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Jan 2, 2005

1. Query for The Tribes" from Canada
2. New Member
3. Web-Sites on the Black Dutch and Black Irish
4. French Canadians of  Sephardic Jewish Descent?
5. Scientific DNA Reversal?

1. Query for The Tribes" from Canada
>Dear  Mr. Davidiy ,
>for only $25 for both books together.
>[the books for this offer will be sent out when THE TRIBES
>is published which should be soon]."
>Does the above offer hold true for Canadian dollars or only for U.S.?

The above order is no longer valid since the book has now been
The present price is $30 US and this buys you "The Tribes" only.
If you wish to pay in Canadian dollars then send whatever the
of  what $30 US would be in Canadian money.
You may send:
a. A Canadian check in Canadian dollars.
b. A Canadian check in US dollars as long as the bank has a branch in
US written on the check.
DO NOT send A Canadian check in US dollars without a branch of the bank
the USA written on the check.

2. New Member
From: Mrs P
Subject: subscribe

Shalom Yair Davidy,

      I happened upon the Britam website while doing a
google search on the Lost Tribes of Israel.  I had
become interested about this subject because of what I
had heard on the chat program, Paltalk.  There seems
to be much opposition amongst Christians and messianic
Jews to the idea that there are actually Lost Tribes.
They claim that most of the members of the 10 tribes
of Israel actually fled to join with Judah during the
Assyrian invasion, and they then became one nation
known as the Jews.  And, some groups claiming
Israelite heritage are Nazi-like, white supremacist
groups, virulently anti-semitic, such as the Christian
Identity group, rumored to have been the group Timothy
McVeigh belonged to.  However, I was intrigued enough
about the idea to start my own research on the
      I am very glad that I did.  Your website is the
most fascinating site that I have read on the subject
yet.  Also, the fact that it is written by an orthodox
Jew gave it more of an air of credibility to me than
the sites I hav read written by messianic Israelites
and British Israelite adherents.  I don't know why
really, because I am a Christian with an evangelical
background.  But, with all the fringe groups that seem
to spring up in Christianity, many Christians, like
myself, are skeptical of "new" movements with a
Christian base.  I guess that is why your site
resonated more with me; it was written by a
non-Christian.  You have backed up everything you
claim with scripture straight out of the Tanakh, with
your thoughts and commentary from the Talmud, along
with historical evidence.  I was fascinated to say the
least.  I waited until I had read almost the whole
website, before I emailed you.
      I am also intrigued by your website because it
seems to resonate with me spiritually.  Most of my
ancestry hail from the UK, specifically England and
Wales, possibly Ireland or Scotland..I will have to
ask my parents about that; but I know I have ancestry
from England and Wales on my mother's side.  On my
father's side, I think I remember him saying that some
of his ancestors immigrated to the US from Germany and
the UK.  Maternally, I am also descended from Cherokee
Indians.  My maternal great-grandmother was full
Cherokee Indian.  Some research I came across revealed
that the Cherokees claim Hebraic Heritage and the
Cherokees were predominantly Christian.  So, I could
very well be of 100% Israelite descent in all my
ancestry, if that is true.  Who knows.  It is an
intriguing thought, nevertheless.
      Also, I read with great interest and excitement
the comments about a spiritual awakening amongst the
people who are supposedly of "Israelite" descent.  I
have experienced an awakening of my own as to
embracing the Hebraic roots of Christianity.  I think
my awakening began in earnest about 2 years ago when I
became interested in the dietary laws.  As a
Registered Nurse, I keep abreast of new scientific and
medical research and was fascinated that some of this
research was validating the dietary laws of the Torah.
  I started desiring to adhere to the dietary laws.
First, I gave up pork-the best move I have ever made,
haha.  Then about a year ago, I started feeling an
intense desire to further adhere to the dietary laws.
I was able to finally overcome my desire for catfish
and shellfish.  That was very hard for me to do, since
I was practically raised on catfish and loved shrimp
and oysters, but I sincerely felt in my heart that
this was what God wanted me to do.
      Later, I started experiencing a desire to start
keeping the biblical sabbath-sundown Friday to sundown
Saturday.  These were strange desires and thoughts I
was having, because Christians are taught that the
Torah does not apply to us. Prior to this "awakening"
though, I had lost all desire to go to church and had
only been to church on rare occasions the last
two-three years.  So, I prayed about these new
feelings I was having about being Torah observant,
which went so contrary to what I had been raised to
believe.  You may not accept this, but I felt God
speaking to my heart that He wanted me to return to my
"Jewish" roots.  Since I have no "Jewish" ancestry
that I know of, I took it to mean I should study the
Hebraic roots of the Christian faith.  Of course, with
my mix of ancestry, their could be a Jewish influence
in the woodpile somewhere..hahaha.  Anyhow, I started
studying with the messianic Jews and messianic
Christians on paltalk and my heart became even more
stirred to embrace the Torah,its commandments and the
Feasts of the Lord, etc.  Now, I am consumed with
wanting to know all I can about the Torah.  I desire
to collect Judaica, as my finances allow.
      I have always supported Israel and the Jewish
people there, but actual love for the Jews and Israel
has grown exponentially in the last 2 years or so,
even before my "awakening" about the Torah and
choosing to be Torah observant.  I desired to be with
Jews, to associate with them and to show them that I
was not their enemy, that I truly and genuinely loved
them.  I didn't know then why I suddenly had this love
for Jews and a desire to associate with them.  Even
the rebuffs I received, which were particularly
mean-spirited at times because I was a Christian,
didn't seem to phase me.  I still wanted to be with
them and still had a burning love in my heart for
them, not to convert them, but to associate with them,
to "protect" them.  And my love for the land of
Israel, a burning desire to be in Israel, not to
visit, but to actually live there, has grown in my
heart...a desire I have not experienced before.  I
have always wanted to visit the Holy Land, inspired by
my faith, but not to live there, like I experience
now.  So, I think I can unequivocally say that I am an
Israelite descendant, if your teachings are correct,
and I believe that they are from what I have read.
And I am not a person that is easily swayed by new
teachings or beliefs.  I have to be convinced in my
own heart that it is Truth and that is how I feel
about the Britam website...I am fully convinced in my
heart that it is Truth.  So, I am interested in
receiving your newsletter and will be buying your
books and subscribing to the Britam magazine as soon
as my financial situation improves.  It has been very
rough for my husband and I in this economy.  Please
keep us in prayer that our financial situation
improves very soon, so I can become a financial
contributor to Britam.  I have already referred your
website to two  people that I felt would benefit from
it.  Also, I have been a member of the International
Fellowship of Christians and Jews for about 1 1/2
years and have contributed to their work in the past
as I was able to.  You may want to consider offering
Judaica through Britam, as the IFCJ does, to
Christians interested in the Hebraic roots of their
faith.  That is another way you could raise funds.
      Also, I listened to the recording that was on the
old Britam site of when you were on the Tamar Yonah
Radio show through Paltalk radio.  This would be
another way for you to spread your message via the
      The Jews need to hear your message just as much
as Christians....a chat room
discussing your theories about Britam is sorely needed
on paltalk.  It might be something for you to
      Well, I am sure you are growing tired of reading
by now.  I do tend to be very wordy..hahaha.  So, I
will end this email here and send it.  Hope to hear
from you soon.  Stay safe and I will pray for you and
for the success of Britam, which I sincerely believe
is inspired of God.

May the shalom of God be with you always,
Texas, USA

3. Web-Sites on the Black Dutch and Black Irish
Black Dutch

Black Irish

4. French Canadians of  Sephardic Jewish Descent?
The site attempts to use DNA findings which I doubt will be of much use
this case.
Nevertheless it is interesting that such an attempt is being seriously

5. Scientific DNA Reversal?
Until now most authorities stated categorically that mitochondria DNA
passed on ONLY through the
mother. New findings now indicate that such may not be the case.
Mitochondria can be inherited from both parents

17:01 23 August 2002
NewScientist.com news service
Danny Penman


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