"Brit-Am Now"-477

November 18, 2004
1. Ancient Migrations from Ireland to Britain by "Chuck Hamilton"
2. Aegel = Eagle?
3. audio tapes?
4. Steven Collins: My pending reply
5.  Winston Churchill on the Jews
6. Brit-Am Has the truth
7. Brit-Am is in need of funds.

1. Ancient Migrations from Ireland to Britain by "Chuck Hamilton"

The Dal Riata colonized the Western Isles and later Ceann Tir and Earr
a' Gaidheal beginning sometime in the fifth century, with the royal line
shifting from their territory in the Emerald Isles to their eastern
territories at the beginning of the sixth century.

Sometime before this, one of the scions of the Eoghanachta of Munster
intermarried with the Pictish royal house of Fortriu and founded the
line of Magh Geirghinn, of which Oengus mac Fergus, King of the Picts (Rex
Pictorum, a title used even by Coinnaich mac Ailpin and his first four
successors) was a descendant.  Their legacy can be seen in names such
Ath Fodhla (in effect, "New Ireland", Fodhla being one of the traditional
names for the Isle), the districts of Oengus (Angus) and Briochan (Brecin),
Strath Eireann, and Lennox, from Lemnaig, a branch off the Magh
Gheirghin that earlier ruled "Ath Fodhla".

Gall-ghaidheal, or Galloway, was settled by colonists from the Ulaidh
of northeast Ireland, formerly the rulers of the whole known as Ulster.

It was a Gaelic-speaking Cruithne group from Ireland, the Ui Eochach
Cobo, which settled the Isle of Man.

In addition, the Laighin settled what is now northwest Wales and gave
their name to the Lleyn peninsula, the Feni settled and gave their name to
Gwenydd (from Venedotia), the Deisi settled Dyfed first then spread
into Brecon (from Briochan, reportedly a contemporary of Arthur).  The Ui
Liathin occupied Cornwall and part of Devon.

There were quite a number of Cruithne, or Pictish, peoples living in
Ireland (such as the afore-mentioned Ui Eochach Cobo), along with a
branch of the Damnonii of southwest Scotland better known as the Fir Domnan.

2. Aegel = Eagle?
From: Aram Paquin
Subject: "Brit-Am Now"-476
item  3. The Question of Whether the USA is Manasseh and the UK Ephraim
or the Opposite?

Hello, Yair.
Not to further complicate the minor controversy concerning Manasseh &
Ephraim, but I thought I'd mention that the French word for "Eagle is
Aigle-Aegel-Eagle.  Interesting, I think.

3. audio tapes?
From: Gloria Bloomfield

Shalom Yair,
I was blessed to meet you, Rav. Feld, David Harpo, Ephraim Frank & Jon
Hulley during Sukkot last year at the Mt. Zion Hotel Conference you had
and thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the presentations. In your
newsletter #474 you mentioned a meeting on Thurs. Nov. 25th. Have you considered
recording the event and distributing the audio tapes/cds? I'm half a
world away, but I would certainly love to be connected to you all in this
Please give it some thought as it could revitalize revenue for you and
give us further information. Thank you for your kind attention. -- Gloria
Psalm 122:6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  Those that love it will

4. Steven Collins: My pending reply
From: scollins@ll.net

Shalom Yair,

I noticed the item below which stated that I believe England to be
Manasseh. Obviously, that is not true. I've heard these reports before
and don't know where they started. I'll send you a clarification in a few
days for posting on Brit-Am to that effect.

My only brother has died unexpectedly in Canada and I'm in the middle
of grieving and also trying to arrange his funeral, shipping remains to
the USA, obtaining death certifcate in Canada, working with a funeral home
in Canada, etc. There are a dizzying number of things which must be done
quickly to arrange this so I can't write my posting just now.
Your friend,

5.  Winston Churchill on the Jews
Winston Churchill said: "There is a great truth in the saying that the
L-rd treats nations as those nations treat the Jews."

6. Brit-Am Has the truth
Brit-Am has the truth.  Whatever faults we may or may or not have our
Biblical Interpretations check out with
and prove each other.  The simple message of Scripture is what Brit-Am
explains and believes in.
The overwhelming majority of the Lost Ten Tribes are to be found
amongst Western Nations especially
the English-speaking ones. This is a fact that everyone has to wake up
to and take it to heart.

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