"Brit-Am Now"-53

                 Date:  Thu Jul 11, 2002  12:40 am

                 1. The USA and rebuilding the Temple
                 2. Red Indian from Gad?
                 3. Melungeons and Jews?

                 1. The USA and rebuilding the Temple
                 From: Nancy Miller
                 Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-52
                 Looked up America's Hebrew birth-date the other day. July 4, 1776 was the
                 17th of Tammuz.

                 Comment from Brit-Am: The 17th of Tammuz is a fast day which commemorates
                 the process that lead to the destruction of the Temple and on which we pray
                 for the rebuilding of the Temple and repent of our sins.
                 When something happens on the same day it sometimes has one of two possible
                 1. OR it means that an additional calamity has occurred.
                 2. OR it means that a rectification of the first calamity is being prepared.
                 i.e. Brit-Am teaching would say that since "Joseph" will be instrumental in
                 rebuilding the Temple then it is significant that the major nation
                 representing Joseph today
                 (which is the USA) was founded on the day commemorating the destruction of
                 the Temple and seeking its restoration.

                 2. Red Indian from Gad?
                 From: ddlawrence
                 Subject: Yirmeyahu
                 Shalom Yair:

                 Your email series on Jeremiah was very good. ?
                 I need to learn much more of the prophets, I have been studying them
                 intensively for months, what do you suggest?
                 Are you going to do the other prophets?
                 A few years ago, before I received the Brit-Am message, I talked with a
                 native American Indian on a bus outside of Chicago. He told me his tribe
                 believed they descended from Gad.

                 3. Melungeons and Jews?
                 From the Jewish Genealogy mailing list.

                 Beth Hirschman spoke at the 4th Melungeon Union, June 22, Kingsport,
                 Tenn. on "Why This Melungeon Believes She is of Sephardic and Moorish
                 Descent." Four reasons: 1. Naming patterns (Biblical Hebrew like
                 Mordechai; Hebrew and Jewish like Golda and Esther; ARabic/Aramaic
                 like Mahala; Spanish/Portugues/Greek/Italian like Isabella);
                 2. marriage patterns (just to take her 'family stalk'...Carter,
                 Caldwell, Blevins, Moore, Cooper, Davis, Wampler, Wolf..."Cousin
                 marriage maintains ethnic purity and religious traditions, or secrecy,
                 and it's still practiced by Sephardic Jews and Muslims"
                 3. Jewish/Muslim behaviors (e.g., avoidance of pork, salting and
                 soaking meat to remove blood, removal of the sciatic leg nerve in meat,
                 cleaning house on Friday, throwing a silver coin into a baby boys
                 first bathwater and
                 My favorite --"Being told you are Jewish by a family member),
                 4. dna testing of her surnames (2 were Semitic, 8 were Western Atlantic,
                 2 were unclassifiable (P.S. I know one of these is COOPER because it is
                 also mine). She also showed maps of where the haplotypes matched--in
                 places throughout Europe and the New World where the Sephardic Jews lived.
                 Recommended reading from Beth: James Ross, Fragile Branches...Walter
                 Weiss, Islam: An Illustrated Historical Overview...Barbara Kessel,
                 Suddenly Jewish...Lary Tye, Homelands...Casa Shalom at
                 marrano@a... Form...JewishGene...and Richard G.
                 Santos, Silent Heritage, Sanantonio: New Sephard Press, 2000. She
                 announced the publication of her new book Melungeons: The Last Lost
                 Tribe in America in fall 2003 by Mercer University Press.
                 I followed Beth, my topic being "Jewish Indian: Who'd 've Thunk It!" But
                 this isalready a long e-mail, so interested parties can email me at
                 Don Panther-Yates
                 Statesboro, Ga.