"Brit-Am Now"-64

Date: 08/04/2002 1:25:37 AM Central Daylight Time

"Brit-Am Now"-64
The following is a preliminary summary of a work we are preparing based on
our Commentary to Genesis.
Some of you may find it interesting and  useful.
God bless you
Yair Davidiy

The End of the Beginning

         Our studies of Genesis revealed to us the following: Mankind was
told to be fruitful and multiply and conquer the earth. Adam and Eve sinned
and all of humanity was punished. A Deluge covered the earth from which
only Noah and his family survived. All peoples alive today are descended
from the three sons of Noah. Abraham was descended from Shem the son of
Noah. God chose Abraham to be the instrument of His Will, to be blessed and
to bring a blessing upon all peoples of the earth (12:2-3, 18:18-19, 22:18
cf. 24:4). Abraham was promised that his seed would be extremely numerous
(15:5, 22:17). Abraham was promised that he would inherit the Land of
Canaan (15:7, 17:8) from the Nile to the Euphrates (15:8). Nations and
Kings would emerge from Abraham (17:6). Sarah the wife of Abraham was
promised that she would become a mother of nations and "kings of peoples"
would emerge from her (17:16, 21). This means the monarchs of several
nations ruling at one and the same time such as the monarchs of Western
European countries do now. Only Isaac the son of Abraham would inherit the
covenant of Abraham (17:19, 21:12). One of the purposes of the Blessings
was in order to do justice and judgment (18:19). After Abraham was tested
with the "binding" (Akeda) of Isaac everything about the blessings became
unconditional (22:16) apart from inheriting the land that remained
contingent upon Monotheism and obedience. Abraham was promised that his
seed would inherit the "gate of his enemies" (22:17 cf. 24:60 ). Isaac
married Rebecca who was blessed to become the mother of "thousands of ten
thousands" (24:60) and that her seed would possess the gate of those who
hate them" (24:60). These promises meant that the promised seed would
possess international thoroughfares and vantage points of strategic
importance as the USA and Britain (and only they) have done.   Isaac was
promised all the Land of Canaan (26:3). Isaac was promised innumerable
descendants through whom all the world would be blessed (24:4, 32:12).
         Isaac fathered twins, Esau and Jacob (25:24). Esau was the older.
Rebecca had been told that the elder would serve the younger (25:23). Esau
sold his birthright to Jacob (25:33). Jacob received the blessing of the
firstborn from his father Isaac (27:27). Jacob was promised a healthy
climate, agricultural plenty and mineral riches (27:28 cf. the blessing to
Joseph 49:25) and that he would be the master of his brethren and rule over
nations (27:29). Jacob was promised that he would receive the blessing of
Abraham and inherit the Land (28:4, 35:12) and that his seed would spread
all over the earth (28:14). Jacob married Leah and Rachel (29:30). His
firstborn was Reuben (29:32), then came Simeon (29:33) and Levi (29:34),
then Judah (29:35). Rachel gave her handmaiden, Bilhah, to Jacob who begat
Dan (30:6) and Naphtali (30:8). Zilpah the handmaiden of Leah was the
mother of Gad (30:11) and Asher (30:13). Reuben found mandrakes (30:14) and
gave them to Leah who hired the attentions of her husband Jacob and bore
Issachar (30:18) and after that Zebulon (30:20).  Rachel bore Joseph
(30:24) who is the vanquisher of Edom meaning Germany or Europe in general.
Only Britain and the USA have proved that they are capable of fulfilling
the task of Joseph. Jacob fled from Laban and headed towards the Land of
Canaan. An angel wrestled with Jacob (32:24) whom he overcame and received
the name "Israel" (32:28). Jacob was promised that a nation and a company
of nations would come from him and kings (35:11). Benjamin was born and
Rachel died (35:18). Israel (i.e. Jacob) gave his son Joseph a coat of many
colors and this made his brothers jealous (37:3). Joseph was sold into
Egypt where he became the virtual ruler of the land and saved the house of
his father from famine. He also saved the Land of Egypt and other lands.
Judah through Tamar begat Pharez (38:29) and Zarah (38:30). Joseph married
Asenath daughter of Potiphera priest of On (41:50) and begat Manasseh
(41:51) whose name means "delegated responsible representation" such as
that of the USA. The second son of Joseph was Ephraim (41:52) whose name
implies an aristocratic system such as that found in Britain. Joseph was
reconciled to his brothers who went down to Egypt with all their families.
The sons and grandsons of Israel numbered seventy souls. The names of the
sons and grandsons (ch.46) are similar to the names of descendants of
Israelite Tribes who populated much of Western Europe. Jewish tradition and
Arab legends trace the Lost Ten Tribes to Western Europe.
         Before he died Jacob blessed Joseph (48:3) and made Ephraim and
Manasseh full-fledged tribes in their own right (48:5-6). Ephraim and
Manasseh would became a multitude in the midst of the earth and the name of
Jacob be called upon them and the name of his fathers Abraham and Isaac
(48:16). This means primarily that the essence of the forefathers would be
expressed through the sons of Joseph. It has a secondary meaning that the
very names would recall the forefathers. Abraham was known as "the Hebrew"
(14:13) and the early inhabitants of Britain called themselves and were
termed by others "Iberi" meaning "Hebrews". Names given to the Scythians
and to the Saxons who settled England were derived from the name Isaac. The
name "Jacob" is recalled in the Union Jack of Britain meaning the Uniting
of Jacob, and in the nickname "Yanki" which is short for Jacob.
         Ephraim would be greater than Manasseh. Ephraim would become a
multitude of nations (48:19) "malo hagoim" and rule over other peoples.
Manasseh would also become great after Ephraim (48:19). Jacob blessed all
of his sons concerning their destiny in the Latter Times (49:1). Reuben
(France) would be unstable and attempt to conquer the Holy Land. Simeon and
Levi would be policemen (49:5) like the Irish in America. Judah would keep
the law and teach his brethren who would acknowledge the righteousness of
Judah (49:8). Judah would be like an old lion. Judah (unlike the other
tribes) would always be recognizable as descended from Israel. Zebulon
would dwell on the seashores (49:13) as the Dutch descendants of the
Sabalingoi ("People of Zebulon") do. Issachar would be neutral and
landlocked in a mountainous area (49:14) like the Swiss. Dan would be a
judge of his people (49:16). Gad would become a troop of "Goths" (49:19)
who settled in Sweden.   Asher would eat dainties (49:2). Naphtali was to
become like a hind in Scandinavia (49:21). Joseph would establish overseas
colonies (49:22) and would help Judah re-settle the land. Joseph would have
his presence felt in many oceans. Joseph would be blessed with good
climate, agricultural plenty and mineral wealth (49:25). Joseph would dwell
in separate areas from his brothers (49:26) like the North Americans,
British, Australians, New Zealanders, and South Africans do. Benjamin is
likened unto a wolf (49:27) which was a symbol of the Normans who conquered
England. The son of Manasseh was Machir (50:23) whose name in Hebrew
embodies the concept of Capitalism. The name Machir evolved into the name
of America. The symbol of the USA is a pyramid which was a symbol of Joseph.
         The blessings given unto the forefather had to be fulfilled in the
Last Days. The only possible peoples who fulfill all the criteria mentioned
in the Bible are the nations of Western Europe alongside Britain and her
daughters and the USA.