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Brit-Am Now no. 1411
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12 November 2009, 25 Cheshvan 5770
1. Sharon
Sedeen: Questions on Khazars, Talmud, Edom, Karaites?
2. Single Mother of Five Supports Brit-Am
3. Bob Davis: The Beacon Fires of British
4. A Thousand Generations?
5. Brian
Patmore: Seventy-two languages at Mount Sinai?
6. David Jackson: Did the Heroine of Solomon Suffer from too Much Sunshine?
7. Rechabites: A New and Unexpected Source?
Jewish Traditions Placed the Lost Ten Tribes in the British Isles!!


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1. Sharon Sedeen: Questions on Khazars, Talmud, Edom, Karaites?
Sharon Sedeen  wrote:

I have a question concerning
the Khzarist "conversion"to Judaism-[made ONLY for trade purposes &
independence, from the Caliphate & from Rome-],
and their development of, adherance  to,
and belief in the Babylonian Talmudic teachings-*IN PARTICULAR*,
in juxtaposition to the Mosaic 5 Books, and It's teachings.
I have heard that the adherents to the latter, are few in number,
and are persecuted in Israel.
And I find it concerning.
I read where Khazaric converts now make up more that 95+%
of the current Jewish population, that from the Jewish Encyclopedia.
Also, in this encyclopedia (I beleive this is the source-could be some other reputable Jewish source of Rabbinical nature)- where it is stated that Esau and Edom are part of the Jewish population now also.
This would mean for the Khzars:
- these people are NOT blood lineage to SHEM, EBER, nor ABRAHAM.
{Which means, they are NOT Semites.}
And in the case of Esau and Edom, are NOT BLOOD descendents of JACOB and the 12,-(13),  which means = they are not ISRAELITE -
nor inheritors of the Promises made to ABRAHAM, ISAAC &  JACOB =SPECIFICALLY. SO, if this is true, then 95% of the Jewish population are neither
Semites, Hebrews, nor Israelites. Now I am concerned. I would be interested to know your views and information about this matter- you can just direct me to previous posts in Brit-Am, as you are, no doubt aware of this curiousity- Thank You,
Sharon Sedeen
PS: Thank you for emailing me, and thank you for considering my questions.

Brit-Am Reply:

You have been reading anti-Jewish hate tripe.
You should repent and return while you are still perhaps relatively uncontaminated by the impurity of such sources.
Concerning the Khazars see our articles:
For a good detailed book on the subject see our own production:

Khazar converts do not make up to 95% of the population.
They comprise a small percentage of the Ashkenazi Jews.
Whoever you have been hearing from has mislead you.
The Jewish Encyclopedia says none of the things you quote it as saying apart from stating that Edom is today amongst Judah.
This is a mistake.
For more about Edom see:
Incidentally, judging from the tone of your questions I would guess that you yourself are a descendants of Edomites.
Not to worry though, we all have ancestors.
An Edomite after the third generation could be accepted into Israel (Deuteronomy 23:7-8).

You said:
#  ...adherance to, and belief in the Babylonian Talmudic teachings-*IN PARTICULAR*, in juxtaposition to the Mosaic 5 Books, and It's teachings. I have heard that the adherents to the latter, are few in number,
and are persecuted in Israel. And I find it concerning. #

There is nothing wrong with the Babylonian Talmud if one does not listen to anti-Jewish propaganda but checks things out for oneself or through Brit-Am entries and references to the subject.

By adherents to the Mosaic 5 Books you referred to you evidently mean the Karaites.

These are not persecuted.
Just the opposite for an almost non-existent community they are quite pampered.

It would appear that the only really active Karaite in the State of Israel is an American Jew who was not born a Karaite but declared himself one and whose supporters are all Gentiles Christians!

Shortly we will publish an expose on the Karaite Myth.

2. Single Mother of Five Supports Brit-Am
Shalom, Yair

Thank you for your hard work and dedication.  Your teachings on the Lost Tribes are a vital and important message, and an invaluable blessing.

I am a single mother of five, and we are experiencing financial difficulties at this time.  We all know what is occurring here in the U.S. in these end times, and the declining economy is adversely affecting us.

In response to your appeal, I will send a small tithe next month.  It is not much, but perhaps it may help you in your mission, as you serve [the ALMIGHTY] and His people.

May [the ALMIGHTY] bless you and keep you.

Shalom,L, USA

3. Bob Davis: The Beacon Fires of British Hills

Chains of beacon fires were lit across the UK for the Queen's jubilee.  Here
are some links
"On 6 June, the Queen lit a bonfire beacon at Windsor Castle, whose light
spread across the night in a chain of other beacons throughout the country"
http://www.legendarydartmoor.co.uk/ten_command.htm You will find this link

Bob Davis
Brit-Am Reply:
The above URLs are all well worth viewing.
Here is an extract from one of them:
Beacon Fires of Dartmoor

# In these modern times of mobile phones, text messages and the internet if we want to get a message to somebody then it is relatively easy. But what did people do before these everyday technological innovations? How could they convey an urgent message over long distances? Simple, they went up on top of the nearest and highest hill and simply lit a fire which could be seen for miles around. As Dartmoor is not lacking in high hills the moors became what could be considered as an early telephone exchange with signals coming in from all directions. Today we have the vestiges of this practice bequeathed us in various place names scattered across the moor and there are no prizes for guessing that they are all on high hilltops or tors.

# The most obvious place-name element is Beacon as this suggests the location of a one-time beacon or signal fire. On
Dartmoor there are at least eight specific beacons with another six places that have taken their name from the nearby beacon....in 1887 a chain of beacon fires was lit across the country to celebrate the jubilee of Queen Victoria's accession. There were at least 12 hilltops used on Dartmoor and the operation was timed to precision whereby all beacon fires south of the Lake District were to be lit up at 10.00pm....

# In a similar occurrence a chain of beacons was lit across
Dartmoor to celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee in 1997....In 2002 a similar event was planned by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors to mark the Queen's Golden Jubilee ....

# It has been suggested that place-name evidence shows that some form of beacon system was in used from at least the twelfth century....But what happened when the beacons were lit? Basically it was the signal for those with military training and/or arms and
armour to assemble at the parish church and await deployment orders. It has been muted that when the Spanish Armada was approaching the beacon chain was lit across Devon and as a result between four and six thousand men were mustered, (Hemery
, 1983, p.20).

# There is another viewpoint on beacons which ranges from the incredible to the plausible depending on ones views or alignments and ley lines. One element of this viewpoint is working on the theory that beacon fires were used from the prehistoric period through to the modern day as opposed to dating them to the medieval period. This idea is quite acceptable as it is known that the Romans used signal stations, just one example being the Pharos at Dover, another local case in point is Beacon Heath in Exeter. Therefore, could this idea stem back even further whereby prehistoric people used them as well but in a different way? .....Alfred Watkins, (1995, p.110) the guru of alignments and ley lines himself considered that, 'The prehistoric purpose of a beacon fire was to guide and direct.

# On a local moorland note, Watkins (1995, p.116) then enters the realms of fantasy with his theory insomuch as he cites the idea of a Mr. R. H.
Watkin from Torquay. This basically says that the natural rock basins (small, naturally formed depressions often found on Dartmoor's
granite outcrops) were formed as a result of prehistoric man burning ram's fat in them to act as beacon fires. Watkins then compares the natural rock basins with the stone cressets used in medieval times to hold the beacon fire which frankly should only interests the 'woos' of this world.

Watkins, A. 1995. The Old Straight Track. London: Abacus.

4. A Thousand Generations?

Exodus 20: 5-6 : "For I, the Lord your G_d, am an impassioned G_d,.....................showing kindness to the thousandth generation of those who love Me and keep My commandments."

A Thousand Generations is a long time. Who knows if we had not distant ancestors by virtue of whom we are now being rewarded and drawn back to the God of Israel?

5. Brian Patmore: Seventy-two languages at Mount Sinai?
From Brian Patmore <manco_yupanqui@bigpond.com>
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1410

Shalom Yair,

Keep the fight up mate !!

In answer to the queries re the mixed racial/nationalities amongst All Israel, let people remember that when our ancestors left Mitzrayim (Egypt) they were already a mix of every kind.

Many different people were under Egypt and became part of Israel.

Look at the first Shavuot/Pentecost when Ha Shem thundered out to all the people at the base of Mt Sinai in seventy-two languages at the same time !!

That is right folks 72 languages amongst our ancestors and you may rest assured that there mixed nationalities and racial groups !!

We still are today and as Ha Shem calls us back out of every nation on the Earth, you know that Abraham's children will still be the same !!

There are certain attitudes etc that set them apart and that seems to be across the board !!

That is why Israel is called to be a nation of priests/teachers to the rest of humanity.

But first we must get ourselves right with Ha Shem and do his will, the Torah !!

We have a ways to go but I believe we are getting there. More and more folks are becoming aware and are asking questions.

The questioning started out as curiousity, but now it is turning into a thirst to know who we are, our families' collective history and then as Israelites wanting to come together under Ha Shem once again.

Our present countries will become less and less hospitable for us and a yearning to not live under dictators, oppression etc will eventually leave no alternative but to return home to Eretz Yisrael !!

I see from what I read, Moschiach (Messiah) will lead the nation home. Maybe some will have to go first to do infrastructure work and to prepare our brothers and sisters in Yahudah !!

But this has to be done urgently as I see things accelerating with each day.

Have a look at Copenhagen and the facade which it will be, read the fine print and if folks do not understand there is something wrong !!

Prepare yourselves and get to know Torah and Ha Shem, as the thurst of knowledge will be great but the Truth/Torah will be scarce. I like the allegory to sifting like fine gold in the furnace !!



6. David Jackson: Did the Heroine of Solomon Suffer from too Much Sunshine?
David Jackson  wrote:

I think the 'black' at beginning of the Song of Solomon is not implying
Negroid.  The verses are:

Song of Solomon Chapter 1
5: I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of
Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon.
6: Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon
me: my mother's children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the
vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.

The female writer is saying she is black because the sun has shined on her.
She is evidently white, but darkened from outdoor labor.
Dave Jackson

Brit-Am Reply:
The heroine in the Song of Solomon says she is black.
She seems to emphasize her blackness.

1: 5: # I am black #.
 The word for "black" here in Hebrew is "shechor" i.e. black in the simple sense.
1: 6: # Look not upon me, because I am black #.
The word for "black" here in Hebrew is "shechorchoret"  with a doubling of the
end part.
In Modern Hebrew and according to some Classical Commentators this would mean "a little black" or "blackish" though some would say the opposite and that it means "very black", "doubly black".
At all events compared to the daughters of Jerusalem our heroine is darker than they are and she is apprehensive of their possible prejudice against her.

The heroine is a shepherdess and people who are outside all day along (especially in Mediterranean areas) are liable to become quite tanned.

On the other hand the possibility exists that she was born black and is saying that all black people are such due to their closeness to the Equator.

7. Rechabites: A New and Unexpected Source?
Jewish Traditions Placed the Lost Ten Tribes in the British Isles!!

Certain reprobates who infiltrated themselves onto our list have recently revealed themselves as members of the villainous sects of White Supremacy Identity. These low-lifes claim that the Jews are Rechabites meaning in their terminology Sons of Cain and agents of the Serpent people etc.
These types do not follow the Bible but have invented doctrines of their own.

They are what they accuse the Jews of being i.e. agents of evil and descendants of Edomites.
We will prove this in an upcoming article.

They have incriminated themselves by the poison of their own missives that they had the effrontery to direct at my august presence.
We have written about this in the past but now intend to expand on the subject and expose the culprits for what they are.

In preparation for this article we looked into who the Rechabites were even though in this case too we have explained this question in the past also:
Apart from finding a bit of what we looked for we also came across sources that have an interest for Brit-Am and the location of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.

Source (a) General Information
Concerning the
Rachabites in general:

Wikipedia says:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rechabites - the descendants of Rechab through Jonadab or Jehonadab. They belonged to the Kenites, who accompanied the children of Israel into the holy land, and dwelt among them. Moses married a Kenite wife,[1] and Jael was the wife of "Heber the Kenite".[2] Saul also showed kindness to the Kenites.[3] The main body of the Kenites dwelt in cities, and adopted settled habits of life;[4] but Jehonadab forbade his descendants to drink wine or to live in cities.[5] They were commanded to lead always a nomad life. They adhered to the law laid down by Jonadab, and were noted for their fidelity to the old-established custom of their family in the days of Jeremiah (35); and this feature of their character is referred to by God for the purpose of giving point to his message to Judah.[6][7].
Source (b) Lost Israelite Tribes Information
Now we come to the Rachabites being in the British Isles!

Another Source says:
orion-list Rechabite History - Part 1 of 2 (A Little Known Text)
From: George Brooks


 Eisenman has explored the sometimes elusive
connection between the
Rechabites, Jewish asceticism and the early Christian communities.  In the Jewish Bible the Rechabites, in exchange for their discipline and spiritually-oriented self-control, are guaranteed to survive as a clan until the End Times.  They forbade themselves wine and maintained a nomadic lifestyle.  Eisenman has located support in the Talmud and elsewhere that the Rechabites
married into the Temple priestly families and also into the Scribe families (the degree to which these families overlap is of some interest but I cannot go into this at this time).

The Church Fathers also make references to the inner circle of Jesus as being Rechabite Priests, which is doubly important:  1) it shows that the presence of Rechabite spiritual lineage continued into the days of Jesus and 2) that this lineage had combined to some extent with the priestly lineages.

Naturally, because of the Rechabite mission to inhabit the desert wilderness in and around Palestine, the question arises as to whether there was some combination between the self-denial of Rechabite families and the self-denial of the DSS and/or Essene families.

Depending on the material examined, this can become an agonizing process.  In the text I reproduce below, we can see separate threads from Jewish and Christian ascetic tradition. 

Even the terminology evokes wonder.  There is mention of "isles" or "islands" where the Blessed Ones dwell, which is the kind of terminology that Josephus uses to describe the destination of souls in the
Essene view of the afterlife.  Other than this Rechabite literature, I have not yet encountered Christian text that uses "isles" in the same way - - but maybe some others have?

The most interesting thing about this "isle" is that people still die on it, and **then** the soul departs to Heaven.  In other words, "Paradise" and "Heaven" do not appear to be synonymous! Clearly, the
Rechabite-inspired texts (if not the actual Rechabite clan in reality) offer us quite a grab-bag of ideas.

As a service to the Orion, I thought I would provide some text from a translation by James H.
Charlesworth called THE HISTORY OF THE RECHABITES, Vol. I: The Greek Recension
(Scholars Press (c) 1982).  There appears to be two volumes but I have not yet obtained a copy of the 2nd volume.

Charlesworth writes:

P. 1:  "I have concluded that an early Jewish document about the
was expanded with numerous Christian sections at the beginning and end."

[Brit-Am Remark: NOTICE The originally Jewish origin of these sources is admitted..]

"The apocrypha [The History of the Rechabites] has circulated under numerous titles and even if it does not preserve portions of an ancient Jewish writing, it is important - - even fascinating - - for its record of Jewish reflections on the legend of the lost tribes and the marvelous characteristics of the terrestrial paradise and its inhabitants,  the Blessed Ones, the Rechabites."

[Brit-Am Remark: NOTICE the words above
"Jewish reflections on the legend of the lost tribes".
The significance of this will be discussed below.]

P. 2: Charlesworth lists several different titles for the various recensions of this work.

Greek MS B "(The) Word of Our Devout Father
Zosimus (About) the Holy Blessed Ones.  (O Lord,) Bless."

Greek MS C "(The) Narrative of Monk
Zosimus Concerning the Fathers, Verily the Brahmans Whom Alexander Found *and Philip and he Conversed with Them,* Those Being Naked as a Serpent.  Therefore I wish to Show from Which Tribe They were Separated, (and then) Inhabited the Islands of the Blessed Ones" (*ex margine

[Brit-Am Remark: NOTICE the words "Islands of the Blessed Ones".
This expression often refers to the Islands of Ireland and Britain see below.]

Syriac MS B "The History of the Sons of Jonadab, the Son of Rechab, who are in the Midst of the Ocean, the Great Sea, When God Showed Them to Zosimus, the Virtuous Hermit"

[Brit-Am Remark: NOTICE the words "the Ocean, the Great Sea".
This expression usually refers to the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea lapping the coast of Ireland and Britain see below.]

Syriac MS D "The History of the Blessed Ones, the Sons of the Rechabites, Whose Record is Recorded by Jeremiah the Prophet When He Said that They are the Sons of Jonadab, the Son of Rechab, who are Inhabitants of the City of Jerusalem.  But it was Translated from Hebrew into Greek and from Greek into Syriac by the Hands of the Reverend Mar
Jacob of
Brit-Am Commentary and Explanation:

The Rechabites descended from the Kenites from the clan of Jethro father-in-law of Moses.
They attached themselves to the Children of Israel when they came out of Egypt and helped the Israelites.
God promised that the Kenites (of whom the Rechabites were part) would be rewarded for their faithfulness.
They would go into Exile with the Ten Tribes of Israel and return with them. God HIMSELF speaks well of them.

This verse may be interpreted differently as the Rabbinical Commentators have done:
# The
Kenites here are those who were to convert together with Jethro and attach themselves to the Children of Israel.  They always remained as a somewhat separate group. They were exiled by the Assyrians with the Ten Tribes. They are destined to return with them (Rashi). Traditionally the Kenites were derived from Midian and were much darker than most Israelites. Who could they be today?#
Could they be the Black Irish and the darker types whom we find throughout the British Isles?

The Midrashim also mention the Rechabites as being alongside the Lost Ten Tribes in Exile.
Until now we found it difficult to reconcile these Midrashim with other sources.    

 This is what we wrote about them in the past.

"Brit-Am Now"-907
#5. Question to ALL: The Nomadic Rechabites and Australia?

# The
Rechabites will be rewarded.
# A
Midrash associates the Rechabites with the Land of Sinim and therefore with Australia? #

From the above sources Christian-Jewish sources we see that the Rechabites were associated with the Lost Tribes and were in the "Islands of the Blessed Ones" which were in "the Ocean, the Great Sea".
In our notes on Tarshish
we show that in Jewish Rabbinical Literature "the Ocean, the Great Sea" meant the Atlantic Ocean which was beyond the Mediterranean Sea and the Straits of Gibraltar.
In our article,
Aed and Israel
The Lost Tribes in Celtic and Arabic Lore

We show how the expression Blessed Isles refers to the Islands of Ireland and Britain.
In that same article we also show how Jewish Sources as transmitted by Arab intermediaries in effect placed the Lost Ten Tribes in the British Isles.
From the above extracts we see how Jewish Sources as transmitted by Christian intermediaries and the association of the Lost Tribes with the Rechabites in effect also placed the Lost Ten Tribes in the British Isles.

This source could prove to be important.


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