"Brit-Am Now"-78

Date:  Sat Aug 24, 2002  3:53 pm

1.Rally for Israel on Sunday
2. Rally preparations
3. Praise for Settlers
4. Opinion on Ephraim

1.Rally for Israel on Sunday
Subject: Rally - We Stand With Israel on Sunday Aug 25 in Crawford

Dear Honorable Mr. Davidi and associates, The Texas Brit Am is working to
have a rally this Sunday, August 25th at 2pm. It will be in Crawford, Texas
where the President of the United States has a ranch and he may be in
Crawford this Sunday (that is our hope, so we can get the medias attention,
for Israel). Our rally cry is "land cannot be traded for "peace" and
"Americans love Israel". Speakers will be Jodie Anderson, David Thomas and
Phil Kesler (a Holocaust surviver. We are inviting Jews and Christians, old
and young, Texans and "out of towners". Sincerely, Judy L. Snyder Private:

2. Rally preparations
To all,
Let us be prepared for anything, bring an umbrella, in case it rains , it
provides good
shade on a rainy day as well.
Wear a hat. Bring drinking water. American flags and Israeli flags
displayed respectfully.
Posters with positive messages like our rally cry "Americans love Israel"
We have a wonderful speaker named Paul Kessler who is a holocaust surviver and
Jodie Anderson will be speaking and maybe we can get David Thomas to speak as
I have had a very positive response from the Jewish community on this one,
so lets
work together and make this a great rally for Israel.
The "Americans for a Safe Israel" called me from New York and thanked us
for the
support for Israel.
Dafna Yee, the "Jewish Watchdog" called me from Richardson, Texas and said she
would spread the word to her list of Jews that love Israel.
Several individuals from the Jewish community that saw my letter to imra
called and
said they would be there to support Israel.
It just shows that when you stand up for Israel others will have the
courage to stand
with you.
Special thanks to David Thomas who did all the "foot work" on getting this
and listened to that "still small voice" that led him to the idea of
Crawford, Texas, when
I was asking for Austin.
Special thanks to Jodie Anderson and the Battalion of Deborah for working
with us
on this and getting the word out.
Special thanks to all of you that are going to come out to the rally and
support Israel,
in spite of religious differences and health problems and a busy schedual,
which we
all have!
My kinder will be coming with me, we are leaving a little early from Sunday
to be there, so I will be in the crowd keeping track of my two little
For the love of the G-d of Israel and the land of Israel,

3. Praise for Settlers
Subject: Re: Ezekiel 13
Thank you Mr. Davidi;
this was as always a very good piece.
The walls spoken of here in this passage remind me of the wall that is
currently being built around Jerusalem, supposedly to delineiate Pal areas
from Israeli areas and keep terrorists out. Terrorist have no internal
boundaries; and therefore would not recognize an external boundary. The
"wall" is/will be an illusion, a form of divination.
We also see that many practices seen on American TV, of selling special
anointing oil, "faith" cloths etc. are also of this nature. A curious thing
is the diviners try to catch the unsuspecting with a promise or hope of
flying away. Sound familiar?
When I see and hear from the faithful people in the so called "settlement"
areas; I must admit I've never seen such great faith, endurance, and

What the Jewish people in Judah, Samaria and Gaza, demonstrate is belief
that G-d is a covenant keeper and that He will perform His Word according to
ALL that is written and they are willing to put their very lives on the line
to wait His glorious redemption. That is enduring and will not perish for it
is written. May for their sakes our sakes and more so for the sake of the
Name of Heaven may it be so; and soon.
G-d Bless and Keep You All
Much Heartfelt Warmth to Kol Israel
Ms. Jan

4. Opinion on Ephraim
Dear Mr. Davidy:
I would like to know ...I am a staunch supporter of Israel, and I find it
deploring the things that are happening in Israel today. I am a supporter
of George Bush, but I think the US has been making a bad mistake in
rescuing Arafat every time he is about to be finished, and our double
standard of going after Ben Layden, either to get him or kill him, but we
don't give the Israel the same position on eleminating Arafat and his crew.
I wish Israel would annex the West Bank and tell those people if they are
going to live there they must obey Israel's laws or else and all rock
throwing and bombing will be met with them being eleminated and all of
their families deported from the area. I think that will be the only
solution. I am a firm believer that the English people that settled this
country is the descendant of Manasseh and England is the descendant of
Ephraim. Well, any way tell me the price of your book.....


"And I will make of you a great nation. And I will bless you and make your
name great.
And you shall be a blessing.
"And I will bless they who bless you, and curse him who curses you.
And in you shall all the families of the earth be blessed.
(Gensis 12;2-3).

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3. Acknowledgement of The Israelite Identity of many people amongst
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