jewish people. The union of
Judah with Joseph and his companions is necessary for the
purification of all Israel (Ezekiel 37:23), for the future reign of  the
Messiah son of David, proper keeping of the Law (37:24),
for the certain eternal inheritance of the Land of Israel (37:25), for
Peace and rebuilding the Temple (37:26),
and for the revelation of the Almighty in this world  through Israel
(37:27-28).  Judah must bring the Ten Tribes back (Jeremiah
3:18 31:8).  You need to consider this information. It could make a difference.
For more details see:
or contact:
Yair Davidiy, Brit-Am, POB 595, Jerusalem 91004, Israel

2. Question on Help for Russian Jews
>Hello Yair
>I would like your personal opinion on something.
>There are ministers and rabbis that have fund-raising efforts
>to bring the Jews from Russia to Israel.  We have heard that
>these projects are not helpful to Israel but are, in fact, hurtful
>as they place more financial burdens upon Israel and most of
>the Jews coming into Israel from Russia do not believe in G-d
>and are just adding to the secular numbers in Israel.
>Could you enlighten us on this subject?

I do not know about specific projects. In general the more Jews who come to
Israel the better.
Russian Jews are often non-religious because they were pressured to be that
way under the
communist system. Upon coming to Israel they contribute to the nation and
in many cases become religious
or at least draw closer.  The problem is with Russian Gentiles who come due
to a loophole in the Law of
Return. Some of these are all right I suppose but others make trouble or at
the least do not really belong here.
Any Jew who comes here ultimately brings a blessing to the country and it
is better (and safer)  for them
that they come here than stay were they are.
I have heard that some of those making an effort to reach Jews  in Russia
are in fact Christian missionaries
some of whom may be genuinely concerned for the Jewish people but others
are out primarily
to gain new "souls" for their belief.

3. Unanswered Letters ,etc.
Someone asked me about a note they had posted to us. In principle
everything sent to us is read and considered.
Anything directly pertinent to Brit-Am is usually answered. There are
exceptions, sometimes things get overlooked,
or are too complicated for an immediate answer etc. Other matters may or
may not be answered.
Also concerning what items are posted to the list there is no definite policy
  but it depends on a variety of factors. On the whole I think we do a good
We like all of you and want to hear from you. As far as we are concerned we
are here to serve you.
Nevertheless if it does happen that a question you asked remains unanswered
or a note not posted
please do not be offended.

4. Jackie Young: Why were the Families of Benjamin Destroyed?
Subject: Re: Judges 20-5

the justification may be found in the fact that the sins of the fathers are
visited upon the children unto the 3rd and 4th generation. God wanted to
stay the hand of generational revenge.  The problem we have in the world
today is that politics do not change hearts only true forgiveness and love
does and that comes often supernaturally because our hearts are deceitful
and desperately wicked and who can know them? In the Flesh it is impossible
to forgive those who have brought terror upon us. How can we answer suicide
bombers and the horror that is being visited upon men of good will
everywhere in these days?
Only God can deliver us and it may have to be the way as said in this
passage. Horror upon Horror.

5. A "Cowboy" Speaks to Israelis about Manasseh in America
A leading Israeli Magazine had a weekend magazine special feature
that is pertinent to Brit-Am interests.
The  Newspaper "Makor Rishon"  is a quite well-read publication of good
quality catering mainly to
a nationalistically-inclined audience including many amongst the religious,
intellectual, and settler
sectors of Israeli society.
  "Makor Rishon" in its weekend magazine "Diukan"
no.376 (29.10.04) had a four-page (pp.24-28) nicely-illustrated article
entitled "Kowboy BeShem HaShem" (Cowboy in the Name of the Almighty).
The article tells the story of Claude More who grew up in the wilds of Texas.
Claude is now 67 years old but still big and strong, sporting a long white
beard, and a cowboy hat.
His father was a hunter and farmer. Claude was orphaned at an early age
and worked hard to help support his family. He earned his living as a
cowboy, married, and eventually became a Baptist
preacher for 21 years. He came to the realization that he wished to
identify as an Israelite and rejected his previous
beliefs. He lost his home and together with his wife and children was
forced to leave
his place of residence. They wandered around the country taking odd jobs.
Eventually an Orthodox Jewish congregation adopted them, got together
a reasonable sum of money and sent them to Israel. When they got to Israel
the authorities
suspected they were religious fanatics and refused to let them into the
country sending them back to
the USA. After that eventually the authorities relented and the family was
accepted and did come to Israel.
Eight of his nine children converted to Judaism but Claude did not. He
lives in the settlement
Maaleh Michmash  in the Biblical territory of Benjamin.
It is an interesting article about a colorful character.
Claude has read some of our books and attended a few Brit-Am meetings.
Brit-Am is not mentioned in the article but Claude is quoted as saying (p.24):

<<The Lost Ten Tribes are to be found according to research that I undertook
in the Western World, in Europe and America. I consider myself  a
descendant of the
Tribe of Manasseh and for this reason I have Jewish roots>>.

(p.27):<<  Jews must keep the Ethical Code,  get rid of the evil impulse,
and  acknolwedge the Bible.
I would wish that they dedicate more thought to their unique mission in the
I would also want them to recognize the fact that the Ten Tribes did not
disappear beyond the River
Sambation. They are scattered in America, France,  and other European
countries amongst different groups of
Christians. I am certain that many people will find it difficult to accept
my theory. Nevertheless I want them to, at the least,
check my claims and perhaps help me bring the Lost Tribes back to Judaism.
Why has  America been supporting Israel
  and transferring to her milliards of dollars over these past 56 years?
Because America, for example, is the Tribe of Manasseh.>>

I do not know where and how the "theories" of Claude differ from those of
or if there is anything in them. We also may not agree with his approach.
Nevertheless the article in my opinion was a good one and makes a good
It is very important that the Israeli public begin to realize that Brit-Am
type beliefs
are held by those who love them and identify with them.
The article did service in  that direction.

As for Brit-Am (God willing) we may shortly begin advertising
throughout Israel beginning with Bible-study sheets that are distributed
every week to all Synagogues and in which we hope to advertise, funds