"Brit-Am Now"-58

Date: 07/22/2002 9:29:24 AM Central Daylight Time

1. Civil War article
2. Thank you
3. "Gates of Your Enemies" still in effect

1. Civil War article
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-57 To: britam@netvision.net.il

In reference to your Civil War article, let me tell you that the stream of
Manassass, Virginia ( Site of a battle called by Union Troops- Bull Run,
Southern Troops- Manassass) has developed into a bustling city in Virginia.
I drill there with the Guard every month.

You will find a lot of verified Jewish elements in Virginia. The oldest
Jewish community in Virginia still in existance dates from the Colonial
times, and was formally established in 1796. Thats Brit- Achim, located in
Petersburg, Va. The original structure doesnt exist, but the community is
still vibrant, strong, and growing.

It was a practice to name certain elements biblically as they were settled,
and that absolutely verifies your comments and observations that these
areas have Jewish names. its also important to point out that Manassass, Va
was located very close to old Mason- Dixon line, and many troops from that
area served with the Union Army instead of the Confederate army, in which
territory they lived at the time.

Robert E Lee was from that immediate area. Although he fought for the
South, he did so out of a sense of duty to his community. He was offered
command of the Union troops at the outset of the war, and turned them down.

Just a few facts from a proud Virginia citizen.

Jim Linduff

2. Thank you
Dear Yair , Thankyou for all you have sent us. Each message and
commentaries have been a blessing to us.
Shalom from David & Lynda

3. "Gates of Your Enemies" still in effect
Note we in Brit-Am have frequently pointed out that the blessing to receive
the gate of your enemies (Genesis 22:17) and the gate of those who hate you
(Genesis 24:60) was the blessing
received by the Patriarchs and transmitted to the seed of Joseph more than
to any other section of Israel.
These "gates" were understood by the Midrash to mean strategic points and
passes of international importance.
  Britain and the USA have always possessed such "gates" and have always
made their possession a lynch pin
of their foreign and military policies. They have done this far more
consistently and thoroughly than any of the other empires
who placed their emphasis on other strategies.
The following extract illustrates that this principle is still being
maintained by Joseph almost as if it was part of his instinctive being.

From: DEBKA-Net-Weekly
Subject: Issue 69
Vol.1, Issue 69, July 19, 2002
Intelligence - Terror - Mid East - Islam - International
Conflicts - Security - Political Analysis

  Iran Loses Sleep over New US Air Base in East Afghanistan
In deep hush, the Americans are nearing completion of a spanking new
underground air base in eastern Afghanistan, to be the largest facility of
its kind in that part of the world. This is reported exclusively by
DEBKA-Net-Weekly's sources.
The project coincides with US efforts to stabilize the administration
of Hamid Karzai in Kabul amid reported debates over whether or not to boost
the 1,000-strong US military presence in Afghanistan. It means that the
Pentagon has abandoned its earlier plan to locate this important facility
in the Baluchistan region of Pakistan.
The base, abutting on the southern suburbs of the Afghan Shi'ite city
of Herat, is due to go operational in September as the new home of US
aerial forces now scattered around the Persian Gulf, Central Asia and other
locations in Afghanistan. It will also house elements of the advanced
control and command center dismantled at the Prince Sultan air base in
Saudi Arabia and temporarily stored in new US bases in Qatar and Oman.
From its big new base, the operational scope of the US air force will
stretch across Afghanistan and the Caspian Sea region, which is vitally
important for the United States because of its oil reserves and other
natural resources; Central Asia, all of Iran, the Persian Gulf, the Strait
of Hormuz and the northern Arabian Sea up to Yemen's Socotra Islands. The
US air force will also have a commanding position in relation to Pakistan,
India and the western fringes of China. The base will include a facility
for US special forces units
Iranian strategists have noted that the Herat base is but a link in a
formidable chain of new facilities the United States is in the process of
drawing around them. Other links, as DEBKA-Net-Weekly reported in Issue 67,
are the new air and naval facilities at Assab and Dahlak in the Eritrean
archipelago and in Tiblisi, Georgia, as well as those located on Yemen's
Socotra Islands and in the Red Sea port town of Hodeidah.
American military planners are now looking at locations in
Turkmenistan near the Caspian Sea. The Iranians and their intelligence
services have also been keeping a close eye on the newfound German and
Israeli naval and air presence in the Horn of Africa, at the meeting points
of the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.
One of DEBKA-Net-Weekly's Iranian sources said: "It should be
understood that when Iranian leaders see the map of American bases
tightening around us like a noose, they are absolutely sure that
Washington's primary goal is first to strangle us, then kills us off."
The new base at Herat has reinforced this conviction.
The men in Tehran also have a grievance. As one source put it:
"First, the United States pressured us to cut down on our agents'
activities in Afghanistan so as not to threaten the stability of the Karzai
government in Kabul. Now," he complained, "It looks as though this was only
an excuse to remove the thousands of Iranian agents we sent to Afghanistan
to keep track of US military activities in areas Tehran views as vital to
its strategic interests. With them out of the way, the Americans could go
forward in the dark."


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