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Date:  Tue Aug 27, 2002  4:37 am

1. Question on Israelite origins and Native Americans.
2. Phone numbers
3. Spiritual Seeking Irish
4. South Africa: A new possibility?

1. Question on Israelite origins and Native Americans.
At 08:35 26/08/2002 -0400, Aliza wrote:
dear rabbi; i am of both jewish as well as native american origin i'm active
in native ways as well as most jewish ways as well. i've heard that tyhe
native american is also one of the lost tribes; according to your studies, is
that so? truly yours aliza anani

I am not a rabbi. A rabbi is an Orthodox Jew who has learned for some time
under supervision,
passed certain examinations, and been declared worthy to be a rabbi by
accepted authorities.
I have not fulfilled these criteria nor endeavored to do so.
Regarding Native Americans: This is not my field but it is that of others
(such as Steven Collins) who are involved with
these studies.
In general the impression of Brit-Am is that:
a. Most North Amerindians were from descended from Japhet.
b. There were also settlers from other origins including Kedar of Ishmael
so that some references to Kedar in the Prophets may refer to North America.
c. There were also people of Israelite origin who settled among North
American tribes.
I once read a history of the Amerindians and saw that:
Red Indian tribes after wars and disasters frequently absorbed the remnants
of other tribes into their cultural system.
Towards the end of their struggles with the Whiteman, some of the tribes
had become quite intermixed with each other and also included individuals
of mixed African, Spanish, French, and English origin.
It is therefore feasible (as some evidence suggests) that in the distant
past Israelites and Jews on several occasions had reached American shores
and been absorbed by the majority population.

2. Phone numbers
People coming to Israel who wish to contact me in Jerusalem may do so by
(02) 5664693

3. Spiritual Seeking Irish
From: Jeremy Evans

Just a note of thanks for this site,
I am of
Irish-Celtic heritage, not that it makes a difference,
but the Irish lean towards the divine and will do so
blindly, it almost seems inherent in our bodies, at
least for me.

Mostly because of strange synchronicities,
more likely the ability for a person to find the
information that fits their ideas, I have found
reference to Jeremiah in Ireland,
statements such as he was Ollam
Fola, the great law maker, the true Patriarch of
Ireland, arrived around the time of the destruction of
Solomon's Temple, a lot revolves around the etymology
of the Hebrew and Celtic languages and historical

Jeremy Scott Evans

From: Ryno Opperman
Subject: The Dispersed Daughter

Hi Yair
Thank you once again for the work Brit-Am is doing, truly a sign of the
good shepherds in Yisrael as opposed to those who couldn't care.( Ezek
34:6,11) As soon as we have some extra finance we will certainly be sending
a decent donation.
Yair how do you understand the reference the dispersed daughter beyond the
rivers of Ethiopia or Cush, that will bring a special gift to Hashem at the
time of the end spoken of in Zeph 3 and Isa 18? Why is she also called the
daughter of Tsiyon, and also a reference the the Holy Mountain of Hashem,
could thid be the new place spoken of in 2 Sam 7:10 that Hashem would
prepare for the time of the Kingdom?
The only remnant this can refer to at present seems to be the remnant in
South Africa.
Kind regards

"Cush" in the Bible could also refer to Afghanistan-Pakistan, India, or
even Central Asia.
Zephaniah 3:10 speaks about,
"the dispersed daughter beyond the rivers of Ethiopia or Cush"
We understood this verse to apply to the Anglo-Saxons whose ancestors were
once in Central Asia which could be referred to as "Cush".
The verse however does apply to present times or the end times and may well
refer to "the remnant in South Africa".
Thank you for this insight,