"Brit-Am Now" - 472

November 8, 2004
1. Brit-Am and the Jewish People
2. Brit-Am, Judah, and Joseph. and People in General
3. Interesting website
4. Meeting with Steven Spykerman
5. The US Elections - A Victory for Ephraim? (CORRECTED and repeated with

1. Brit-Am and the Jewish People
Contrary to appearances the Jewish Israeli public is potentially OPEN  to
the Brit-Am message.
A son of Yair Davidiy has created a state of-the-art Hebrew language
addition to our web-site. This should be operational within the
next few days. We also have a good quality attractive Hebrew language book
"Achim Acharim" (The Other Brothers")
that is an expanded and upgraded version of  our English-language book
Even though our impression is that the Hebrew-speaking public is open to
listen to us
once the message is made available to them they are not at present supportive.
We need finances to reach them and this funding must come (at least initially)
from our English-speaking supporters who have already been exposed to the
Brit-Am message and realize its
importance. The sums required are not necessarily enormous ones. A lot can
be achieved
with a relatively modest budget but funds for that budget are needed.
There are some people who help us on a regular basis who do what they can
but they are few
and limited in resources.
To a degree we are caught between our two houses. T
he House of Judah on the whole does not yet
support us because it is not sufficiently aware of us and has not been
brought to realize the importance of this message
for Judah.
The House of Joseph does not sufficiently help us because we are viewed as
coming from Judah
and in a religious sense too divergent from categories to which support is
extended. Even "Ephraimite"
groups that do agree with our "identity" message and even use some of our
findings tend to keep
away from us.

2. Brit-Am, Judah, and Joseph. and People in General
Brit-Am does not reach an enormously large audience. Our outreach effects
are relatively modest
but not inconsiderate. Over the years a great many people must have become
aware of us
and some of them have been affected for the better. Nevertheless we are not
exactly a mass
movement. We do however have an infrastructure, some experience, an
available message,
and our subscriber base is qualitatively impressive.

3. Interesting website
The web site below looks interesting and potentially important but I cannot
find any continuation to it
or any way to contact the author. If anyone can help in this regard please
let us know.
3. www.consciousevolution.com%2FRennes%2Farthurintroduction.htm

4. Meeting with Steven Spykerman
Tomorrow (Tuesday 9-11-04) Yair Davidiy and Rabbi Avraham Feld will be meeting
with Steven Spykerman in Jerusalem. Steven has authored a yet unpublished
book of
great potential interest to Brit-Am
Extract from this work in the form of articles have been published in our
magazine "Brit-Am Truth".
We are available to meet and talk with individuals and groups on Brit-Am
Contact with Yair Davidiy
may be made at:

5. The US Elections - A Victory for Ephraim? (CORRECTED and repeated with
In our works  such as "The Tribes", 'Ephraim", and especially "Joseph"
we emphasize that the USA is Manasseh though it contains many physical
descendants of Ephraim and other
tribes. We also suggested that physical descendants of Ephraim were
relatively speaking perhaps more predominant
in the former Confederate South and ALSO IN THE WEST.  In the light of this
possibility the following map is of interest.
The map was sent to us by courtesy of  Atlas Laster  and is apparently
circulating on the Web.
We do not know where it originated. We think the classification "Slave
States" for the Confederacy to be rather misleading
and reflects a pro-Northern approach. The map  may have been authored by a
Dr. Beit-Hallahmi. At all events it is worth looking at.