"Brit-Am Now"-96

 Fri Sep 20, 2002  5:27 am

1. Orjan Svensson: Personal Experiences
2. Question: Is the Great sea a masonic or pagan emblem?
3. Question on Conference
4. Note on: The Attitude of Brit-Am Regarding: Gentiles Identifying as
Israelites, Keeping the Law, Moving to Israel, Evolutionary Processes of
Identification. Nachmanides: The Connection Between The Law and the Land

1. Orjan Svensson: Personal Experiences
From: Orjan Svensson <orjan.svensson@m...>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-94
Some experiences I had overseas:
When I visited Germany quite recently I was returning to Sweden via
the airport in Dusseldorf. I passed a counter without showing any
passport or ID, because it was not required there at that particular
counter. But a person in the staff told me: "The flights to
Britain are over there, sir." I explained to him that I was
not going to Britain. Apparently he thought that I looked British
Another time maybe a decade ago I stood on a peron in Berlin waiting for a
A gang of Nazis passed by and shouted "Auslander raus!, Auslander raus!..."
They approached me and asked something in German. I answered
in English: "Sorry, I do not understand German very well".
They then murmured "Ah, Englander...", and walked away from me.
Another time I was in Hamburg together with my parents.
We met some in the street and asked something. We told them
that we were Swedish. They responded: "Oh, we thought that you
were from Britain. You look so British."
When I visited Israel recently, the taxi driver who drove me to the
airport told me (after I had explained that I was from Sweden):
"People here think that you are an Israeli, right? You look like an Israeli."

2. Question: Is the Great Seal a masonic or pagan emblem?
see http://www.deepertruth.com/

Answer: I doubt it but let us suppose, theoretically, that the symbol
really does have roots in pagan or Masonic symbolism.
(a) Pagan antecedents? It is forbidden to use pagan symbols only so far as
that is their exclusive or major use.
Symbols that pagans adopted or that once were associated with paganism but
no longer are used by pagans would thus be permitted especially since the
pagan origins are controversial and other explanations have been forward
and are accepted, e.g. It is said that the "eye" represents Divine
Providence, etc.
(b) Freemasons: Several different types of freemasons exist. Those among
the founding fathers of the USA who were freemasons were independently
minded people who believed in God and in doing good. They were not
sinister. On the other hand Advocates of Conspiracy Theories who attack the
Great Seal etc may have sinister agendas as proven by their associates and
The Great Sea depicts a pyramid surmounted by an eye on one side.
On the other side is an eagle with thirteen stars on top grouped in the
form of the Star of David.

The official symbols of the U.S.A (as seen on a Dollar Bill) are
used on the Great Seal which has a Shield and a Pyramid. The Shield of the
U.S.A. contains the motto: "Out of many, one" (E Pluribus Unum). It has 13
Stars and a Shield with 13 stripes and an eagle holding 13 arrows and a 13
leafed olive branch. There were 13 Tribes of Israel. Stars featured in a
dream of Joseph son of Israel and were preminiscent of his future
greatness. Archery and a bow were connected with the blessing of Joseph
given to him by his father Israel (Genesis 50;22-23).
The Tribe of Asher was represented by the olive tree.
An eagle was one of the symbols of Dan.
The eagle has god and bad connotations in the Bible, e.g.
The reverse side of the Great Seal of the U.S.A. (as depicted in
the Dollar bill) shows a pyramid, and a single-eye said to suggest the eye
of Providence.
A PYRAMID is also a typical representation of Egypt and according
to Oral Tradition (Numbers Rabah 2;5) the Tribe of Joseph had a picture of
Egypt for their Tribal Standard. When you see a pyramid you think of Egypt.
The U.S.A. has a large and mixed population but it includes a
large number from the Tribes of Israel, and the Tribe of Joseph especially
the portion of Menasseh seems to be paramount.
The Great Seal and its symbolism is about as close as we could
possibly want for an array of symbols representing the Lost Tribes of
Israel especially those dominated by Joseph.

3. Question on Conference
From: Elin Berglund
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-89: Conference

I want to come there. Can I just walk in
or do you need to know how many we
are, names and so on
Elin Berglund

You can just walk in. If you like you can also contact me beforehand,
Yair Davidiy at (02)-5664693, 067-413063

4. In the posting Ezekiel 20- no.1 (which went around the same time as
this one):
On Ezekiel 20:32 we discuss 1. The Attitude of Brit-Am Regarding: Gentiles
Identifying as Israelites, Keeping the Law, Moving to Israel, Evolutionary
Processes of Identification.
2. Nachmanides: The Connection Between The Law and the Land