Fri, 24 Dec 2004
"Brit-Am Now"- 495
1. Use of Brit-Am materials.
2. Brit-Am Web Site Remodelled
3. New Finds Confirm Brit-Am Historical Explanations?
4. Article on the Herules of Gad
5. Brit-Am Needs You!

1. Use of Brit-Am materials.
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-494
Dear Yair,

   May I use the Jeremiah 31 article for my  website?

Answer:  Anybody can use on the web any Brit-Am materials  sent out to
the Brit-Am e-mail list so long as acknowledgement of the fact that they
emanated from Brit-Am is given.
On the other hand,
Extensive quotations in printed matter from Brit-Am publications and
postingsshould be by permission from us and always accompanied by an
acknowledgement of their Brit-Am source.

We in fact are pleased on the whole that such usage is made.
It is good for Brit-Am and good for everyone.

2. Brit-Am Web Site Remodelled
Well Worth viewing.

Our webmaster, Betty Matteson Rhodes, did the artwork and all the work on the site.

3. New Finds Confirm Brit-Am Historical Explanations?
In recent years several new findings as well as re-examinations of the
old evidence have
contributed to strengthening the Brit-Am explanations of Migratory
Paths fromAncient Israel to the West.

David Faux uses mainly DNA findings in ongoing research that he
believes could show a linkage through ancestral migrations between Central Asia,
the Khazars, Ashkenazic Jews, Scandinavia, and outlying isles of
The time frame he suggests is after 400 CE.
All of this corresponds with our own explanations as seen in our works
"The tribes", "Lost israelite Identity", "Origin", etc.

We are very very reserved about relying on DNA findings in their
present stage
of scientific explanation but admit that to some degree they could have
a limited validity.
At all events this work of D. Faux is interesting:
Here is an extract from a recent posting of his:

<<<I have not found sufficient evidence to say much of anything (your
is as good as mine) about the era before circa 400 AD.  However, it is
this time, as the Roman Empire was crumbling, that a well documented
leader named Uldin, who, with his "Hunnish horde", composed of Alanic
Germanic allies, moved north after 408 at which point there is no
record of him in the Roman, Greek or Byzantine sources.  In the mid 5th
Century the archaeological record shows, for example, a dramatic change
burial practices in Scandanavia consistent with the arrival of a
Asian and Pontine steepe cultural tradition.  Anyway, sources, yes I am
assembling the whole lot...>>
David F.

4. Article on the Herules of Gad
Interesting article about the Herules whom we have traced to the
Ha-Areli clan on the Tribe of Gad.
The article gives a useful background in the known history and
of this group though some aspects of the scenario described are based
Our "humble" impression is that the Brit-Am explanations of historical
trails of peoples
moving is still the best available.

5. Brit-Am Needs You!
Brit-Am functions. Brit-Am spreads the message. We could do much more.
We could do it better. Quite a few people seem to think that given the
they could  spread a Brit-Am type message better than we are doing. It
could be
but I doubt it.
At all events Brit-Am needs to keep going and to do its task as well as
it can.
The Almighty has helped us. So should you.
If you think that the Brit-Am message is a positive one and deserves to
continue and even
expand then you should do what you can to help us. To keep going, we
on people like yourself.
If you can send us an offering, please do so.
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