10 Dec 2004
"Brit-Am Now"-489
1. Question on the name "Machir" and "America"
2. Betty Matteson: The Right to use Coat of Arms
3. Fundraising suggestions
4. Red Hair, Celts, Mummies, etc.
5. Help us to spread the truth of Brit-Am Identity.

1. Question on the name "Machir" and "America"
Lisa Koen wrote:
> From Our Archives
>"Brit-Am Now"-57
>[3. The name America is a Latinized version of the Hebrew
>Machir was the firstborn son of Menasseh. "Machir" in Hebrew can also
>denote the principle of Capitalism.
>Naming of America
>The earliest known use of the name America for the continents of the
>Americas dates from 1507. It appears on a globe and a large map
created by
>the German cartographer Martin Waldseemüller. An accompanying book,
>Cosmographiae Introductio, explains that the name was derived from the
>Latinized version of the explorer Amerigo Vespucci's name, Americus
>Vespucius, in its feminine form, America (as the other continents all
>Latin feminine names). (The Italian name Amerigo is a form of the
>name Haimirich, meaning "ruler of the home", from the German words
>"home" and rich "powerful"). Christopher Columbus, who had first
>the continent's existence to the attention of Renaissance era
>had died in 1506 and could not protest Waldseemüller's decision.
>A few alternative theories regarding the continent's naming have been
>proposed, but none of them have any widespread acceptance. One
>first proposed by a Bristol antiquary and naturalist, Alfred Hudd, was
>that America is derived from Richard Amerike, a merchant from Bristol,
>is believed to have financed John Cabot's voyage of discovery from
>to Newfoundland in 1497. Waldseemüller's maps appear to incorporate
>information from the early British journeys to North America. The
>holds that a variant of Amerike's name appeared on an early British
>(of which however no copies survive) and that this was the true
>inspiration for Waldseemüller.
>Another theory, first advanced by Jules Marcou in 1875 and later
>by novelist Jan Carew, is that the name America derives from the
>of Amerrique in Nicaragua. The gold-rich district of Amerrique was
>purportedly visited by both Vespucci and Columbus, for whom the name
>became synonymous with gold. According to Marcou, Vespucci later
>the name to the New World, and even changed the spelling of his own
>from Alberigo to Amerrigo to reflect the importance of the discovery.
>Yet another theory states that Vespucci named America after Amorica,
>continent of ancient Greek and Roman myth. Italian Vespucci would have
>been familiar with the Roman myth. Early explorers often believed they
>were rediscovering islands and continents of myth or religion, such as
>idea that South America was the Garden of Eden or 'Earthly Paradise'.
>After Vespucci's death, people forgot where the name America came
from, so
>they changed his name to Amerigo to explain the naming of America.
>Vespucci's role in the naming issue, like his exploratory activity, is
>unclear. Some sources say that he was unaware of the widespread use of
>name to refer to the new landmass. Others hold that he promulgated a
>that he had made a secret voyage westward and sighted land in 1491, a
>before Columbus. If he did indeed make such claims, they backfired,
>only served to prolong the ongoing debate on whether the "Indies" were
>really a new land, or just an extension of Asia.

Thank you for forwarding the article [I request that in future all
forwarding articles and information include the URL or source]
Columbus found the new world, but Vespucci was the man who recognized
it was a new world.
Martin Waldseemuller a German mapmaker believed that Vespucci was the
European to reach the "New World."
In 1507, he suggested they call it America:
"I see no reason why anyone should justly object to calling this part
America, after Amerigo, its discoverer, a man of great ability."
The name "America" may or not may not be derived from any one of a
of known sources.
Conventionally to is connected with the name of Amerigo Vespucci and
is the usage that is historically documented.
The other suggestions (Richard Amerike, Amerrique in Nicaragua, Amorica
-the continent of ancient Greek and Roman myth)
are speculations that would require additional evidence in order to be
taken seriously.
We traced the name "Amerigo" (Americo) to a Jewish noble in Southern
whose Hebrew name was "Machir"
and he was known as "HaMachiri". Documented evidence shows this person
have been a famous
hero amongst the gentiles who gave him several names that were Latin
permutation derived from the Hebrew.
Amongst these names we find variations of Amerigo and America.
This is documented and may be checked in any major library.

Arthur J. Zuckerman, "A Jewish Princedom in Feudal France, 768-900”,
York 1972,
Al Makhiri  (Ha Makhiri) came to be known as "Aymeri" (p.375), as
"Maghario," or "Magharius"(p.180),
as "Aymeri, , and as "Aimerico", and "Aimericus" (p.121 n.16).

"Aimerico", and "Aimericus",  are variations of  "Amerigo" or

All alternative suggestions are not documented (so far as we have seen)
are no more than learned speculations.
They may nevertheless be right and we may be wrong but this seems
at present.
Nevertheless, even if we were wrong on this point, the fact remains
the term "Aimerico" in the past
was considered the equivalent of "HaMachiri" in Hebrew which originally
meant "The Man from Machir"
or in the plural, "The Descendants of Machir".
Machir was the firstborn son of Manasseh.
Thank you for the information
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

2. Betty Matteson: The Right to use Coat of Arms

Re: The Right to bear Arms:
Firstly, there is no law preventing the use of family Arms in the
States or in Ireland. In Scotland and England to display the 'official'
family Arms one must obtain the legal right to do so.
Secondly, the Coat of Arms being offered on the Brit-Am Genealogy
are not intended to be exact replicas of the original holder's Arms or
Crest. The person who once was granted the original British Arms was
either noble or upper class citizens, who passed their Arms and Crest
to their sons, who passed them on to sons. These Arms were displayed by
family with great pride, honor, and distinction. The original design of
family Arms and Crest belonged to the bearer and his descendants - and
a type of 'copyright' on the official design.That original design is in
way being infringed upon with Coat of Arms being offered on the Brit-Am
website. The representations depicted on our Arms [shield and crest]
reflect symbolically what the original bearer, who had the same
won the Arms for at the time - nothing more or less. If we were
the exact replica of the original Heraldic Arms - that would be like
Colorado using the official Crest of Vermont to represent the state of
When you look at the sample Coat of Arms depicted on the 'Lost Tribes
of Arms' page you will see that the shield is "blue with nine silver
- the crest is a black boar's head". This is the description of the
original Bailey Arms - what the original design looked like, one would
assume, is very, very different than the one designed for this page -
the names of items are the same -  not in art - but in name. The
symbols are depicted - but not duplicated in design - and certainly the
original mantles and helmets are completely different than our designs.
When it comes to the Lost Tribes Coat of Arms it is important for us to
learn the symbolic items that were used on the family shield and crest
they may provide clues relating to the Identity of the Lost Tribes of
Israel - especially the individual tribes. Colors are important -
have been, always will continue to provide clues. The use of the Lion,
Eagle, Unicorn and Star, bear, deer, etc., are important as well - all
meaning much older than the Arms and Crests themselves.
As we have seen through many Brit-Am lessons there are distined
that pass down with the tribes by an unseen [but perhaps not unwritten]
that surface time and time again - all to leave a trail along the way
the tribes to trace back to their origins. For instance, take the
Evans; the name is Welsh and the Coat of Arms depicts a blue shield
with a
gold lion {Judah} rampant [ready to charge], and the Crest is a stag
[Naphtali ?]. All these old heraldic symbols should be studied and
gone over with great understanding and importance - for certain they
clues to the Identity of the tribes.
It can be certain that staunch old families from the Isles, who still
their family Arms with great distinction frown [big frown here] on
Americans [and others], who want to display a same-surname Coat of Arms
what right have we to the honor? We are seekers, we are searchers and
will find the evidence we need to bring the Brit-Am message forth to
entire world. So, do we have the right to bear Arms? In the light of
research and the need to know - the answer is an absolute - YES !
Betty Matteson Rhodes
Your Personal Coat of Arms
Now you can order original Coat of Arms computer images, including
Crest, for a very low cost via our Brit-Am Genealogy Section. These
Coat of
Arms are created using authentic Heraldry references for your family
Surname and are emailed to you ready to use.  These Coat of Arms images
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on your family arms [shield] portray the description found in Heraldry,
does the family crest. The helmet, greenery, vines, etc. are at the
discretion of the artist.
There are two sizes of images available - one is ideal for creating
own Letterhead Stationary, greeting cards, or use as wallpaper for your
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  3. Fundraising suggestions

1) Urge Brit-AM supporters to set aside a jar at home and place spare
change in it every day for a month as a holy offering to God to help
Brit-AM. At the end of the month everyone should tally the proceeds and
send it to Brit-AM.  I am sure we will be surprised by how much all of
can contribute in this manner.  Social psychology suggests if you have
people publicly commit to do this as an experiment they will be more
to follow through.

2) A goal set by you to write a personal note of encouragement and
to each Brit-AM supporter.  The personal touch will help establish a
bond with those supportive of your efforts and I think lead to
increase in donations.

Test and experiment with these suggestions.

Your Friend Always,


Dr. Richard F. Griffiths

4. Red Hair, Celts, Mummies, etc.
In the next positing of  "Brit-Am Now"-490
we will discuss red hair, physical appearance, and also the "Celtic"
mummies with red hair
and tartan dress that were discovered in Central Asia and Siberia and
prove the
Brit-Am historical scenario as explained in "The tribes" and our other

5. Help us to spread the truth of Brit-Am Identity.
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