"Brit-Am Now"-77

Date:  Sun Aug 18, 2002  3:44 am

1. Thanks
2. Indians of North America
3. Query from Rabbi Dale?
4. Request for missing chapters
5. Questions on Religion

1. Thanks
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-76
Thanks for this Yair. It was wonderful and the OODLES of scripture
references all in one place in a condensed article show the LARGE extent
of substantiated agreement between the identities of the nations proposed
as fulfilling scriptural prophecy and what the facts of history and
current events are.

2. Indians of North America
From: Hal Armes
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-75

To add to the point about the Indians of North America and their ties with
Asians, many Indians had religious festivals almost identical to those of
the Torah, however, the Yahi Indians of southern California commonly used
the expression of alarm "ai-yah!!!" which is also common among some Chinese
peoples as an expression of alarm. At the same time they also had festivals
similar to those of the the Torah, esp. Succoth, and their word for "man"
was "ishi" which is also "man" a Hebrew dialect, Aramaic if I remember
correctly. A tie with the Asians is quite obvious, but some Hebrew
influence among the Indians of the Americas is also quite obvious.

3. Query from Rabbi Dale?
At 07:59 16/08/2002 -0700, Rabbi Dale wrote:

>Dear Yair Davidy:
>I have been reading in a newsgroup that i somehow got on their elist.
>The owner of the list, proclaims that you are an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi
> and you are doing research on the 10 tribes that are supposely "Lost".
> He also says that you say that the Lost tribes are Christians (followers
> of a person called Jesus).
>Can you please tell if all or any of this is true?
>Thank you for your time in this matter
>Rabbi Dale

Answers by Yair Davidiy:
a. I am not a Rabbi.
b. I consider myself an Orthodox Jew.
c. We have done research concerning the Lost Ten Tribes, have reached
conclusions, and are continuing to confirm the results achieved.
d. We say that the Lost Ten Tribes moved to West Europe and the British
Isles. The emphasis is on the places they went to.
There are hinted descriptions in the Bible (Tanach) concerning the religion
of these people towards the end times
that indicate Christianity. This is an incidental subsidiary point and not
necessarily an aspect we would emphasize.
Nevertheless I am forwarding to you a chapter from our book "Ephraim" that
explains our point of view on this matter.

4. Request for missing chapters
21:22 17/08/2002 -0500, Susan wrote:
>Hello, thank you so much for the newsletters, I receive them with great
>joy. I must have missed Ezek chap 1,2 8 , and 9. I don't remember
>getting them. Is it possible to re- send them?
> Thank you again!!!! Susan A

Comment: If anybody else is missing chapters and wants them please tell us.

5. Questions on Religion
Several people have sent me queries on religion:
Some want to convert me to their own creeds, others debate with me on
matters of interpretation, still others seek information and guidance.
I, or Rabbi Feld, may or may not eventually answer these letters.
I consider myself committed to spreading the truth concerning the Lost Ten
Tribes and their present-day whereabouts.
All other fields are not really what I am here for, in my opinion.
Nevertheless, most of the people who send in these questions etc deserve an
answer so if I can supply one I will do so.
If it happens that I do not do so, or that such a letter is put aside or
overlooked, please do not be offended.
I consider myself an orthodox Jew and am so identified and present Brit-Am
beliefs from my own perspective.
Even so, the emphasis in my opinion should be on Brit-Am beliefs.
If other questions are considered more important than inquiries etc should
be addressed to those who specialize
in the relevant fields.