"Brit-Am Now"-54

Date: 07/13/2002 6:25:25 PM Central Daylight Time

1. Christian and Jewish Alliance
2. The Tribe of Dan
3. Concerning Abortion

1.Christian and Jewish Alliance
From: Jackie Young
with great interest I have read the report of the new alliance politically
between Christians and Jews.New Jewish-Christian alliance launched
Effort to support Israel led by Daniel Lapin, Gary Bauer
By Rabbi Daniel Lapin July 11, 2002 WorldNetDaily.com
It was a great and heartwarming encouragement to know that many in Israel
are recognizing that Conservative Christians do indeed identify totally
with Israel and consider themselves like adopted children into the family
of God. We believe in One God
and that He is the God of Israel and that Abraham is the Father of our
thank you for sending this article....it is most heartwarming...and you
must know that what happens to Israel indeed happens to us...
Jackie Young

2. The Tribe of Dan
Question: Dear Yair Davidiy,
I read your article on those of Celtic ancestry.
I have always heard it taught that Dan is not a good tribe and that it may
be the one from which comes the antichrist.
Since I am of Scot-Irish decent that concerns me greatly.
Do you see that all of Celtic decent are from Dan; and what have you
learned of that tribe in your studies? Are they a "Judas" tribe?
Thank you for your attention; I look forward to your reply.
Debra McKenzie

Answer: We conclude that Dan is prominent in Southern Ireland and in
Denmark as well as being found throughout the British Isles.
Most of those of "Celtic" descent are probably not descended from Dan.
It is none of my business, on the on hand I do not believe in the
anti-christ on the other hand I understand that the idea that the "antichrist"
is from Dan is no more than that. An idea, not a doctrine, but check it
out. I am the last person in the world whom you should consult on Christina
There is a Jewish tradition that does put Dan in a somewhat negative light
but on the other hand there is also the belief that the mother of the
future Messiah will be from Dan. Our historical researches indicated that
the tribe of Dan had an important influence on world history and became a
great nation.

3. Concerning Abortion

Shalom Yair:
Just a word about the article about abortion being bad to a womans
mental health.
I know personally what a spontaneous abortion does to a woman because I
had one at the age of19. I miscarried at 3 months and immediately went
into a first-class depression. I felt that I was going crazy. I had to
be sedated and never did fully recover from it until this year. I am 59,
and it has taken me all these years to finally release it all back to
G-d . He made and gave me the child, and for a reason only He knows, He
took back the child to Himself.
My daughter had a spontaneous abortion at 6 months 20 yrs ago, he was
stillborn. and she has never gotten over it either. It was very
traumatizing to us all.. There again, God choose to give her that little
boy for only a few months. Our sons wife had a spontaneous abortion at 3
mns also and they never have gotten over that either. In each case, we
were all given the privilege of having other children, but the loss of
those little one's will always live with us.
We know that we will see them again, and that G-d had His reasons, maybe
lessons for us to learn. Who knows? But it is a very ugly feeling of
despair, guilt, a great emptiness, and an overwhelming sadness. One that
I pray will never happen in our family ever again.
I am so glad that our children love and fear G-d at the same time, this
extends to our grandchildren also. Never has an abortion by choice been
an option for any of them.
G-d bless you Yair
Shalom cita g.