"Brit-Am Now"-95

1. "Brit-Am is not a religion" by Betty Matteson Rhodes
2. JSRusty: Lost Israelite Identity awsome- my endorsement

1. "Brit-Am is not a religion" by Betty Matteson Rhodes

Below is a message posted about Brit-Am. It was
posted to another group but
we can also benefit from it:

From: Hiberia <hiberi@yahoo.com>
Subject: [origin of nations] Brit-Am is not a religion,
but a people with a common belief
To the members of this group. Most are familiar with Yair
Davidiy's posts, but for those who still aren't quite sure what he is
all about - keep reading. Several in this group without a doubt are
members of Brit-Am themselves.
There is an Organization called Brit-Am (covenant people) that proves
(without a doubt) the identity of the 'lost tribes of Israel'. We know
there has been a suspicion for many years as to their identity, but
Yair Davidiy has taken the research a step further and has traced each
tribe, with precise accuracy, to the Western Christian nations/peoples
of the United Kingdom (England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland), Canada,
Australia, Southern Africa, New Zealand, and of course America. Most
of the members of the Brit-Am Organization are Christian, but Mr.
Davidiy is an Orthodox Jew living in Jerusalem. Most members are in
the United States and Canada, but open to 'Israelites'no matter where
they may live - some members are Jews - some are in the process of
converting to Judism - some sit on the fence. All belong to their own
church/religion/synogogue, no matter what branch of Christianity, or
Judaism that may be; but they all have one thing in common - they
believe they are the descendants of the lost (in the case of Israel)
tribes - Judah, of course is not lost.
Brit-Am is not a religion, but a people with a common belief - soon to
become a movement. You can read more about the Identity of the Lost
Tribes of Israel, from the perspective of an Orthodox Jew, by visiting
the Brit-Am website at:
Betty Matteson Rhodes

2. JS Rusty: Lost Israelite Identity awsome- my endorsement
Lost Israelite Identity is a history book that should be used in
Universities to teach ancient history. It is detailed, precise and
fascinating. Lost Israelite Identity is a book about our past but holds
secretes for our future. Lost Israelite Identity is a very important
that will, in our life time have a monumental effect across the globe.
Davidy has revealed and shed light on the ancient secrete that seemed
to be
swallowed by the earth for millenniums. Where are the Lost Tribes of
Israel? Yair Davidy has found them. I highly recommend this book
for people who are descendants of the locations where Yair Davidy has
discovered are the areas or countries of the present day Ten Tribes of
Israel. Your heart will jump for joy and be filled with pride.