"Brit-Am Now"-505
January 17, 2005

1. German and "Wishful Thinking"
2. Opponents to Brit-Am Type Lost Ten Tribes  Beliefs
3. Apart from Brit-Am there is no Alternative

1. German and "Wishful Thinking"
Yair Davidiy <britam@n...> wrote:

> > We hold that the Germans who moved to North America were mainly of
> > Israelite origin whereas those that remained behind
> > had a different origin.
> > Similar patterns existed in other areas of Europe.
> >
>Is that not wishful thinking?

> >
> > Criteria to Determine What peoples are probably of Israelite
> > 1. Blessings: Economic and Physical Blessings as promised to Israel
> > in Scripture.
>Rich and Beautiful: Jew. Poor and ugly: non-Jew? Sorry, just put it

(a) Our position is not "wishful thinking" but rather "willful"
It is justified according to historical studies
and basically must be correct. Nevertheless
whether the principle is accepted or not depends on what one "wills".
On the other hand the notion that the German people in Germany had
homogenous origins
and were not a mixture of various quite different elements really is
wishful thinking.

(b)  The "Jew" is Judah who though in his own way blessed was not to
receive a realization of the Physical and economic blessings at the national
level promised to "Israel'.
Judah had a different role to play and will receive his reward in the
Latter Days.
As individual families descendants of Judah relatively speaking often
did receive a blessing of their own but that is a different subject.

2. Opponents to Brit-Am Type Lost Ten Tribes  Beliefs
A correspondent wrote me concerning a certain Darrell Conder who
apparently spoke out against
Brit-Am Type Lost Ten Tribes  Beliefs. We were asked to reply to DC
but we could not find anything of substance to reply to.
I am not saying that nothing was there just that I did not find it.
DC was once a kind of friend of ours (we corresponded and spoke on the
phone but did not actually ever met)
and apparently he has now gone over the edge.
I looked at DCs site and did not see anything on the Lost Tribes.
We did see a quote belittling the Bible and the another one belittling
the Jewish people and quoting
works we have read but do not respect.

This is part of our answer:
We do not have to produce counter-arguments.
Our work is valuable enough in its own right.
Let our opponents (if they are such) bring counter-arguments to us and
we may deign to answer them or we may not.

3. Apart from Brit-Am there is no Alternative

Our recent missives "The New Middle East" and "The New Middle East
Revised" provoked quite a reaction. We may post some of the correspondence
Some of the letters had the common theme that many amongst "Joseph"
now keep aspects of the Law and perhaps under certain circumstances
they would be accepted
as "settlers" or something of the like. Many of those writing appear to
belong to frameworks of their own.

Brit-Am is as close as you will get.
Brit-Am is more or less  acceptable to both sides.
Brit-Am is true and provable.
Brit-Am prepares the way for whatever may happen along the lines
suggested and with all due respect Brit-Am is alone in this.
Without working through Brit-Am nothing can be done.
Any progress made will require the empowering of Brit-Am especially
through increased material support.
Things may change. New groups and new people may arise but for the
moment Brit-Am is what there is. Appreciate it and help us if you
believe you belong to "Israel" and want recognition of this belonging.

Spreading the Brit-Am message is our task.
We do this full time and God willing will continue to do so
as long as necessary.
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