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1. Question on National emblem of USA
2. Sabeans and Germans
3. William Rasmussen: Reuben-1
4. Greetings from Norway

1. Question on National emblem of USA
A statement he [Davidiy] made in his article was:
It was proposed and seriously considered to adopt Hebrew as the national
language and the Mosaic Code as obligatory Constitutional Law. A picture of
the Israelites crossing the Red Sea was suggested as the National emblem
I never heard this before. Where did it come from?

Answer: The point concerning the national Emblem can be confirmed from
Nicholas Howe "Migration and Mythmaking in Anglo-Saxon England", 1989,
2001, USA
p.1. He quotes from Julian P. Boyd, editor, "The Papers of Thomas
Jefferson, Volume I: 1760-1776", 1950, p.495:
Howe (p.1) says:
<<In 1776, Thomas Jefferson oproposed that the seal for the newly declared
United States of America should represent
"the children of Israel in the wilderness, led by a cloud by day and a
pillar of fire by night ; and on the other side, Hengist and Horsa, the
saxon chiefs from whom we claim the honor of being descended, and whose
political principles and form of government we have assumed" (Boyd 1950,
495).1  1. This description of Jefferson's design appears in a letter from
John Adams to Abigail Adams. The letter also includes designs proposed by
Adams himself and by Benjamin Franklin..>>

2. Sabeans and Germans
Subject: [origin of nations] To: Yair...RE: Sabeans and Germans
I am wondering if you could help me a bit with this again. You
wrote at:
"According to our understanding of the Prophet Isaiah (43;3 and
45;14 and the verses around them) it was predicted that the Lost Ten
Tribes would rule over India, Egypt and much of Negro Africa. The
trade with India would be theirs, the recompense arriving (via the
Suez Canal) at Egypt would be theirs, and they would transport
Negroes (many of whom were large-bodied) across the seas in chains.
The whole passage ends on the point that in the Last Days they will
return to worship the True God. In their own way they had always
subconsciously acknowledged the One God Of Israel to some degree,
but had publicly worshipped something else as explained at length
elsewhere in Ephraim. In the Last days Israel will then worship the
True God and descendants of the Negro slaves will also see the
truth and bear witness to the God of Israel. "
It's been previously speculated that the Yoruba religion is a
remnant of the ancient Sabaean religion. Ethiopian history accounts
Sabaeans as Hebrews. My question is whether you view that many
African American descendants were of Hebraic heritage? There are
certain subgroups here within the AA community that are of Igbo-
Nigerian, Oromo-Ethiopian etc. and maintain many traditions. Why
were these mentioned in scriptures as returning to acknowledge the G-
d of the Jews if they were not in fact Hebrews? I believe them to
have become paganized at some point. And West African linguistic
patterns relate to Egyptian language and culture. What about naming
practices of AA's in which they prefer "Old Testament" names rather
than the christian NT or even Negro spirituals/stories relating them
to Hebrew traditions or various borderline Hebrew rituals many still
perform? Are they, in your opinion, of Hebrew origins? It is known
that many regions of West Africa were referred to as Yahoudi.
Regarding the Germans, I believe you when you say many of them were
Hebrews. We do have many Germans in our family line who were Jews,
but converted to protestantism to conceal their true identities as
protection against persecution. I believe them to have
been 'hiding' under Lutheranism, Quaker and Mennonite faiths and
others returning under Reform Judaism in later times. What are your
beliefs on this and do you have info on pre-revolutionary sources on
Germans in America who have migrated from Bavaria to America via
Wales and England? Thanks in advance.

3. William Rasmussen: Reuben-1
Shalom Yair: Todah rabah for the wonderful analysis of
Reuven and for your continued research on each of the
tribes. Your books have so aptly researched each of
the tribes. It is good however, to review and repeat
information so that Brit Am supporters can fully
appreciate each of the tribes. As a teacher of
English to foreign born individuals, I know the value
of repetition. After a while, information becomes a
part of an individual. Repeating previous information
will help all of us to incorporate the information and
memorize it. I so appreciate all that you do.

  May HaShem continue to sukkah
with you both in your heart and in your family and
home. Your friend and supporter, Bill Rasmussen

4. Greetings from Norway
From: Kjell Gronning <gronning@>
Subject: Re: Ezekiel 18 (CONTRIBUTION)
"Those who can make a contribution to Brit-Am, please do so."
Yair Davidiy, I have followed your articles for some years and they are
instructive and very interesting.
I have read two of your books about the scattering of Israel and they are
interesting and entlightening literature. This must have been a tremendous
and an unusual hard jobb for you to get through. The books are scientific in
the subject is of course controversial, but not difficult to follow.
To me the books seem highly probable, yes, even true.
I feel to declare, you are a man ahead of your's time,
I never saw this "angel" before.

Greetings from Norway, KJELL GRONNING