"Brit-Am Now"-61

                 Date:  Thu Aug 1, 2002  8:02 am

                 1. Observations and Questions from Wales
                 2. Jewish - Christian relations
                 3. Patrick: Sons of Noah and the races
                 4. Subject: comments/questions To: britam@n...
                 5. Note from Brit-Am, Jerusalem: Orders and Contributions
                 6. Petition in Sweden
                 7. Athol Bloomer in Jerusalem

                 1. Observations and Questions from Wales:

                 At 21:19 31/07/2002 +0100, Pamela wrote:
                 >Dear Yair,
                 >I have just been reading some of your articles sent by e-mail and my heart
                 >leaps! I am, as far as I know, very British; born in England but making my
                 >home here in Wales for much of my adult life. I also LOVE Israel and all
                 >God's precious people, feeling I am at home every time I visit Israel.
                 >This tremendous love I have for His Land and people, was I felt,
                 >God-given, to enable me to obey His command to me through Isaiah 40:1,
                 >given over 20 years ago. Nevertheless, I have also often secretly wondered
                 >if I have Jewish ancestry somewhere, because of this tremendous bond I
                 >feel, and because I never to my knowledge, ever experienced any
                 >anti-semitic feelings, or even hints of such, as so many admit to when the
                 >Lord enlightens them re blessing His people. In fact, I see the Lord's
                 >Hand very evidently on my life re my Jewish brethren from a very young
                 >age. My maiden name was 'Dews' - rarely pronounced correctly, so usually
                 >it came out as 'Jews'. As a little primary school kid, I well remember
                 >being teased and a certain unpleasantness associated with this as I was
                 >accused of being a Jew, long before I probably knew such people existed,
                 >certainly nothing about anti-semitism. As the Lord linked me with His
                 >people these past years, I realised just how He had prepared me to share
                 >their feelings of rejection through many of my life's experiences, but
                 >particularly this one as a small child.
                 >How would one even begin to find one's roots if they really are Jewish I
                 >would like to know. Where would one even begin, without researching at
                 >great expense. Are you finding people in Europe and the UK who find they
                 >are Jewish after all? I would love to hear your comments, but still aware
                 >that this deep love and 'kinship' I feel, is probably a God-given thing
                 >through which He is achieving some of His purposes through me. [I would
                 >still love to find I AM Jewish nevertheless!!]
                 >Thank you for your interesting articles - what does 'Brit-Am' stand for by
                 >the way? British/American - or what?

                 Answers from Brit-Am:

                 a. Brit-Am so far as far as resources and ongoing research are concerned is
                 almost a one-man show
                 though things may improve. For the moment we can provide none or very
                 little assistance regarding
                 individual researches but from our published works one could obtain
                 informational leads and an overall
                 framework that might be of assistance.

                 b. Brit-Am is the Hebrew original that is translated as A COVENANT OF THE
                 PEOPLE in Isaiah 42:6 49:8
                 FOR A LIGHT OF THE GENTILES;
                 In both instances the reference is to the Lost Ten Tribes.
                 The fact that incidentally the word(s) also refer to Britain and America
                 and also have significance for Jews ("brit"
                 is the word commonly used for circumcision) is also an advantage.

                 2. Jewish - Christian relations
                 From: Doc3@a...

                 A lot has been written lately about the supposed huge gulf that exists
                 between Orthodox Judaism and Christianity. I guess I need to add my 2 cents
                 worth to the equation, because frankly, in my family, it doesnt exist.

                 First, I would like to set my groundwork and discuss assimilation of Jewish
                 people through intermarriage with Christians. In the last one hundred
                 years, the Jewish population in the United States has remained static
                 because of intermarriage with Christians.Regarding intermarriage, if one
                 does the math, and figures marginal numbers only, it would be surprising to
                 find out exactly how many Americans have some degree of Jewish descent in
                 their family.

                 It is estimated that 1 in 3-7 American citizens of Jewish descent
                 intermarry. Given the population of American Jews, that means 1 million to
                 2 million will intermarry in this generation. Figuring 2 children apiece,
                 that means 4 million children. Multiply that by five generations, and that
                 could mean about 20-25 million Americans of some degree of Jewish descent.
                 That equates to one out of every ten people in this country.

                 I can personally attest to the fact my father, who is Jewish, did just that
                 when he married an Irish Protestant fireball that caught his attention in a
                 major way. After 7 children, they are still happily married. She made sure
                 I was raised Christian, and did so with zeal. My grandmother made sure I
                 knew about Judaism and had proper respect and reverance for G-d.

                 This constitutes a major contribution to American society and a huge
                 pro-Israel lobby in American politics. Part of the reason, at least in my
                 case, was the influence of a Jewish Grandmother who was extremely loving,
                 dedicated to her children and grandchildren, and absolutely determined to
                 remind us of our Jewish heritage and to be proud of it. All this in an
                 extremely intolerant time in American history in a small southern town. The
                 Jewish influence and reverence of G-d translates with the marriages, as
                 well as an absolute love of the Jewish people.

                 I married a Jewish woman. I have two Jewish children. My children are
                 raised Jewish not only with my consent, but with my absolute support and
                 gratification. I dont figure G-d revokes his covenants, and I know G-d
                 loves the Jewish people. My children are in good hands with the Lord.

                 So after the intermarriage of my father, resulting scandal, reaffirmation
                 of love of his family, the unconditional love of my grandmother, the
                 translated love of the Jewish people that came from my grandmother and
                 others in my family, and my marriage and children, that one marriage was
                 responsible for three new Jewish members of my family, and a return to our
                 heritage. I remain Christian.

                 God Bless Israel. God Bless the Jewish people. God Bless Judaism. God bless
                 Christianity. God bless America.

                 3.From: patrick: Sons of Noah and the races

                 Dear Yair,
                 I have discovered some important research that I believe may shed
                 additional light on Brit-Am's findings. I have read a book called "After
                 the Flood" by Bill Cooper. In the book the author spends much time
                 discussing ancient records of ancestry and how they relate to Noah's sons
                 Shem, Ham and Japheth. The author believes that certain documents in
                 Europe tracing the lines of the royal families back, support the Bible.
                 The documents he discusses seem to be written by Christians such as
                 Geoffrey of Monmouth but are said to derive from many ancient sources
                 they compiled. It is said that the records claim European monarchs from
                 Britian, Denmark etc. can trace their descent back to Japheth. Now since
                 I believe what Brit Am does about the Tribes, I believe logically North
                 western Europeans descend from Israel and back to Shem rather than
                 Japheth. I But the Lists may show descent from Shem after all, although
                 the author does not favor that position. He also acknowledges that the
                 lists appear to have some errors. The list of the genealogy of the
                 British Kings reads: Noah, Japheth, Javan, Iobaath, Baath, Izrau, Ezra,
                 etc. Izrau could be a corruption of Israel, and Ezra is of course a
                 Hebrew name. Also when mentioning a list by Asser cited in the book, it
                 is said some scholars believe the name Sceaf on the list is synonymous
                 with Shem! The author tries to discredit that position, but if it is true
                 it would be highly significant and be an evidence of Israelite ancestry!
                 The book also discusses how Dinosaurs are mention in the Bible (Leviathan
                 for example and thus there is no contradiction between the Bible and
                 science) ) it is written by a Christian but it does have much helpful

                 I hope you find these recommendations helpful.

                 Comment by Brit-Am :
                 We have "After the Flood" by Bill Cooper. It is worth reading and contains
                 valuable sources.
                 Mr Cooper makes his point well but like all of us tends to be sold out to it.
                 Early genealogical lists did register Sem (and not Japhet) as the ancestor
                 of the English,
                 and there are names in the lists that definitely show Hebrew influences.
                 Also so far we have shown in the past that the Finns, Danes, Saxons,
                 Angles, Frisians, Swedes, Welsh, Irish,
                 and Goths had traditions that connect them to Israel or to the Land of
                 Israel in Ancient Times.
                 Other nations also appear to have had similar traditions but so far we have
                 not ascertained direct sources for these.

                 4. Subject: comments/questions To: britam@n...

                 I have been a part of the e-mail correspondence for a while now and was
                 hoping i would come across certain issues that others would have asked but
                 since this is not the case I would like to pose the following
                 1)does Brit Am have a position on Menashe Ben Israel's theories that at one
                 time the continents were connected specifically to south america and that
                 the lost tribes followed a migration pattern that started in
                 Afghanistan(populated largely by Ephraim who were known for their warlike
                 impetuousness) and ending with the American Indian?
                 2)There is a Midrash that makes reference to a third Messiah from menashe
                 --this idea does not seem to have taken hold in lore--any further knowledge
                 on this area?
                 please advise
                 Sincerely yours
                 David M

                 Answers: Regarding question no.1 we are skeptical.
                 Question no.2 In general the sources suggest two future messiahs:
                 a. Messiah son of David from Judah.
                 b.Messiah ben Joseph who however is usually described as being from Ephraim.
                 There are sources that speak of future great leaders such as Elijah and a
                 future High Priest who also has messianic qualities.
                 I have never so far come across a reference to a Messiah from Menasseh but
                 if there is such a source I would be very interested.

                 5. Note from Brit-Am, Jerusalem: Orders and Contributions
                 Sometimes people send us money as orders and sometimes as
                 contributions. We welcome both and need both to function.
                 If you send in an order
                 Please include a note concerning it, even a very brief one.
                 e.g. "1 Ephraim, 1 Joseph", or even just write "books".
                 A little piece of paper (in the envelope with the check) with the word
                 "books" on it will ensure
                 your order is processed straight away.
                 Alternately if you write "books" on the check itself or on the outside of
                 the envelope that should also
                 be sufficient.
                 It write the word "books" somewhere on the check, envelope, or piece of
                 paper is not difficult.
                 We also need contributions. We function on a low budget and need inflow.

                 6. Petition in Sweden
                 Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 11:00:04 -0500
                 From: Orjan Svensson <orjan.svensson@m...>
                 Subject: petition
                 A petition in support of Israel's struggle against terror has been signed
                 by 79 Swedish politicians from the Christian Democratic party -
                 32 from the province of Scania, and 47 CD politicians from the rest of the
                 See http://members.truepath.com/israelupprop/vilka.htm

                 7. Athol Bloomer is now in Jerusalem.
                 Athol has done original and valuable research concerning descendants of
                 King David
                 who settled in Western Europe and in some cases became part of the nobility
                 Athol will be giving a lecture on this subject at the coming Brit-Am
                 meeting in Jerusalem.
                 Details will follow.