Subject:  "Brit-Am Now"-84

Date:  Sun Sep 1, 2002  12:41 am

Note regarding Feedback: all suggestions and remarks are read carefully and
taken into consideration. We may not act on all of them but that does not
mean that they are not important or have no influence.
We appreciate the input of everybody and want more of it,
Yair Davidiy

1. CECIL CROW: Feedback
2. William Rasmussen: Feedback

1. CECIL CROW: Feedback
1. Feedback requested:
Please send your reactions to our postings:
e.g. let us know whether in your opinion
They are too long.
1. Lenght of postings seem fine to us,depending on how buzy we are ,I load
on to disk for review.
Too many altogether?
Too many of one type?
Too many requests for financial imput?
4.Not enought if you are still having to ask,I don't understand how someone
who reaps benefits from something
can refuse to support that which is the blessing.
Lack variety
5. How much variety is there in the look for revelations of where the
Tribes are.
lack interest, "overkill"
6.Any lack of interest would be the fault of the reader,
What themes would you personally prefer to see more of?less of?
7. More Orthodox Rabbi's input if possible, their veiw points and background
studies would be,(might be)
a blessing to bring this area of reseach to more main stream groups,both Jew
and Beleivers.
What do you most like?
8 Your ablity to send out reports that you do not see eye to eye with ,but
you allow differing view point,
this allows the reader to take in different views on the same material.
Something wrong with the style?
9. No
news reports too frequent?too detailed?
10 It is good to have an insiders look at what is going on daily in Israel
and the middle East.As we receive
several news reports from Israel ,Arutz-7,ICEJ, your's is looked at
different because it seems that you send whats
important from your view.As the only USA news that we beleive is truthful,or
tries is FOX the others
are like movies what ever will sell, thats what is shown,we thank you for
your time taken to review
Israels news.

2. William Rasmussen: Feedback
Subject: Shabbat Shalom from Minnesota!

Shalom Yair: Todah rabah for your request of reader
feedback. I have my own two cents worth of opinion
that I'd like to share:
1. On the website, delete the part about Christianity
and the Lost tribes that equates Jesus with Apollo or
other foreign gods. Even if this is your heartfelt
position, it only causes hurt and pain to those who
are Christians and are interested in the Lost tribes.
Brit Am should endeavor to bring unity as much as
possible. I feel that you are very respectful in
replylying to those who are Christians. Just drop the
piece on Christians serving foreign gods.
2. Continue your appeal for funding. How else is
Brit Am going to grow if it doesn't solicit funds from
its constituents? I've never seen a synagogue or
church that was shy about asking for financial
support. You are not a for profit company that has
products for sale which can generate income.

3. Personally, I'd drop the Jerusalem postings. One
can easily find all of the information on the
Jerusalem Post website. I peruse the JP several times
a day. I am sure most Brit Am supporters do as well.
4. I'd like to see more on each of the tribes. You
do such a fantastic job of profiling each tribe. Why
don't you do a series starting with Reuben and ending
with Benjamin? With each tribe, detail tribal
characteristics, personality profiles, predispositions
to good/evil, where they were located, where they can
be found, the order they will return to Israel,
prophetic callings they have, the role they will play
in the Acharit Yamim, and any other interesting or
fascinating facts. Basically, do a mini teaching that
you have done so well in your books.
5. Alert readers to false or dangerous teachings on
the Lost tribes. Do a synopsis of groups like
Identity, Mormons, Aryan groups and even deal with
pundits both in Judaism and in Christianity who stand
against the concept of the Lost tribes returning.
6. Continue to have postings like you have done on
the American Civil War where readers can understand
the workings of the tribes in world history.
You are a fantastic teacher, wonderful man and superb
diplomat for the regathering of the exiles of Israel
from the four corners of the earth. You have a very
strong prophetic anointing on your life. You are also
a shaliyach or sent one to establish and build the
future of Israel. May HaShem be gracious to you and
bless you in all your ways. Shalom, Bill Rasmussen