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"Brit-Am Now"- 487

1. Worth Viewing
2. Question on other identifications
3. Query on Availability of "The Tribes"
4. How Pure an Israelite Do You Have to be?
5. Tom Turner: The Ezekiel 37 Staff

1. Worth Viewing
"New" Look on Brit-Am web-site

2. Question on other identifications
>From: Ryan
>    Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me where the Chaldeans
> today? The reason I ask this is because I learned at an early age
> the Goths, Lombards, Vandals, and Burgundians were Chaldeans. I also
> learned that the tribe of Asher was located in Belgium and Luxembourg
> the tribe of Benjamin was in Norway and Iceland. I also was taught
> Naphtali was in Sweden, Issachar was in Finland and that Gad was in
> Switzerland. It is also my understanding that Germans and Austrians
> Assyrians and that The Turkish peoples are from Esau.
>    Please let me know what you think, and thank you  very much.

We disagree with the above identifications in a specific sense, e.g. we
identify the Goths, Lombards, Vandals, and Burgundians
as Israelites, place Naftali in Norway and Gad in Sweden etc.
Other identifications exist and may be valid in part. We are always
prepared to consider other possibilities and additional evidence
but evidence is what we need and what we base ourselves upon.

3. Query on Availability of "The Tribes"
>Subject: Books.
>Dear Yair.
>Any more news of 'The Tribes' and when we will receive them??

The book was at the Printer's and I pulled it out at the very last
to add some additional material.
Now it is at the Printer's again and actually being printed so it
not take long.
I am sorry for these delays but the final result (God willing) should
well worth it.
Also your orders for the book up unto now have been charged according
to a
special pre-publication rate
which is lower than the rate after publication precisely because delays
This does not necessarily excuse the length of delay (beyond the
that has taken place
but it is an alleviating factor. God bless you, Yair Davidiy

>4. How Pure an Israelite Do You Have to be?
>From: bob
>Subject: pure
>Hello I would like to know to be a Israeite how pure in your blood do
>have to be ? How many generations pure ? Because I heard in the bible
>be a Israelite you must be a number of generations pure.

First of all I am not an authority and can only tell you what I
from the sources.
We must also distinguish between what is possible and what will
take place.
1. The Bible message according to a simple understanding is that anyone
identifies themselves as an Israelite
and cleaves to the Israelite people will be accepted as an Israelite.
The stranger who sojourns with us and identifies with us will have the
rights as us (Ezekiel 47:22).
2. Biblical and related sources indicate that in the last Days
non-Israelites will indeed attach themselves to Israel and be accepted
though one source appears to disagree.
3. Since we can take it that an unknown number of non-Israelites will
attach themselves to Israel and be accepted as Israelites
we can say that all those who are only partly Israelite by descent but
identify with Israel will also be accepted.
The question however remains when distinguishing between obligation and
Those who are of Israelite descent have some kind of obligation to
as such and to discover their roots and national obligations.
To what degree would the same obligation apply to those who are only
of Israelite descent?
None of us can really be sure about ALL our ancestors.
This is a question I cannot answer. I can only say that we all have an
obligation to do the best we can
from where we are with what we have and know. The Almighty will lead
one whose heart is drawn
towards Israel and the Bible in the right direction.
I would say that a common sense answer may be that as a person is, or
themselves, so should they see themselves.
This would include how a person feels inside themself.

5. Tom Turner: The Ezekiel 37 Staff
From: Tommy704@aol.com
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-486
Shalom Yair,

        Concerning Rabbi Yigal Ariel's commentary;    Long before I had
idea of, or even cared about, the Prophecies concerning the restoration
regathering of the house of Israel and reunification with the house of
Judah I had envisioned the Sticks as a twisted staff. Then after
them I began to see evidence.
        When Jacob was poised to cross over the river and face Esau, he
so with his house divided into two and his staff in his hand. Could
this be
a foreshadow? In Zechariah 11 it is a Staff that is broken called
(bands KJV) that breaks the bond between Judah and Israel.  In both
passages does the Hebrew word indicate or imply "Staff"?  Could this
"hovelim" be the same one that is broken in Zechariah 11 and then
in Ezekiel 37?
        I find it interesting that the root word for hovelim in Zec 11
that of a rope. Symbolically it represents the tight bond between Judah
Israel like that of the strands of a rope tightly twisted together and
strong, even synergistic.  But physically it is a twisted spiral just
my depiction of the Ezekiel Sticks.

        On a somewhat related topic;  I have heard a story or myth
about a
hiking staff that began with Adam and was handed down through the
generations of the first born, and each engraved their name on it.   
staff was eventually lost, I think during the time of Moses. Is there
basis of this story in the Mishnah or any other sources?