"Brit-Am Now"- 481
November 26, 2004

1. Two Sticks Photos Taken By Ephraim Frank
2. New Brit-Am Flag Proposal
3. Mercia in Spain as well as England?
4. Another Photo of Ezekiel Stick. More Sticks Available?
5. Shaul Har-Habayit on the Union Jack
6. Brit-Am Meeting a Relative Success
7. Brit-Am in Need of Funds

1. Two Sticks Photos Taken By Ephraim Frank
The pictures of the two-sticks-that-become-one of Ezekiel 37 (produced by Tom Turner) that have been sent out to you
(Ezekiel 37 Pictures no.1 and Ezekiel 37 Pictures no.2) were taken by Ephraim Frank who lives in the settlement of Alfei Manasseh in Samaria.
Yair Davidiy may be seen holding the stick in Ezekiel 37 Pictures no.2. To view pictures online go to: http://britam.org/ezekiel-stick.html

2. New Brit-Am Flag Proposal
From: Kyle Ingle
Subject: Possible flag??

Hello, Yair Davidy.  I am a new member and subscriber and I would like
to thank you for your hard work and astounding research.  Though a
Christian, I agree with most (but not all) of your points and am encouraged to see
the hand of God gradually herding his fock together once more through
global events and the wonders of the information age.
Attached to this email is an Idea for a possible Brit-Am banner, or
maby a possible flag that may be used once the two tribes are made whole once
more.Since you have stated that the initial formal invitation for the return
of the tribes INTO Israel will be from the State of Israel (Judah), It
would only be right for the "Prayer Shawl" white-and-blue background and the
shape of the Star of David to remain.  However, since the house of
ephraim (usa, great britain, australia, etc...) now joins, their national
colors are added to the Star to create the "Rose" Star of David, similar to
the one on the Brit-Am homepage.  I have only included 12 petals, one for
each tribe, since the levites (i assume??) will return to their preistly
duties and not have tribal lands of their own.  The blue bar in the background
symbolizes the rejoined sticks of Ezekiel for the two rejoined houses.
Just an idea I put together in my spare time.  Any feedback, positive
or critical, would be appreciated.  Thanks for all you do!

see Kyle's Kingdom flag at:: http://britam.org/3856c48.jpg

3. Mercia in Spain as well as England?
Subject: "Brit-Am Now"-480
item 5. Visigoths in England

From: Bob Davis
Thanks Yair. Very interesting.  Murcia (Pronounced Mercia) is also a
region of Spain that was part of the Visigoth kingdom

Bob Davis

4. Another Photo of Ezekiel Stick. More Sticks Available?
The photos are all good one but do not do justice to the real thing
which is much more impressive.
Tom Turner who craft the two sticks that become one is interested
in producing and selling more of them.
I think it is worth it and recommend it.

Tom may be reached at:
Edote Products
#70 Monte Vista Dr
ID 83617


5. Shaul Har-Habayit on the Union Jack
Shaul Har-Habayit pointed out that the Union Jack has 12 intersecting
points that converge on one one center.
Jack is a nickname for Jacob, "Union" in English can be translated
as "Brit" that also implies covenant.
There were twelve tribes of Jacob.

6. Brit-Am Meeting a Relative Success
Brit-Am Meeting at the Israel center in Jerusalem hosted by the Root
and Branch Organization
was a relative success especially considering the facts that that very
evening (Thursday 25.11.04)
there were other important events taking place in Jerusalem and that
for additional reasons several
of those who would have come (and indeed wished they could) could not
make it.
Anyone who comes to a Brit-Am meeting is an important person but we
also judge according
to the standards of convention and so too those who attended included
some quite important people.
The theme of the meting was: "The Lost Ten Tribes in America and
Britain. A New Solution to the Middle East Problem".
Religious leaders such as Wendy Sutherland (formerly of the USA now of
Israel and
Bert Woudwijk  (who leads a congregation of about 100 members in
Holland) both testified that when the Brit-Am identity equation is introduced to
Christians and others who already tend to support Israel then the
intensity and realness of their
commitment are increased to an exponential degree.
Rabbi Feld spoke very well (a transcript should be available at some
stage) and Yair Davidiy also spoke. There was a lively, interesting, and
intense discussion and after the event
most of those participating stuck around for more of the same.
The  participants were all Orthodox Jews apart from the two non-Jewish
Israelite religious leaders.
Unfortunately I did not catch the names of everyone but The  
participants included:
Yakov Fogelman (a well-known Jewish Philosopher, Thinker, and Writer),
the widow of Chaim Mageni  who was a famous and original tour guide and
Shalom Pollack (shalompo@yahoo.com) who is also a well-known tour guide
and original thinker and gives tours in English, Hebrew, German, and Yiddish.
Reuven ? who is a political journalist.
Avi Osdubas a political analyst and researcher.
Shmuel James a linguist, historian, and book expert.
Shaul Har-Habayit who has interesting insights into Brit-Am themes
largely from a religious Jewish point of view.
There were others who I did not chance to speak to and who may have
wished to remain anonymous.
It was a successful very nice meeting. At the least, quality wise
Brit-Am usually succeeds.

7. Brit-Am in Need of Funds
Please send offerings to Brit-Am since this is what enables us to
function, new opportunities exist, needs have increased but incoming income has not.
Brit-Am works for you in a field that is possibly the most important in our time.
Please enable us to do our job on our behalf and on behalf of those we hold dear.

Spreading the Brit-Am message is our task.
We do this full time and God willing will continue to do so
as long as necessary.
Your purchases and offerings enable us to work for our peoples.
If possible please send us an offering along with an order for our

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"And I will bless them that bless you" (Genesis 12:15).


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