Brit-Am Now - 60

                 Date:  Tue Jul 30, 2002  5:00 am

                 1.Viewpoint From Carmon
                 2. Columbus and others
                 3. Orjan and European Trip
                 4. Kathryn: Ireland - The Migration of Tribes

                 1. Viewpoint From Carmon
                 THE LORD HAVE SPOKEN IT.
                 <<These predictions were fulfilled in the disasters that overcame
                 the inhabitants of Jerusalem. The question is what does the future hold? OK
                 everyone here (on this list) is a believer and probably lives a fairly
                 righteous existence. How can we better ourselves? How much obligation do we
                 have towards others? How can we help them? How can we help ourselves? Where
                 does the solution lie? >>
                 From Carmon:
                 I have looked for truth. I have questioned all that I believe. I have
                 searched G-d's word. I have cried and begged the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and
                 Jacob please help me find the answers and fill in the blanks.
                 Maybe he has answered or maybe I deceive myself... But here is what I have.
                 Two houses of Israel Two pictures of Messiah
                 Messiah ben Joseph - to be accepted by House of Joseph/Israel/Ephraim -
                 parallels the life of Joseph in a much bigger/greater way.
                 Messiah ben David - to be accepted by the House of David/Judah/Jews/ and
                 all of Israel -parallels the life of David in a much bigger/greater way.
                 Just as the two houses are the same House - the two pictures of Messiah are
                 the same Messiah. Messiah ben Joseph and the House of Joseph still seem to
                 be hidden from the House of David/Judah/Jews.
                 Is G-d removing the blinders in the last days.. I believe he is. Where is
                 the solution? I believe it is in honest searching for the truth no matter
                 what we believe when we begin. The solution is and always has been in the
                 Hebrew Bible and Prayer. How can we help? The lost tribes are in desperate
                 need of Judah's knowledge and teaching of the Torah. Only G-d can open
                 hearts and minds to his truth. For years "Christian's" have been content to
                 live without studying the "old testament" and without living according to
                 its teaching. G-d is not content to let it stay that way - and He is
                 calling us to ask for Judah's help, for we know your G-d is G-d.

                 2. Columbus and others
                 Thank you for your hopeful messages. My friend has been forwarding your
                 e-mails to me for some time now and I always look forward to receiving
                 them. As an American, I believe the things you report to be of utmost
                 importance. That is why, when I read your messages about Christopher
                 Columbus possibly having been Jewish, I thought you might be interested in
                 a website that I came across, . It says that the
                 natives of the Western Hemisphere (before Columbus) were Jewish as well.
                 Thank you again for your messages.

                 3. Orjan and European Trip
                 From: Orjan Svensson
                 I just returned from a trip to Romania (travelling by boat and by train).
                 In Romania I found and aquired some material which seems to be pertinent to
                 Brit-Am research.
                 The material deals with Dacian history, peoples in ancient Dacia etc, etc.
                 I can report from the trip that I saw plenty of Israeli tourists in Prague.
                 Many shops in Prague even have advertisements and signs outside the shops
                 in Hebrew!
                 Outside one shop I even saw written (in Hebrew characters) "KAN MeKaBLiYM
                 SHeKaLiYM" [i.e. Here we receive shekels].
                 In Budapests I also saw many Israelis and Jews walking on the streets.
                 One had the text "NO FEAR" in large capitals on his T-shirt.
                 In Warsaw however I saw none. Neither in Romania.
                 During the trip I visited and had meals in three different Kosher restaurants:
                 One in Budapest and two in Prague. I like Kosher food and beleive it to be
                 more healthy than other food. It also according to what I know always
                 tastes good.
                 Swine meat on the other hand tastes bad if you try it after having
                 refrained from
                 it for a couple days or weeks. If swine meat shall taste good then you need to
                 eat it every day, otherwise it tastes bad when you try it after having
                 from it for some time.
                 Between Poland and here I travelled by ferry. Previous years when I
                 travelled by that
                 ferry there used to be an orchestra in the bar- and dancing area of the
                 ferry, occationally
                 playing Jewish music, such as Hava Nagila etc. Maybe due to the past Jewish
                 in Poland. This year I observed no such orchestra.
                 Last year however when I travelled by that ferry, as far as I remember I
                 first went up to the
                 sun-deck and ordered an ice-cream or something. They were then playing the
                 reggae tune "The Israelites" in the loud speakers.
                 I then went down to the bar or pub of the ferry. There they were playing
                 the tune
                 "By the rivers of Babylon...". I then went out and came back, and this time
                 orchestra was playing "Hava nagila". I remember that I thought it was odd that
                 they were playing so many "Israelite" tunes on that ferry.
                 I fantisized that maybe the Poles who were operating the ferry felt
                 subconsiously that
                 they were travelling to and from the "Israelite" country of Sweden.
                 Concerning Poland I can report that economic conditions are now visibly
                 improving there,
                 although they have still a long way to go until the average Pole reaches
                 the level
                 of the average Swede. Most Swedes have never put their feet on Polish soil,
                 Poland is located very close to Sweden geographically.
                 Generally Poland is in Sweden considered as a very different country as
                 compared to
                 Sweden, and the Poles are looked upon with suspiction, and this not without
                 We Swedes know some of what they did to the Jews. Also it is suspected in
                 Sweden that
                 the Poles have not removed the line in their national anthem, which speaks
                 slaugthering of Swedes. I do not actually know if they have a line like
                 that or not.
                 If they have it then it could to some extent be explained by some brutal
                 behaviour of the Swedish
                 army in Poland during the 17th or 18th century.
                 I observed during my journey that quite many Poles physically look very
                 similar to Swedes,
                 while others more resemble Russians physically.
                 The Poles resembeling Swedes maybe are due to descent from Gothic remnants.
                 Many Goths
                 once lived in the regions around the Vistula river were Poland is now located.
                 What do you think?

                 4. Ireland - The Migration of Tribes
                 From: K
                 Subject: Ireland - The Migration of Tribes
                 I wonder if there is genetic proof for a lost tribe in Ireland. I recently
                 submitted a cheek swab to The Oxford University program that Mr. Sykes is
                 involved with (see also his book "The Daughters of Eve"). My great
                 grandmother and great grandfather were Irish and according to the Oxford
                 University program, my matrilineal DNA belongs to Clan Lara. The letter I
                 received with my chart says this DNA coding is usually found in the Middle
                 East and dates back 100,000 years to when mankind was first leaving Africa.
                 Do you have any more information than what is posted at britam?
                 Thank you so much for your insights ...

                 Comment by Brit-Am: I find the reports of Sykes interesting and would like
                 to do the DNA test myself.
                 Even so THE FINDINGS ARE CONTROVERSIAL.
                 It is almost like getting your horoscope taken: There may be some insights,
                 you might get a "kick" out of it,
                 it might raise some tantalizing questions but I would not rely on it, at
                 least not at this stage.