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1. Sparta: Israel or Edom?
2. Evangelical Opposition to Brit-Am?
3. Ezekiel 37: Tree or Stick?
4. The "DID YOU KNOW" Message Spreads
5. Norwegian Lions (Pictures)

1. Sparta: Israel or Edom?
From: duke
Subject: Tribe of Dan

Mr. Davidiy:
I have only recently joined your e-mail list and I throughly
enjoy and agree with most of your conclusions.
Interestingly, approximately 25 years ago I reached the
conclusion that much of the populations of Europe and
America were of Hebrew descent.  When I shared my ideas with
others I usually just received a blank stare.  I am happy to
see that you have done much more than just think about it.
You have probably seen the following, but if not, you might
find it interesting:

The book of I Maccabees reports of a letter from the Areus,
king of the Spartans to Onias, the high priest in Jerusalem:

€œAreus, king of the Spartans, to Onias, the high priest,
It has been discovered in a document concerning the Spartans
and the Jews that they are brothers, and are of the race of
Abraham. €
[I Maccabees 12:20-21.]

Unfortunately, the document referred to in the letter has
never been found by modern historians.  However, Flavius
Josephus also recorded the letter in his writings:

€œWe have met with a certain writing, whereby we have
discovered that the Jews and the Spartans are of one stock,
and are derived from the kindred of Abraham.  It is but
just, therefore, that you, who are our brethren, should send
to us about any of your concerns as you please.  We will
also do the same thing, and esteem your concerns as our own,
and will look upon our concerns as in common with yours.
Demotoles, who brings you this letter, will bring your
answer back to us.  This letter is foursquare; and the
symbol is an eagle with a dragon in his claws. € [Flavius
Josephus, The Works of Josephus, Translated, William
Whiston, A.M.  (Lynn, MA Hendrickson Publishers, 1980),
Antiquities of the Jews, Book XII, Chapter IV, ¶ 10, page

Before Onias could respond to the letter, Jerusalem was
invaded by Antiochus Epiphanes.  Onias died but his
successor Jonathan wrote the following response:

€œJonathan the high priest, the senate of the nation, the
priests, and the rest of the Jewish people, to the Spartans
and their brothers send greetings.
In the past a letter was sent to Onias, the high priest from
Areus, one of your kings, stating that you are indeed our
brothers, as the copy subjoined assets.
Onias received the envoy with honor, and accepted the
letter, in which clear reference was made to friendship and
For our part though, we have no need of these, having the
consolation of the holy books in our possession.
We venture to send, to renew our fraternal friendship with
you, so that we may not become strangers to you, for a long
time has elapsed since you sent us the letter.
We may say that constantly on every occasion, at our
festivals and on other appointed days, we make a remembrance
of you in the sacrifices we offer and in our prayers, as it
is right and fitting to remember our brothers. € [The
Apocrypha (London Oxford University Press), I Maccabees 12:6-

The Spartans lived on the southern peninsula of Greece
called Arcadia.  Over the centuries some of them migrated
across the Aegean Sea and built the city of Troy.  Paris,
the prince of the Trojans, fell in love with Helen the wife
of the Spartan king which led to the famous Trojan War.  It
was after Prince Paris that the capital of France was
named.  Many historians believe, for this and other reasons,
that the Franks and Danes are descended from the Spartans
who were from the tribe of Dan.

Comment: I think you are mistaken about the Spartans being the founders
Troy. Rather they were amongst its destroyers
according to Homer.  The society of early Sparta was quite cruel. The
Spartans were one of the contributing elements to the early population
Rome. We believe Sparta was an Edomite
colony and thus "brothers" to Israel.

2. Evangelical Opposition to Brit-Am?
"Tim Lick (rcn)" wrote:

>Greetings Yair:
>I know that you think highly of evangelical Christians because of
>support of Israel amongst some things. However, I want to ask you how
>reconcile your high regards for them with the fact that many are
>against the lost tribes teaching? I have had communication with them
>some are downright hostile to it and want to label it as heresy. Do
>believe their support of the Jews and the nation of Israel will
>open their eyes?
>  Tim

I  cannot say. I do know that the Brit-Am message can help intensify
feeling of identity many already have with Israel and the Jewish
At the moment we are laying the foundations both within ourselves and
amongst others.
We have to reach both Judah and Joseph. If we, along with all those who
feel like us, become better people and do what we must
we may have better results. At the least, even being as we are,  we
continue to do what we can.
God bless you
Yair  Davidiy

3. Ezekiel 37: Tree or Stick?
>From: Mark Huey
>Shalom Yair:
>Ben and I had some questions for you regarding some intepretations of
>Hebrew word "etz" in Ezekiel 37 and how it is often interpreted as
>or branches.  Does the possibility of it being "tree" make any sense?

Strictly speaking  "etz" means tree and there are other words that mean
stick or branches but "etz" can also mean "wood" or "piece of wood" in
and thus be used for a stick or branch. The Hebrew language can be very
precise but in this case it is open to a wide variety of
The Prophet however was told to take an "etz" in each hand and this
logically most likely means a piece of wood or stick.

4. The "DID YOU KNOW" Message Spreads
The "DID YOU KNOW" Message  can now be seen at
http://www.thelifestyledoctor.net/  (click at the left hand side on

Historical Note

Copyright © 2004 by

Yair Davidiy

According to the Bible, after the death of King David’s son Solomon,
ten of
the twelve tribes of the original Israelite nation seceded (I Kings
and formed a new nation (I Kings 12:20).  This new nation retained the
of Israel and was known as the House of Israel while the southern
who remained loyal to King David’s successors became the House of
Judah.  The House of Israel was eventually conquered and exiled by the
Assyrians (II Kings 17:18).  They forgot their identity (Hosea 1:9,
Isaiah 49:21) and became the Lost Ten Tribes.  In the future they will
re-unite with the Jews (Ezekiel 37; Isaiah 11:13; Jeremiah 3:18) of
but until then they have a role of their own to fulfill.  They were
destined to be situated at the continental extremities of the
such as North America, the British Isles, Scandinavia, the Netherlands,
Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa (Deuteronomy 33:13; Isaiah
26:15, 41:8-9, 49:6).  They were also predicted to become the richest
(Genesis 27:28, 49:25; Deuteronomy 33:13-16; Hosea 2:8) and most
(Numbers 24:8-7; Micah 5:7-9) nations on earth and to control major
international strategic bases (Genesis 22:16-17, 24:60).  All of these
predictions together with numerous others show that the descendants of
Lost Ten Tribes can only be found amongst the Western nations,
the English-speaking ones.  The correctness of this interpretation of
relevant Biblical verses is confirmed by traditional Jewish sources and
the findings of the latest historical and scientific research.  Your
destiny may depend upon your knowledge of these facts.  You need to
know.  For more details visit the <http://www.britam.org/>Brit-Am
or contact <mailto:britam@netvision.net.il>Yair Davidiy, Brit-Am, POB
Jerusalem 91004, Israel.

5. Norwegian Lions (Pictures)
5.From: "Nils E. Moen" <n.moen@agderlink.no>
Subject: The Lion's in Norway
Dear mr. Yair Davidiy.

Since childhood l have often been to our old church (900 years old).   
The lions have always impressed me.   Lion’s in Norway is not normal.  But
now I know!  It’s the lion of Judah!  Our kings came from the tribe of
Judah!  The picture from our church shows the monogram from our King
Christian the 7th, 1768.  Our “riksvaapen” is also a lion, we know the
lion has been used since 1100.

I have tried to tell some friends and my family.  But I don’t think
they understand yet.  Now the Bible (kjv) is easier to read and l read and
pray more than ever.  I don’t feel I must, but l love to do it.  Thank you
for your work Yair, your website has been a big help for me.
My English is not so good but I think you understand!

Shalom friends!