"Brit-Am Now"- 474

November 15, 2004
1. Changes on Brit-Am site and the Brit-Am Rose
2. Return to the Law?
3. Issachar and Troy? New Possibilities?
4. Phoenicians in Britain
5. Upcoming Brit-Am Lecture

1. Changes on Brit-Am site and the Brit-Am Rose
See the new format of the Brit-Am web site.
Also please view the new "Brit-Am Rose"
based on the Tudor rose but with 13 petals instead of 10.

2. Return to the Law?
In our last message we repeated what we have said in the past
but which many misunderstand:
Brit-Am as an organization does not promote a Keeping of the Law
at the individual level
BUT those who feel so called to do so have our blessing
and may well be fulfilling an aspect of their Israelite identity.
Nevertheless it is not our task to advocate such a step nor are we
disposed or qualified to discuss the Biblical and related pros and cons of the
We do not have to be convinced of anything along these lines and
neither can we serve as a forum to debate the subject.
Brit-Am concentrates on the three Rs (Research, Revelation,
Reconciliation) and the Brit-Am message is directed to both Houses, to Judah and to
Amongst other services we offer knowledge in Biblical studies, along
with insights and revelations in
secular history enhancing an appreciation of the Biblical evidence.
These are tools of value.

3. Issachar and Troy? New Possibilities?
In our book "Lost Israelite Identity" we said that the so-called
Sea-Peoples who attacked Egypt in ca 1200 BCE were predominantly Israelite Tribes.
Amongst other identifications we made we said that the Sakkara (also
known as Tjekker) were from the Tribe of Issachar. This actually seems  quite obvious
since the names Sakkara and Issachar are similar and the Sakkara were reported as
occupying territory ascribed to issachar
and were associated with other groups also identifiable as Israelites.
Since writing "Lost Israelite Identity"  more evidence has come to our
attention confirming the conclusions we reached.
In the light of the above the following notes (from a leading academic
list) are of interest:

<<However, the Philistine problem is more profound: the
tribes of Zebulun and Asher are related to sea peoples
in the Onomasticon of Amenemope. Garbini in a book on
the Philistines has related Issachar to the Tjekker,

Giovanni Garbini's 1997 book "I Filistei: Gli
Antagonisti di Israele">>

<<Did you know that in his book on the Philistines, Garbini equates the
tribe of Issachar with the Tjekker and the Tjekker with Teucrians?

The Teucrians were the people of Troy.
Were they also Israelites?
The possibility has been raised by others in the past several times.
Until now we doubted it and still do
but perhaps a renewed examination of the evidence available could be

4. Phoenicians in Britain
Rochelle Altman is a well-know scholar.
Rochelle I. Altman is co-coordinator of IOUDAIOS-L, a virtual
community of scholars engaged in on-line discussion of Judaism in the
Greco-Roman world. She is an expert on scripts, an historian of writing
systems. She is also a scholar of  Anglo-Saxon dialects and literature.
She knows Hebrew well and judging by her name and interests is probably Jewish.
In ca. 1992 She discovered  "the Hebrew alphabet -- in  a Pre-Rashi script -- across
the bottom of a leaf in the OE Hexateuch --" i.e. a manuscript containing the first six books of the
Old Testament. This proved that there was some knowledge of the Hebrew language in England
before the Norman invasions.
She has just written a work claiming that the Phoenicians were in
Britain from ancient times and that Christianity came to Britain
via the overseas connections of the Phoenician community.
This work has aroused quite a bit of controversy in academic circles.
I have not yet seen the book but hope to do so since it may contain
informational leads of use to us. From the discussions it appears that the evidence
Rochelle  mainly relies upon
consists of written reports and Latin expressions that everywhere else
are  found only amongst groups of Phoenician descent and appear to be translations of
Phoenician  formulae.

5. Upcoming Brit-Am Lecture

Root & Branch Association (in cooperation with the Israel Center)

Thursday, November 25th, 19:00

19:00           "Ten Lost Tribes:  Israelite Origins of Britain and
                 -- Key to Solving the Middle East Conflict"

                 by Mr. Yair Davidiy and Rabbi Avraham Feld

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