"Brit-Am Now"-67

                 Date:  Tue Aug 6, 2002  2:51 am

                 In Numbers chapters 23 and 24 we have the story of Balaam who came to curse

                 Israel but was forced to bless him.
                 From these blessings we have additional profs concerning the identity of
                 the Lost Ten Tribes today.
                 A brief synopsis of these proofs is
                 given below.
                 These are based on a book we are preparing.
                 Compare the
                 synopsis and proofs
                 below with those given for the Book of Genesis
                 The Proofs confirm and complement each other.

                 The Prophesies of Balaam and the Identity of Israel in the Latter Days
                 Numbers chapters 23 and 24
                 We learned from the Prophesies of Balaam the following facts that
                 help us confirm our beliefs concerning the identification of Israel in the
                 Last Days:
                 The two halves of Israel (headed by Judah and Joseph) need to be
                 united (23:7). They will exist separately from other nations (23:9), They
                 will be so numerous that they cannot be counted (23:10). The blessings to
                 Israel were unconditional (23:19, 23:20). They are likened unto a unicorn
                 (23:22 24:8), and a lion (23:24). They will dwell in good fertile areas
                 (24:6). Their descendants will be found in many waters (24:7), i.e. abiding
                 by different Seas and Oceans. They will be very powerful (24:7), becoming a
                 universal militarily might and a world power (24:8). Manasseh (symbolized
                 by a unicorn) will become the most powerful tribe and the fullest
                 expression of Israelite might (24:8). The Scottish coat-of-arms depicts two
                 unicorns. Descendants of Manasseh through Scotsmen and Scots-Irish dominate
                 the USA. The lion and unicorn representing Israel in the last days are
                 recalled in juxtaposition (24:9) and they are represented on the British
                 coat-of-arms. Israel shall conquer Edom (24:18) meaning Germany and Europe.
                 In the Last Days there will be a Great Confrontation amongst all the major
                 powers of the earth.


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