"Brit-Am Now"-65

Date: 08/04/2002 4:26:31 PM Central Daylight Time

1.Lecture by Athol Bloomer: Descendants of King David in Europe
2. Dan and the Viking Serpent Trail by Rich Griffiths
3. Personal experiences and Tracing of name
4. Answer to Criticisms no.2

1.Lecture by Athol Bloomer: Descendants of King David in Europe
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2. Dan and the Viking Serpent Trail by Rich Griffiths
Subj: Genesis commentary
From: RGriff
I enjoyed your synopsis of Genesis. The statements regarding the tribes were
meant to provide us with keys/symbols/icons that would help us unlock their
location and destiny. When I hear people simply dismiss the possibility of
the tribes migrating in Europe and being present now in world affairs my mind
immediately leaps to Genesis 49:17 Dan will be a serpent by the roadside a
viper along the path. Pick up any volume on the history of the Vikings and
one will usually see pictures of the Vikings (some even named after their
father Dan "Danes") in their dragon/serpent ships low in the water with a
huge serpent head and serpents carved intermingling "the beast motif" on the
outside of their ships. In their migrations on land they often left runic
stones with their alphabet carved between two lines coiled on the stone
representing a serpent. How could anything be more plain?
Rich Griffiths

3. Personal experiences and Tracing of name
Subject: First E-mail.
Dear Yair,
This is my first e-mail to you. I am a 63 year old retired airline pilot
who love to rebuild Chevrolet 350 CID engines to make the a little more
radical that when they come from the factory. I am trying to learn Hebrew.
I have studied the Bible in English translations since 1973. I understand
how important the message of Brit-Am is to the whole world. I believe it is
the strongest signal to the world that Moshiach is about to appear for the
"Messianic Redemption". That all Israel will be gathered to the Land. That
the elusive Peace that is presently being searched for will finally be with

During my life I have had many Jewish friends. There was always a bond
there which I could not understand. However, as I began to read your
material on the Lost Tribes I began to understand that bond. It was family.
I have read all the articles you posted to Eddie Chumney, and I own your
books Ephraim and Joseph.

Some unusual things have happened to our family. During Sukkot 5760 we
discovered that our family name appears in The TANAKH at 2 Kings 9:27 (JPS)
both the 1917 and 1986 Editions. The phrase House of the Garden as rendered
in English by the translators; in Hebrew it is Beit Haggan. Our family name
is Heggan. I did an on line search at Genealogy.com and found that the name
can be traced back to circa 186 CE. The name Heh-Gimel-Nun sofiet is a
common name in Europe. The countries that I personally know where the name
is prevalent are Scotland, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Belgium,
Holland, and Germany. That doesn't prove any thing but to me is very
interesting in that they are the countries you refer to so often as being
locales for the Lost Tribes. My Great Grand Father came from Scotland to
America in the early 1900's. The other unusual thing is that three years
age my wife found out from her step mother that my wife's family name
Mayers (English) was change from Meier in the 1300's when the family moved
from Germany to England. My wife whose name is Judith believes that is
enough evidence for her to believe that she is Jewish. She proudly speaks
of her Jewish heritage, and wears the appropriate Jewish Jewelry. We are
aware that Rabbinical Teaching is that the mother must be Jewish in order
for the offspring to be Jewish. However, God speaks to us that the lineage
is through the Fathers. So when Moshiach comes He will straighten it all
out. In the mean time we are making testimony that we are Hebrews. I use
the e-mail name "gaddite" because the only name in Hebrew I could find that
was close to my family name was Haggai who was from Gad.
We have been unable to gather with a congregation on Shabbat; so we
consecrate the day by our selves at home. We received a Shabbat Siddur from
Mark Ensign that we read over the wine and Challah which we make. On the
morning of Shabbat we do Our Torah study according to The Orthodox Jewish
Calendar. We use Stone's TANAKH, and the JPS versions to read from. We do
this in Honor of our Jewish brethren who have preserved it so Ephraim could
become observant when he gave up his detestable things, confessed his sins
and the sins of his fore fathers and returned to Torah.
Our one goal is to one day make Aliyah.. In other words we want to go Home
to Israel. However, the current Rabbinical thought prohibits us from

Most Cordially,
George Elmer, Heggan

4. Answer to Criticisms no.2
  They said:
>>If God's Israel were to be in the Isles north and west of Jerusalem (The
Isles afar off),
What an ignorance is that! The "Isles" represented the Goyim in ancient
Jewish literature, and in a concrete way, for the Israelites it was a
common term to define Greece, as that was the "afar off" land for them in
those times.
and Great Britain is not Israel, then Great Britain must be destroyed and
another nation found to replace her.
It'd be a great relief for all mankind…
If we are not Israel, how does it come that we have Israel's Sabbath, which
was to be a sign, their Mosaic laws (the only nations having them),
???? Up to this time, not any Anglo-saxon people has kept the Shabbath, not
any Mosaic law either!!!! They're still the most fanatical
Sunday-worshippers! Even the Roman feast of "Christmas" is more sacred
among Anglo-saxons than among Catholics! Anglo-saxons have never been
circumcised and have never performed any Mosaic law at all! They've always
been heathen, since their very beginning, and they still are. They're
described as blond and very white peoples by the ancient historians, Greek,
Romans, etc. and very likely among the peoples that took part in the Trojan
war, generally called "Thracians". The same Germanic historian, Jordanes,
asserted this. Were Israelites blond, quite white people? Was any Semitic
people like that? If you believe to be Israelites, the first thing to do is
to abandon your Jeroboamic cult, remove your illegal priests from office
and turn back under Levitic authority! their military prowess, for they
were to be God's battle axe to destroy the nations.
All empires fall, the USA are just doing what Romans did before, and
somebody else will come after to do the same thing. Romans and the
succeeding empires had credits to make the same claim. By the way, in
Daniel's vision, the one who was appointed to "destroy the nations" (not to
restore justice) is the fourth beast! You are identifying your "holy" race
with the beast that "destroys" (what your nations are actually doing…).>>>

Answer by Brit-Am:
The Lost Tribes of Israel were to be to the north and west of the Land of
Israel and in islands. This could be Greece if we accepted this criteria in
isolation but we have to take it in conformity with other indications. We
must find areas that are at the ends of the earth (geographical
extremities), islands, to the north and west, peopled by a sea-faring
nation who are the most powerful and richest people on earth and colonizers
of others lands with their main base in the north but also with outposts to
the west, east and south and in the Land of Sinim meaning Australia. We
have to look for national symbols that fit those of Israelite Tribes and
Tribal names and the names of Tribal clans etc. We end with the conclusion
that there is only one national group that meet all of the needed
They do not follow the Mosaic Law but then neither did they before they
were exiled. They also stopped being circumcised before they were exiled.
Incidentally At the height of the greatness of the USA and Australia (and
Australia once was great without realizing it) most of the males were
circumcised. In my opinion their Christianity may have been heathen but at
the same time they had more real respect for the Bible than any other
Gentiles and many of them were close to the Hebraic ideal and in their own
way even close to Judah. They were never really so blond as described but
even if they were, blonds were common amongst northern Israelites before
the exile as indicated by Rabbinical sources, and Egyptian illustrations,
and other sources, see our books “The Tribes” and “Lost Israelite
Identity”. There is also the factor of environmental influence acting on a
genetical potential which however you explain it does exist according to
the reality we see in both mankind and in the animal kingdom. The vision of
Daniel is open to interpretation and should not be explained in ways that
contradict the rest of Scripture.


Yair Davidiy
POB 595
Jerusalem 91004