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Date:  Sat Aug 10, 2002  1:54 pm

1. The early USA and Israel
2. Brit-Am Needs
3. Steven Collins: Javan
4. Welcome Message to the Brit-Am list.

1. The early USA and Israel
From: Moonhorse2@a...
Subject: Excerpts from Enemies or Allies by David Klinghoffer ( Toward
Tradition )
In North America where Puritans established their commonwealth as an
experiment in radical Protestantism, there arose a culture of
philo-Semitism. American has seen in its own history a replaying of the
sacred history of the people Israel. This was evident even before the
country was founded. Just as Israel fled from Egypt to establish a godly
society in Canaan, the first Americans fled from England to establish a
godly society in Massachusetts. Both groups were called " separatists" as
the word "Hebrews" ( Ivrim) can fairly be translated. When they celebrated
Thanksgiving for the first time, in 1621, the Pilgrims imagined it as a
kind of Yom Kippur, a day of repentance, prayer, and fasting. The legal
codes of colonial Massachusetts and Connecticut were based explicitly on
the legal framework of the Five Books of Moses. Sir William Bradford,
second governor of the Plymouth colony, observing that Hebrew was the
In the 18th century the great preacher and revivalist Jonathan Edward
declared that God, true to His word, would return the Jews to the Land of

By 1891 the evangelist William Blackstone was seeking a way to persuade the
American government to make such a state a reality.

Im lo achshav, eimatei ? ( if not now, when ? )

2. Brit-Am Needs:
* large and small contributions
* book orders
* input: what we can do to improve, how can we expand, is our message
sufficient? is the way we present it good enough?
is there anything else we should be doing?

3. Steven Collins: Javan
From: Steven Collins <scollins@l...>
Subject: FW: The ten tribes and modern Javan
Shalom Yair,
A reader of my book asked me about my thoughts on the whereabouts and role
of modern Javan. Here is a somewhat modified version of my answer which I
thought I'd send to you as an example of my thoughts on this subject.
In some of my messages, I have pointed out that the children of Japheth
mostly settled in Asia. As part of those messages I have pointed out that
the name of one of Japheth's sons, "Javan," (Genesis 10:2) is closely
replicated in such modern Asian place-names such as "Java" (an island in
Indonesia) and "Japan." There is additional biblical evidence that modern
Japan descends from Javan, but I need to discuss some background
information to place it in proper context.
In Ezekiel 38, there is a prophecy that a group of Asian nations (Russia,
China, Iran, etc.) will attack the nations of the tribes of Israel in "the
latter days." Attacking nations named Gomer, Magog, Meshech, Tubal and
Togarmah are all descendants of Japheth (Genesis 10:2-3). It is clear that
it is the latter-day descendants of the house of Israel which are targeted
by this attack as the named alliance of gentile nations attack "the people
of Israel" (Ezek. 38:14 & 16), also called "the land of Israel" (Ezek.
38:18). After this attack, the "house of Israel" buries the bodies of the
dead attackers (Ezek. 39:12), so it is clearly "Israel" which is attacked.
As we know from Genesis 48:14-16, the name "Israel" is primarily placed on
the descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh, although the term "the house of
Israel" in Ezek. 39:12 indicates the attack will be against other Israelite
tribes as well, not just the tribes of Joseph.
What does this have to do with Javan? Ezekiel 38:13 lists "the merchants
of Tarshish" and "the young lions thereof" as gentile nations who do NOT
attack the modern nations of the house of Israel. Indeed, they question
why the other gentile nations are doing so.
Tarshish is one of the sons of Javan (Genesis 10:4), and Tarshish is
prophesied to be a "nation of merchants" in the latter-days. Japan has
often been called "Japan, Inc." because of its merchant-based economy which
is tied closely to the USA's and the Western World's economies (which are
dominated by the modern tribes of Israel). Tarshish's mercantile example
will be copied by other smaller nations called "the young lions thereof."
The world's financial press has long called the nations of South Korea,
Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, etc. the "young tiger"
nations. The prophetic descriptions of Tarshish (a son of Javan) and other
nations as being aggressive, even predatory marketers--(hence the imagery
of merchant "lions") very closely fits the real-world realities of Japan
and the young tiger ("young lions thereof") nations which have
export-driven, mercantile economies. Because the economies of Japan and
the young tiger nations are utterly dependent on the Western World's
consumers, they would have every reason NOT to attack the nations of the
modern house of Israel (who are their best customers). In this respect,
the modern circumstances fulfill the prophesied conditions very well!
It should be pointed out that while "Tarshish," one branch of the
Javanites, is prophesied to be economically allied to the nations of the
latter-day "house of Israel," this does not mean all Javanites will be
Israelite allies. Genesis 10:4 indicates that Javan had three other sons
besides Tarshish, and their whereabouts and latter-day roles are not
specifically addressed in Ezekiel 38. Given the fact that many of the
nations named in Ezekiel 38 as anti-Israelite attackers have descended from
Japheth, it is very possible that the scriptural exemption of Tarshish from
the list of attackers indicates that the other sons of Javan will be
enemies of the house of Israel in the latter days.

Steve Collins

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