"Brit-Am Now"-63

Date: 08/03/2002 4:12:05 PM Central Daylight Time

1. Poland by Joan Griffith
2. Answers to Criticisms of Brit-Am beliefs no.1

1. Poland by Joan Griffith
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-60
This is in response to Orjan's trip to Poland:
First, Poland is in the crossroads of Europe, having been home to Balts,
Celts, Germans, Slavs, Scythians, Sarmatians, Huns, and Mongols, as well as
Magyars (Hungarians). In the early Middle Ages, Dutch, Germans, Czechs, and
Jews moved into the western provinces of Poland, while the Polish moved
east, where they mingled with Letts, Litts, Ruthenes, Romanians, and
Tartars. The country has been designated the homand of the early Slavs,
early east Germans (Prussians) and others has been self-ruled, and also has
been ruled (at least in part) by Russia, Bohemia Grand Duchy of Lithuania,
Germany, and Hapsburg Austria. The clergy, city burghers, and Jews each
were protected in Poland by royal charters. More to the point, however, my
source (an out of date book now tossed) says: Polish noblemen possessed
different racial origins than the mass of the population. Popular mythology
held that they were the descendants of the noble Japheth (rather than Ham).
This was a 16th century notion. Marcin Bielski (1495-1575)believed they
were descended from the warrior Sarmatians, who had conquered the Slavonic
tribes. When the origins of the Polish language seemed to be Slavic, the
Poles found this a mortal danger because of Russia's "Pan-Slav" theories,
the implication being that Russia should dominate the Slavic peoples.
Meantime, as late as 1791, Poland was such a diverse country that documents
were written in Roman, Cyrillic, Hebrew, and Arabic, with the official
languages Polish, Latin, and German, and the unofficial languages were
quite numerous. The Othodox, Jewish, and Tartar calendars were in use.
There was a multiplicity of religions: Roman Catholic, Calvinists,
Lutherans, Arians, Unitarians, Orthodox, Uniates, Old Believers; Jews,
Karaim, Chassidim, Frankists; Armenian monophysites, and Tartar Muslim.
Poland passed a Statute of General Toleration in 1573 to promote religious
toleration. (This would end when Catholicism was enforced on the Polish
An interesting story is that E.T.A. Hoffmann, who wrote the "Tales of
Hoffman", ran the Prussian Registry in the late 1800s. Jews were required
to register, and since they did not at that time have surnames, Hoffman
gave them one. He would give each person a name, the first word that popped
into his head. For example, on Friday, he might name everyone for a fish;
another day he would pick names of flowers (Blum), birds (vogels), or
religion (Helfgot or Help God). It was said that one day he began naming
people in a military fashion with names like Pistolet, Trompeter, etc. and
the people fled, they did not want those names!
This is from Heart of Europe, a Short History of Poland, by Norman Davies.
A better book than I thought it would be, it ends with the rise of the
unionists shortly before the USSR freed the Soviet republics, including
Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe. From the discussion of
culture here, I can understand how Pope John Paul II came out of the
country so well-educated (per his biography).
Joan Griffith
A diplomatic person is a person who sends you to hell in such a way that
you'll thank him for the trip. - Simon Pace

2. Answers to Criticisms of Brit-Am beliefs no.1

Someone wrote an article in favor of an identity idea similar to that of
Brit-Am and using beliefs of ours and put it on the web
(http://www.orange-street-church.org/text/anglo-saxon.htm) : (I prefer that
people give us credit when they use information they obtained from us but
the most important thing is that the information be used.)
After that someone else wrote an article against the first one and also put
it on the web: http://www.geocities.com/tzurmanoti/response.htm
Then Mike D and others requested that I write a reply to it.
I do not usually do this and sometimes even letters directly addressed to
me get put off for too long. Even so: Here are the basic claims made
against our kind of ideas and some brief rough answers to some of the
claims made:

They said:
<<The Messianic Truth
Response to the Anglo-Israelism Heresy
This is a reply to the fanciful theories exposed in the following website:
A response to the article:
"Suppose The Anglo-Saxons Are Not Israel?" by S. A. Ackley
Their assertions
My reply
Who are we? Who and where were we before we were Anglo-saxons?
You, Anglo-saxons, are a JAPHETIC race, descended from Gomer and Magog,
according to the Scriptures, to all reliable history documents, and to YOUR
OWN GENEALOGIES!!! (see the British and Saxon Chronicles, and the
Anglo-saxon and Milesian Genealogies). Celtic peoples were present in
Europe since Avraham's times, and Saxons are recorded in northern Germany
since David's times.>>

Answer by Brit-Am: Scriptures do not mention the Anglo-Saxons expressly
anywhere -unless you admit that they are identifiable with "Ephraim" in the
Prophets. Anglo-Saxon genealogies trace their ancestors to Shem and some
Anglo-Saxon Frisian traditions trace their ancestry to Israel as explained
in our works especially the 2nd edition of The Tribes. Milesian (i.e.
Irish) geneaologies are ambiguous and Irish legends on the whole also
indicate Israelite origin as shown in "Lost Israelite Identity" and the
recent series of articles we had on our list entitled "Various Traditions".
"Celtic" peoples per se were present in Europe maybe from ca 650 BCE though
most authorities would put their appearance at a later date. it is not sure
at present (according to academic circles) that the early inhabitants of
Britain really were Celtic. They only received that title in the late 19th
century CE!
The earliest record of the Saxons is about 200 CE. Germanic tribes that may
have been later absorbed by the Saxons were recorded around 100 BCE and may
have been present in Germany from around 500 BCE. David lived about 1000
BCE according to conveniontally accepted chrologies.

They said:
<<What became of the ten tribes, if amalgamated, and with whom?
The "ten tribes" is just an un-Scriptural definition. They're mentioned
only when Ahiyah prophesied to Yerov'am that he would receive the remaining
of Israel, except what belongs by right to David. Ten being a number that
in Hebrew symbolism represents a whole nation, not actually "ten tribes".
How could Shim'on have joined the northern tribes??? In fact, Ezra himself
attests that the tribe of Shim'on was never deported, but remained in the
south of Israel and eventually occupied part of Edom. The actual number of
Tribes that made up the Northern Kingdom were nine, but many Ephraimites
and from other Northern Tribes re-settled in Judah to remain loyal to
David's House and Jerusalem.
If the Anglo-Saxons are not Israel, what people inhabit the waste places
and the wilderness, as God said Israel should?
All Jews still among the Goyim are inhabiting the wilderness of the pagan
nations, the UK and USA among these pagans! (I wonder, why you avoid
mentioning South-Africa among your holy elected British nations? Is it a
little embarrassing?). Many descents from the ancient Israelites have been
found in Asia and Africa (Afghanistan, Kashmir, India, China, Zimbabwe,
etc.), non in Europe or America!>>

Answer by Brit-Am:
Simeon (Shimeon) was in the south but archaeological evidence shows that
culturally and politically he was influenced by the north. He went into
exile with the northern tribes as hinted at in the Bible and affirmed by
Rabbinical Midrashim.
The bit about Simeon who "eventually occupied part of Edom" (in the time of
Hezekiah as told in the Book of Chronicles) may also have something to it.
The two points do not necessarily contradict each other.
At all events Ezra does not mention anybody from the tribe of Simeon and so
testifies that most of Simeon was missing. Ezra list families from Judah,
Benjamin, and Levi indicating that these were the main (and basically only)
tribes that remained.
You said:
<<(I wonder, why you avoid mentioning South-Africa among your holy elected
British nations? Is it a little embarrassing?).>> Well Brit-Am counts South
Africa amongst the "holy elected". We are not embarrassed.
Descendants of ancient Israelites in coherent bodies have not been found
anywhere outside of the areas we list but rather peoples who for some
reason or other adopted Jewish or Israelite folklore and customs.

They said:
<< Gen. 35: 11, promises Abraham that "A nation and a company of nations
shall be of thee." If America is not that nation, and Great Britain that
company of nations, who is?
Avraham is the forefather of a company of nations, indeed. Not only Jews
are his descent, but many other Middle-Eastern nations, including your
friends, the Arabs. Avraham had at least eight sons, of whom many nations
scattered in the Middle East and India descend. India alone is a more
numerous and diversified group of nations than America. Many Indian tribes
still keep the same names of the Israelite tribes.
If the Anglo-Saxons are not a great people, where is such a people to be
found? If we are not Israel, we must be Gentiles, and as such are in
possession of Palestine, and as Gentiles must be driven out before the Jews
can return, and Christ take up His earthly reign.
Yes, Anglo-saxons ARE GENTILES, indeed! No, Anglo-saxons are NOT a great
people, they're just taking a role in history as other peoples, even
GREATER than them, namely Romans, had. Anglo-saxons are still applying what
they've learnt from Romans, the real western civilization that has
determined the main features of all European cultures until this time,
including British (by the way, they were Romans who called them "Britanni",
as they never called themselves that way!!! "British" is not the original
ethnic name, but a Roman invention). America is now temporarily replacing
the Roman Empire. Is not the American eagle the same Roman eagle? When in
history the eagle represented Israel? Are the freemasonic symbols of
America of Israelite origin, or rather the devilish imitation? Don't you
know that the USA were founded by freemasons, whose occultist practices are
well-known, taking Jewish symbols and distorting their meaning?>>

Answer by Brit-Am:
The whole story of Genesis is how the blessing was received by Abraham and
ONLY passed to Isaac who passed it ONLY to Jacob who passed it to ALL his
sons but gave a pre-eminence to Joseph. Some of the Arabs and maybe some
Indian tribes may be descended from Abraham but they did not receive the
blessing. Abraham was told to expel Ishmael the forefather of the Arabs and
did not want to BUT:
<<IN ISAAC SHALL THY SEED BE CALLED>>: This means that the whole essence of
Abraham would be carried on through Isaac.
The Romans did not have a greater Empire than the British. The British
Empire was much larger, ruled more people, and was more benevolent than the
Roman one.
Who says the Romans invented the name Britanni? Why did they do that? The
Romans applied the name Britanni to the inhabitants of Britain since that
apparently was one of the names they used for themselves. An early Greek
source has "Pretanoi" which is a derivative of Britanni. Incidentally the
major name the early British really did use for themselves and that was
recorded by others was "Iberi" meaning Hebrews!
An eagle was one of the beasts in the chariot of Ezekiel.
A bald-headed eagle represented Israelites groups exiled by the Assyrians
from Judah and Benjamin who joined the Lost Ten Tribes:
All (or at least most) of the places mentioned by Micah in verses preceding
1:16 appear to have belonged to either Benjamin or Judah. These were places
whose inhabitants were exiled by the Assyrians and who joined the Ten
Tribes in exile. The Lost Ten Tribes also include many from the southern
tribes of Judah and Benjamin just as Judah eventually included many from
The Lost Ten Tribes.
<<ENLARGE THY BALDNESS AS THE EAGLE>>: Is not the bald-headed eagle a
symbol of the USA?
Maybe the USA was founded by Freemasons. Maybe it was not. Whatever the
case the symbols that they adopted have biblical significance and help
identify the USA as part of Israel. Why are such identifying signs only
apparent amongst certain  nations and not amongst others?

They said: A lot of other things, if people want me to go on and answer I
will do so.