"Brit-Am Now"-91: Important Notes

Date:  Thu Sep 12, 2002  2:18 am

"Brit-Am Now"-91: Important Notes
1. Outreach to "Judah": Input requested
2. Importance of "Academic" Research
3. Need for Funds: Still exists.

1. Outreach to "Judah": Input requested
This evening I should be giving a lesson on Brit-Am in Hebrew. This may
well turn into a weekly event.
I will give an overall view: Scripture, Talmud, history, the world scene,
etc. Work on Hebrew publications will
be going ahead.
As I see it the Jewish people should be made aware of Brit-Am knowledge due to:
a. Its own sake. This is truth that explains many aspects of the Bible and
as such should be made known.
b. The Jews have a duty to spread this knowledge to the Ten Tribes to
prepare them to eventually return.
c. The Jews should find ways to somehow co-exist with members of the Lost
Ten Tribes while maintaining the integrity of
their own religious requirements.
I would like input from our subscribers as to whatever else, in their
opinion, the message should be.
Every letter I receive is read, appreciated, and taken notice of. We do not
always manage to answer all of them

2. Importance of "Academic" Research
There have been expressed doubts as to the particular need to continue
research in the fields of history, archaeology,
mythology, and so on. The point has been made that enough proof already
exists to establish at least the factual "possibility" of our
case. I agree that the emphasis should be on scripture and after that on
Jewish sources justifying our interpretation of Scripture.
"Academic" research however is still very important. I personally feel a
need for it. We (and others) have adduced evidence in various fields that
may indeed by quite impressive but it is not sufficient. We need to do more
work and more work can be done.
The goal ultimately, as I see it, is to make "Brit-Am" knowledge part of
the mainstream consciousness. We need credibility
and our "academic" researches help us in that direction. We agree that most
of the emphasis should be on Scripture and the publications we are
preparing should help meet this need.

3. Need for Funds: Still exists. Please help if possible.