Subject:  "Brit-Am Now"-85

Date:  Mon Sep 2, 2002  2:28 am

"Brit-Am Now"-85
1. General Answers to "Feedback" by Yair Davidiy
2. Roy Garland
3. Marva
4. Liese

1. General Answers to "Feedback" by Yair Davidiy:
Note we cannot re-post all the feedback we received.
On the whole most people like the delivery as it is with some reservations and
additional requests.
Most requests will be met (we hope) especially since we all learn more and
more from them as we go along.
We are fulfilling our own needs and duty as well as the needs of others.

Jerusalem News
A few think the news section (Jerusalem News) is superfluous but most want it.
At the moment we cannot really supply differentiated services so for the
time being please be patient
and if necessary use your delete button.

Article on Web Site
The article that some found offensive on the Web Site has been removed but
do not try to influence Brit-Am in the opposite direction. Let's call a
truce and leave things as they are
-at least for the time being- and get the Brit-Am Identity issue clarified,
publicized, and clearly in the public domain.

Most people were very complimentary, some had personal reservations that
have been paid attention to.

Selected Excerpts:
2. From: Roy Garland
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-83
Dear Yair
My interest is to understand
the perspective and I would like more reflection on the British-Israel idea
particularly from a Jewish perspective.

3. Marva
Dear Yair,
I ditto Mr. Cecil Crow's response. I thank you for sharing, as you do, the
message of Brit-Am. May G-d bless you.

4. Shalom Yair. Ditto to everything Bill R. just sent you; also could you
do a piece on the 12 gates ? Aren't the tribes supposed to enter according
to their respective gates ? Thank you for this opportunity. Kingdom
blessings to you and yours Liese

More later