"Brit-Am Now"-97

Date:  Sun Sep 22, 2002  8:12 pm

1. Geoffrey Cooper: French in British Isles
2. Betty Matteson Rhodes: Washington DC & Solomon's Temple
3. Bush Ancestral Blood Link

1. From: Geoffrey Cooper <geoffrey.cooper@
Subject: Brit Am Web Site
I don't think you are aware, but the true Welsh people are descendant from
the French, a Town named Reuben is on the North East side of Wales.
If a Welshman speaks the Welsh language in Brittany, they will understand
most of what is said.
I think its folly to say that the Scots are the tribe of Asher, since the
Scots are a mix of many, the Picts, Irish ( MacFersons from Garic Fergus
Ireland) and even some French ( the Le Grands which became Grants). I am
descendant from the Scots MacDonalds on both sides of my family.
I do hope that this may help you a little.

2. Washington DC & Solomon's Temple
Subject: DC & Solomon's Temple
Comparison of Washington DC and Solomon's
Temple/Jerusalem 17th C and Washington 18th C

3. Bush Ancestral Blood Link
To Churchill, Diana
By Peter Almond
Subject: George Bush lineage trace
Hi Yair,
I am forwarding this along, because while you may have heard about the
article (as I did), you may not have read it (as I had not, until I got it
from the Jeff Rense emailed newsletter). In my opinion, this adds support
to God's promise that David would never want a man to sit upon the throne:
apparently even elected ones?
May the roof above us never fall in, and may we friends gathered below
never fall out.
-- Irish Toast
Bush Ancestral Blood Link
To Churchill, Diana
By Peter Almond
UPI International Desk
LONDON (UPI) -- He said his hero was Winston Churchill as he
vowed to stand up to Saddam Hussein, and now President George
W. Bush knows Churchill is much more than that -- he's a
relative. Not only that, he shares kinship with the late
Princess Diana and her two sons, Princes William and Harry,
second and third in line to the British throne.
The link to them all, according to a new genealogical study
released Wednesday in London, is Henry Spencer, of Badby,
Northamptonshire, who married Isabella Lincoln in the mid-1400s
and begat the Spencer family tree that spread across the
Atlantic to New England in the 1600s.
The Spencer tree was put together by genealogists from the Utah-
based MyFamily.com organization, which has been working with the
Public Records Office in London to put the 1891 English and Welsh
census online -- a database from which millions of Americans can
help trace their ancestries. The 1901 census proved so
overwhelmingly popular when it went online earlier this year it
crashed within hours and is only now being relaunched.

The Bush line goes back to John Lillie, 1728-1765, of Boston,
Mass., and then to both male and female lines to Anne Marbury,
1591-1643, who was born in Lincolnshire, England, moved to
Massachusetts, was banished for religious reasons and was killed
by Indians. Before her was her mother, Bridget Dryden, and her
mother Elizabeth Cope, her father Sir John Cope, her mother Jane
Spencer, her father Sir John Spencer and then Henry Spencer, a
minor squire in Northamptonshire.
Princess Diana's resting place is only a few miles away from
Badby, at the Spencer family home at Althorpe.
From another son of Henry Spencer came a line which split in
1706 after Charles Spencer married Lady Anne Churchill and sent
one son, John Spencer, producing the Princess Diana line and
the other, Charles Spencer, producing the Spencer Churchill
Gary Boyd Roberts, of the New England Historic Genealogical
Society in Boston, and an expert in the genealogy of presidents
and British kings and queens, said the connections were already
known, but the Bush family may only be "vaguely aware" of the
Spencer Churchill link. The Bush family tree was in his 1989
book, he said.
"The Bushes also share the same ancestry as George Washington,
FDR, Calvin Coolidge, not to mention Wild Bill Hickok,
Katharine Hepburn and lots of other people," he said Tuesday.
"It's quite a slice of Americana. Queen Elizabeth II also has
a Spencer line through the Queen Mother."
White House officials were unable to say if President Bush, or
his father, were aware of their shared ancestry with Sir Winston
Spencer Churchill and Lady Diana Spencer. In talking about what
he believed the former British war leader would have done about
Iraq, Bush made no mention of their family connection.
Indeed, he said Churchill "seemed like a Texan to me."
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